The Reason I Quit Camping

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My story takes place during June of 2010, while I was 23,I used to be attracted to the outdoors but now I can never step into a forest without being reminded of this.Me and a couple of friends went on a camping trip to Freetown state forest in Southeastern Massachusetts,at the time it looked like a good place to camp in, I see now I made a terrible decision.

When we found a spot we set up camp immediately, after everything was set up I felt like someone or something was watching us but I shrugged it off to excitement (I don’t know why but at the time it made scense at the time).

Around 2 in the morning I woke up having to go take a leak so I got my flashing and a pocket knife just in case.I found a tree to go to and at that moment I got the feeling of being watched again so I hurried up and finished doing my business when I heard a branch snap ,and at that moment I sprinted back to my tent.

We woke up the next day with around 15 to 20 goats mutilated around our campsite ,we packed out stuff quickly and we booked it out of there as fast as we could and as we were leaving I saw something that will haunt me until the day I die ,I saw a humanoid creature just staring at us in a threatening manner before disappearing into the woods.

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