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Hi there,

I have a real ghost photo for everyone to take a look at and share if they’d like. The photo was taken on a cell phone of a monitor screen to a security camera of a warehouse. Here is the back story to the photo:

My dad is a car salesman for a car dealership here in Vallejo, CA. Tons of cars for sale are on display at the dealership but for the inventory that does not fit on site…they are stored in a nearby warehouse on Mare Island. Mare Island is a naval shipyard that dates back to the mid 1800’s. Here, there are a variety of warehouses that are still in use as well as the creepy abandoned ones. It’s quite a spooky place to be at night and people are known to go urban exploring, use the abandoned warehouses for photoshoots, and ghost hunting. I have hardly done any research on the ship yard…but if you google “Mare Island hauntings” you’ll see that it is listed as a top 5 most haunted places in the Bay Area. There are even episodes on Youtube of ghost hunting shows that have gone to explore Mare Island.

Anyway, from time to time my dad has to go to the warehouse to pick up a car that somone has purchased. He is friendly with the security guards on site and they chat for a while everytime he stops by. The place is monitored 24/7. There is one security guard there that has the night shift and see tends to see him in the early mornings. He would always tell my dad about creepy things that happen there at night like flickering lights and loud bangs. Basically, the typical stories you hear from a graveyard shift securtiy guard.

One day, the warehouse upgraded their security cameras. Sitting around one night the security guard was testing out the new equipment…moving camera angles around and playing back recorded footage. As he was looking at the different monitors he saw this image and froze. A white figure of a woman staring back at him. He paused it and took a picture of it on his cell phone and sent it to all of the guys that never believed his laughable stories. Let’s just say they no longer make fun of him anymore 🙂

My dad showed me the image about a week after this happened. As far as I know, the recorded footage is long gone. As this was over 2 years ago now. I crindged at the thought of the actual VIDEO footage simply being lost. At least there is a legitamate photo that survived. I recently found my old iphone in my dresser and decided to charge it and go through the old photos..what a find.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Also, some people that I’ve shown the photo to can’t seem to spot her without me pointing her out. She standing on the right side of the middle post.

Thanks for reading,


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