Ranch hand, Humanoid

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So I work as a ranch hand for a neighbor down the road from my house in a town about 100 miles northeast of Dallas Texas. I would rid my fourweller to the small ranch every day after school to help out and get paid a set salary of 200 dollars a week.

Well I was riding down the county road bundled up because it was a cold November day, and looked to my right to one of the fields and seen about 5 or 6 turkey vultures coming down into the field so I stopped my fourweller and turned around to my house with was about a mile back I went inside at the same time I called my boss (let’s call him Mr. X for privacy,

Mr. X was a tall black man and was 47 at the time) and told him what I saw as I was grabbing my .308 short barrel hunting rifle a few spare 10 round magazines and my over night bag and a few flash lights I loaded them all up on the fourweller and went in and told my stepdad and mom that I may stay over night to watch over the cattle.

I rode to Mr.X’s house and going about 30 miles an hour down the road when I seen some flashing lights behind me.

I pulled over and killed the engine and took my helmet off and pulled out my listens that I got a few weeks before on my 16th birthday.

The county sheriff got out of his truck and walked over to me and asked why I was going 5 miles over the speed limit and had a rifle with me. I told him that some of my boss calves may be dead and I needed to track down what did it and kill it before it kills more of our cattle. So he took my listens and and ran it came back and gave me a warning so I drove off going about 25 this time and mad it to Mr.X’s house and met up with two more ranch hands and my best friends TJ and hecter.

We road to the fields on some of Mr.X’s hourses to where the vultures were when we seen about 4 dead calves it was hard to tell because it there were all spread out and mutilated “What the fuck?” TJ said.

I looked over at Hecter and he was loading his AR10 with a 15 round mag and cursing in Spanish under his breath TJ started loading his shotgun with a mix of buck shout and slugs I went and put one of the 5 10 round magazines that I brought into the bolt action. We brought our hourses next to the little stream and set up camp and started cooking stew from cans over the fire “I think we should take watches over the cattle” TJ said “well no du retard” heacter said with a Spanish acsent.”shut the fuck up” I said. “TJ you get first watch I get second Hecter you get third”. TJ woke me up and said it was quite out.

I got up and put my boots on and dug in my bag for a rip it, as I touk the first few drinks I hurd a animal walking then the hourses started to wine so I picked up my gun and turnd a light on that’s when I seen them, there were 2ltwo of them there stoud on two legs there were white and were about 7 feet tall one was male the other looked female.

Theye had black eyes and they start at me with hatred.

I reside my rifle and kiked Hecter in the side “what the fuck” he said and looked over he jumped up and picked up his rifle we both pointed “I’ll take the one on the left you get the one on the right” Hecter said I shout at the male first getting him right in the chest it screamed and fell clenching it’s chest Hecter shout the female at the same time it’s head exploded drove the hollow point and it collapsed TJ got up with his 12 gage his eyes huge on his black face staring at the creature.

We call Mr.X and he came down and seen the creatures the male still alive he looked at them and went back to the side bysid with for shovels and gas can and gave us each a shovel he pulled his .357 drove his holster and ended it. Then we started to dig in silence we had hole about seven feet long and four wide and 5 feet deep we pushed the bodies in and Mr. X pord the gas on and lite it we sat there for about an hour in silence then Mr. X said nice work for a black boy a Mexican and a white boy.

We filde in the hole and put rocks on top. We went home it was about five in the morning I put the gun on the rack above my bed and laid down

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