I Ran into the Mogollon Monster

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Before I get started I am Kyle I don’t live in Arizona i just went there to hunt. This story happened at Mogollon Rim in Arizona in 1995. If you don’t know where it is it is 185 miles south of The Grand Canyon.

Now let me get started I was around 14 or 15 my Uncle Fred and my Uncle Mort took me hunting at Mogollon Rim i believe we were hunting deer. When we got there we found a good spot yo camp and we got setup. We were planning on staying there for 5 days and then we were going to move down near Flagstaff and hunt there for a few days.

On the 2nd night we were sleeping in our tents when we heard a little rustling outside. We all headed outside to see what it was but what ever it was was gone it got into our cooler and took some food. Then Uncle Fred said “Damn raccoons.” then Uncle Mort said “Fred that was no raccoon.” then they got into an argument.

On the 3rd day we went out to find deer and as we were walking Uncle Mort point at some thing in the distance Uncle Fred looked out his scoop and saw a dead deer we ran up to it and saw something that gave me chills. We saw this thing it was eating the deer it looked like a Bigfoot but it was smaller it had what looked like a big white beard down to it’s knees it’s hands were bare naked and it’s nails were like claws they were two inches long.

This thing looked at us got up and this thing didn’t act like a Bigfoot it acted more human then anything. The thing picked up a club of some sort and started swing it at us we backed up and the thing ran into the woods. Uncle Fred took aim at the thing and shot then there was a bloodcurdling scream. It was so long we all had to plug our ears. Uncle Fred definitely shot it. we didn’t stay there another we packed up and left right when we got back to the camp. A couple of days ago I looked up Arizona Bigfoot and The Mogollon Monster popped up and as I read the description I knew that was the thing the saw that day.

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