Racist Pedophile

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It was 8 years ago and I was only young, my best friend and I were walking home in a small town in Los Angeles California.

We noticed that a black van with tinted windows, trying to avoid the van we tried walking a bit faster. The vans window starting rolling down slowly, and a man whose head was almost touching the top of the roof of the van. he had a large beard with sun glasses and an old ripped up t-shirt with an American Flag on it.

He asked us if we needed a ride home, but I quickly declined.

A few days passed and I didn’t tell my father or anyone anything. I seen the man again but this time with another boy about 7 years old. The first thing I did was ask who the man was, he replied with, “I am Bryce Livingston” in a deep dark voice. It wasn’t a few seconds before I was grabbed from behind and threw into the back of his black van.

I seen many knifes and guns, I was terrified even more when I seen pictures of me changing in the girls locker room.

I looked up only to find a map of the city with addresses of every black or Mexicans house. A man with a deep voice said “Are you the one they call, Carlos?”, I calmly answered him, “yes”. It was quiet for a few moments until I heard sirens, soon I felt an increase of speed from the van I was in. The van soon crashed into a brick wall causing the man driving the car and the 7 year old boy to crash into the windshield, soon dying of the loss of blood.

The other man in the van was handcuffed by an officer named, “Levi”.

It turns out there were cameras in the area I was in when I was thrown in the big black van. The 7 year old boy was the mans son, it turned to be that the two men that kidnapped me were racist pedophiles, raping and torturing any black and Mexican in the city.

If there weren’t any cameras in that area who knows what could have happened to me.

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