Quarter Mile Left

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I am a big fan of all these types of stories, some have left quite an impression on me so i decided I would like to also if possible share some of my own experiences that are pretty screwed up.

This story is an old one but will stick with me as long as i live, I will do my best to keep my writing short and to the point. This happened when i was just ten years old and in 4th grade so no pic’s I’m afraid also i’m a man 36 now.

This all takes place in Washington state in a city called Tacoma. This all starts when i wake up for school I realize i am going to be late for the bus, I rush to get dressed and sprint out the door for the bus stop, no time for breakfast.

Crap! I manage to get there just in time to see it pull off leaving me standing there screaming at my tardiness, I have to walk today and its at least 2 miles away I better get moving or I will be in a world of trouble, I have a strict religious mother but that’s another horror story.

I jog as far as a can before I’m just panting, forcing myself to walk fast my left leg cramping up on me forcing me to slow down, but i’m actually making good time i can make it to school around when the bell rings if i keep this up! So when I’m halfway there i take the walk rather easy and get happy i wont be in trouble for being late.

Tacoma is a pretty scary place as a child, the roads can be busy one moment, then empty in the next even this early in the day, this never bothered me as a boy though, never thought of it as dangerous, just creepy.

I am pretty close to school now and notice the road is empty, no cars coming or going, no one is outside walking either, I am literally the only thing moving along this road.

Just then I notice that there is in fact a gray buick coming up the road behind me, I was expecting this buick to quickly pass me but they didn’t, In fact they slowed down almost like they are pacing my speed.

I convince myself I’m being paranoid they are probably looking for an address right? but my gut is going nuts over this person behind me so i think to myself ill take a right at the next light and if they turn with me they are following me, so i did just that and they followed.

Shit!! This fucker is hunting me in his buick and i’m still like five blocks or so from school and i just stepped off the main road to test a possible kidnapper, i’m so stupid he has me trapped and he is confident now he is pulling up as close to the curb and me as he can,

I hear his car door open driver side, he did it as quiet as possible and i cant help but look at this man but i see no man, this fucker got out of his car and crouched so i cant see him and was making his way to the back of his car.

I can still see his feet under his car and he is near the trunk now and looks like he’s about to come at me when suddenly the house i’m in front of has the front door open. To my suprise it is a woman and a baby maybe like 2 yrs old. She start walking down the street so i walk slowly behind her.

She takes a second to notice me behind her when she looks at my face i mouth the words help me at her, she then notices the buick following me while im following her then i notice her face twisted with fear,

She is afraid for her child so she picks her up and dashes for the house next door to hers and get’s inside leaving me with no hope. What am i to do now 5 blocks to go and he is ready to hop out and just chase me i can feel it. so i walk and listen!

I decide the moment he gets out i will take off and cut thru peoples property no choice left now, my eyes are getting watery and suddenly the door opens and i take off so fast i hear him yell somethin out but he is too slow, i throw myself over a fence and run like i wanna live cause i do.

I run 3 solid blocks on just adrenaline alone freaked out he is still after me but i see no sight of him and hear no cars, this is good i can see my school now and the few kids  left walking just before the bell, everyone almost a block ahead of me.

Then I hear the bell ring and the remaining kids run to not be late, i try to run too but i’m almost burned out now from the buick driving Psycho, just as i reach the street literally by our school field the buick pulls out in front of me cutting me off from getting on school grounds.

And i realize this was his real trap! he knows this neighborhood as good as i do to where he just went ahead and waited for me and there is no one outside now. Its all over I’m actually gonna die i can’t out run him i’m tired i turn away from the school and cry frantically.

I try to walk fast but he is ready to just park his car and come after me and just then a blue car pulls out in front of me and a women that i have seen at church was driving, she tells me to get in now, i hop in her car and she looks at the man in the buick and drives me off.

I cried so hard that she decides to take me in to the school herself god bless this women for saving my life that day it was like she was sent by a guardian angel,or maybe she was mine either way I am here today, telling you maybe the craziest thing that ever happened to me.



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