Psychopathic homeless junky at the improv

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This event happened to me last summer so I may be a little fuzzy on the details; however, I remember enough. This event occurred during either the third or fourth day of a week long field trip that the oldest age group of my camp, and our sister camp attends. Our camps are in Massachusetts and we were in California for the trip.

Now, enough background information, time for my story. My friends and I were at a theater awaiting to watch some form of improv. Side note, I normally hate improv.

So anyway, we were waiting inside for our sister camp to show up. Ten minutes into waiting a loud noise lifted everyone’s head off of their recently regained phones, to the entrance doors.

About four kids, me being one of them, and two councilors approached the thankfully locked doors. What we saw will be burned into my memory: a tall, slender, almost skeletal, balding, dirty man banging with his fist on the door with obviously all his strength, and he was yelling in a raspy voice “LET ME IN!!”. My friends and I began to back up and tried to hide. I know right, a cluster of sixteen year olds scared of one man.

We were scared that the door wouldn’t hold this psychotic, high, homeless, and or insane drug addict for long.

Then one of my friends who had just left the bathroom, Jack, heard the man yelling and did the most stupid thing ever! He walked towards the door and extended his hand to the door before, in unison, we shouted “Jack”! Thankfully he walked away but the man was still yelling.

Soon we no longer heard yelling and the councilors called the cops.

Who showed up, a policeman on a non motorized bicycle who looked like a rookie. After taking the councilors statement and leaving, we began to calm down and started ripping on Jack for possibly getting us killed. Just then, the heavy locked exit door, which I was sitting in front of started getting pounded from outside and we heard a muffled let me in.

Afraid I moved; however, it quickly died down and nothing like that happened for the rest of the night.

A few minutes later the girls came, we watched the show, I nearly crapped myself laughing at the show despite it was improv ‘based’. Before the summer, I had began listening to narrators such as darkness prevails, lazy masquerade, corpse husband, and mr.nightmare; however, I never would have believed that an event similar to their narrated stories would occur to me.

Now I pay much more attention to their stories so that I know how to get out of situations like this, just in case something freaky occurs to me again.

So, homeless, insane, and or drug addict, I have two think to say, get help and let’s never meet again.

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