Possible vampire jinn.

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To start this off this story occoured in Pakistan more specifically in the middle of the desert somewhere south in Pakistan

Ever since I was little I absolutely loved chickens and chicks so my dad decided to buy me 6 chicks. Every day we would let them roam in our yard at 5 am and we would put them back in the cage at 7 am. One day when my mom went to put them back in the cage , she found them all dead .

There was no blood around them so the death was clean. And there were also no bite marks. When my mother further inspected the bodies she found 2 puncture holes in all the chicks and it looked like the blood was sucked from them. She thought it was a cat but cats eat their prey and take it with them . There was nothing else she could think of. So she told me a cat had killed the chicks I was devastated but after I was bought a parrot (which is still alive) I buried the chicks and forgot about them.

But this isn’t over the most scariest part is yet to come. I don’t know if the event I’m about to tell you is tied to the death of the chicks but I think it is.

So one night at 2 am something started running on the roof and it was insanely fast and also very heavy too because the whole house was shaking . I woke up my dad and he locked the rooms door and told my mother and brother who had woken up because of the running to stay quite. You may be wondering now why didn’t my dad get a gun? That’s because we didn’t own a gun. The running continued until 3 am they then stopped then whatever was up there started making screeching sounds and deep growling sounds too. These strange things continued until sunrise.

When the sun rose my dad went to check the roof he found there only a cat with only two puncture mark on its neck.

In my opinion I think it was a jinn, our version of ghosts . But I am not sure if you think you know what it is please tell thanks.


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