Possible Jersey Devil Sighting

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By Bob

I’ve seen quite a few things that I have a hard time explaining. In case I submit any others, I’ll just give you some background information now. My father served in the military, was descended from a Native American tribe from up north, was a survivalist, and a complete sociopath that forced his sons into intense survival scenarios and then left us for weeks on end to see if we’d survive. I’ve seen some truly disturbing things during these “camping” trips, and some things in less stressful settings. Anyway, I’ll get on with this sighting.

I was eleven, I had just moved back to America less than a week before. My family had decided to take a short roadtrip up to Maine to visit some family when we went off course. Being eleven and naïve enough to think I would actually make it to Maine before my father did anything stupid, I didn’t pay attention to when he pulled off onto a back road. To this day, I do not know where I was dropped off at, just that it was in a dense, forested area. I think it was in New York, but I can’t say for certain. I was kicked out of the car, handed my canteen, my bow, my compass, my quiver, and my knife.

I was told that they’d be back after visiting family, and I’d have fifteen days out there. I did the basic survival stuff, found drinkable water, built shelter, plotted out a rough map of the area in my head, all of that stuff. It was my third or fourth night there when I heard what sounded like a woman screaming. Since mountain lions didn’t come out this far east and bears were easy to scare away if it was one, I figured that I’d go investigate, in case it was an injured hiker or something. After following the sound, all that I could find was a squirrel that was partially eaten. Since the screaming had stopped, I figured that someone had been hiking and came across those but had left after calming down, so I went back to my shelter and settled in for the night. After that, though, the screaming became a nightly occurrence, and after the third night of not finding anything aside from evidence of a predator in the area, I decided to play it safe and stay in my shelter at night. Two days before my family would be back where I was dropped off at, I woke up in the middle of the night to screaming right outside my shelter. I jumped out, bow in one hand, my knife and an arrow in the other. What I saw terrified me. It was about the size of a dog, but shaped like a deer. It had a very humanoid face, and was covered in dull, dark scales. I panicked and shot it in the chest. It began hissing and wheezing as it ran off into to the trees. I had thought about following it and killing it, but when I looked at its tracks, I saw something that convinced my otherwise. The creature’s hind legs left behind the tracks of a small deer. The front legs, however, left the tracks you’d see from a person walking on their hands like a gorilla, only the fingers ended with sharp claw marks scratching up the earth while it moved.

I didn’t sleep at all the rest of that night, and on the following morning, I dug several holes around my camp, filled them with sharpened stakes, and covered them. I also did my squirrel hunting and harvested berries as fast as I could once my defenses were up, so that I wouldn’t need to worry about losing my strength if that thing came back. It didn’t that night, not that I got any sleep anyway. In the morning, I just carved a simple warning into the trees around my camp that just said, “DANGER TRAPS” and left. I didn’t let go of my bow until after I was picked up and we had been driving for over an hour.

I honestly don’t know what I saw or if the light had been playing tricks on me, but I know that I did hear a screaming sound, and I know what I saw in the tracks of the creature. I just know that I heard a screaming sound and that I know what I saw in the creature’s tracks.


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That is a terrifying beast! However that doesn’t sound like the Jersey devil. I don’t know what it is. Maybe call it a deer ape?