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This story is of the scariest moment in my life which occurred in 2002 in rural Ireland. I want to give you a bit of a backstory first, I am true and true a city boy, I was born and raised In Waterford City in the province of Munster in Ireland. I was attending collage in Waterford where i was studying software development, YES i was one of those computer geeks. Every summer i worked on my uncles(my mothers brother) farm in County Wexford to get money to pay for my collage and this is where i was when this story happened.

My uncle was a very quite guy and a very easy guy to work for. I spent the days ploughing and bailing the fields with him and my cousins over the summer. It was the classic off of the books job i got to live with him rent free and get €200 a week. One day after we were done ploughing for the day me and my cousins were out eating dinner on the picnic benches when i seen this large dark eagle hovering over the farm i remember pointing this out to my oldest cousin Sean by saying “Ive never seen a eagle like that before” and this is when things began getting really weird. My cousins looked up at the eagle then look around at each other with blank expressions on their faces then sean looked at his youngest brother Patrick and said “round up some corn and leave it out for it”.

I just sat there in utter confusion as my youngest cousin Patrick stood up and headed down towards the fields. I asked Sean “why are you giving a eagle corn when they do not even eat it?” that is when sean replied “That is not an eagle that is a pooka” at this stage i just assumed my cousins were the classic superstitious country people. I informed my cousin that i did not really know what a pooka is and he informed me that it is a malevolent shapeshifting being that usually takes the form of black eagles and black horses and attacks people property’s and trys to lure them out with their human speech to attack them at night.

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