Please, Stay Away From Me

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By Anonymous

So, when I was younger around 15 or 16, I had a habit of meeting people online. I didn’t have many real friends and I was having family issues on top of that, when I met this guy. Let’s call him Nathan He and I chatted it up through messages for a while until one day he said, “Hey, can you call me?”, I smiled because I felt like I knew this person, he was as sweet as could be so I agreed. We talked on the phone for hours and hours and it was great.

Fast forward a few months, I was in school and constantly busy.

So busy that as soon as I’d get home I’d fall right to sleep without a word to anybody. So, Nathan would get upset, and not just a normal, “Oh, I just missed you.” thing, he would get angry. I’d wake up to about 8 or 9 missed calls, 4 voice mails and 45 text messages.

All of which were very unpleasant to hear or read. He’d make me cry with a lot of the things that he had said to me. Then, when I’d call him to apologize he’d yell at me more and tell me to never speak to him again.

I’d cry, of course.

After an hour or two he’d call me back and apologize and promise he’d never be mean to me again.

Me being naive about life, I believed him. So, I’d try my best to call and text all day every day to keep him happy, because I knew if I didn’t it wouldn’t be pretty but after a few months, he’d get mad at me for small things.

Either, I didn’t find his music good, or I’d accidentally fall asleep on the phone, or I’d talk too much, stuff like that. It’d happen about 2 or 3 times a week. He’d get angry, yell, curse, tell me to never speak to him again, hang up, call back hours later, apologize, repeat. It got bad..

The thing about Nathan was that he knew about the life that I had before but things were a lot better, Nathan didn’t approve of my forgive and forget attitude either. He’d be like, “They did awful things, you should hate them.”, talking about my family. But see, I didn’t hate anybody.

Hating is so negative and I like being happy.

Being happy is #1 to me. But, he didn’t feel the same way, he started talking to me about other girls, how he’d do stuff to them and stuff like that. He did it because he knew it’d hurt my feelings. He always hurt my feelings.

He told me that he enjoyed making me cry because it showed he had power over me.

After about a year of dealing with this I finally got my opportunity and stopped talking to him, for good. With everything he said to me, he freaked me out because he claimed to know where I lived when I didn’t even give him my address.

All I know is that I never want to meet, or hear from this man again.

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