Pizza Hut Creeper

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This happened to me about three years when I started working at Pizza Hut, it was my first job and it was the beginning of my first year in college.

My brother knew the manager so I was able to get a job fairly easy there, it was only a quarter of a mile away from my mother’s house and I wanted to lose a little bit of weight so most days I walked to work, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t the best part of town but everybody knew me as the friendly pot smoker big Mike, so most people didn’t mess with me.

About three weeks in I started working night shifts which was from about 3 noon til 11 at night, it wasn’t bad, I got along with most of my coworkers and my boss told me if I kept working hard I’d be up for a promotion but I liked what I was doing just fine.

I was closing one night when a late order came in for a pick up, I’ll never forget that guy’s name Tony Gonzalez, he came in and looked homeless he order two large pepperoni pizzas.

He was a Mexican guy who looked like he was in his mid 40s and about 200 pounds over weight, and had meth mouth which I’ve seen a little bit around where I’m from which is a small town in South Carolina, he walks up to the counter where I was working, he tells me his name and number, I hand him is pizzas and for some reason when I open the box to show him the pizza he tells me how cute I am, I tell him umm thanks, not being homosexual I was really creeped out by this and the way he staired at me after I took his money and gave him his change was just over the top freaky.

It was closing time so after he left we looked up and started cleaning up, it only took us about 30 mins to get everything straight and clean. On the way out my coworker asked me if I needed a ride home I told him no I always walk but tonight I wished I did, it’s a night I’ll never forget.

After my coworker left I started my walk home in the dark which never bothered me, I was halfway home when I noticed that there was somebody behind me a few feet I looked behind me and they stopped in the dark where I couldn’t see them, I turned around and started walking faster, the person behind me walked the same pace I was, I started running until I got into some light and I finally got a chance to see it was Tony… He yells to me, “Big Mike, where you running off to? I wanna see what you taste like.” I saw the he had a three inche blade and a crazy look in his eye, he was out of breath and I saw this was my chance to finish running home.

I got home and told my mom about what happened and she told me that the cops couldn’t do anything since he was most likely gone by then and I didn’t see him outside anywhere. I called and told my boss about what happened and he said he knew exactly who I was talking about and he would be sure to call the cops if he sees him, he had also been harassing other younger male workers.

I didn’t see him anymore after that encounter but in October my sister looked was looking at the sex offender register to be sure to avoid any neighborhoods that had a sex offender in it.

She asked me what the man’s name was that attacked me and I said Tony Gonzalez, she turned her phone and sure enough it was him! He was on the Register because he had kidnapped a kid under the age of five back in 1999. My jaw dropped and I started freaking out. Luckily I’m far away from the place I use to live because I still have nightmares about him chasing me.

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