Piney Woods Chupacabra

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Where do I start? This is probably one of my more favorite stories to tell to people about weird encounters that I have experienced. And thanks to the recent video of werewolf sightings it reminds me a bit of my own similar encounter. My family, friends, and I all share unique stories of strange personal encounters, spirits, creatures, UFOs and the sorts, which I’ll probably share for a later time.

A little background before I go onto my experience, I’m a female and during this time I stilled lived in the Piney Woods region of Texas. My friends and I were slowly growing an interest in the paranormal since our middle school years. Our particular interest was more focused on the Dogman and werewolf sightings. We had also previously suspected there to be bigfoot in the area based on accounts from others nearby, but our suspicion of something else lurking the woods grew from a few other stories. A majority of these encounters happened near my best friend’s, Kelley, house and the woods just down her road. Kelley’s house is located in the more rural part of our town, her driveway was bumpy and consisted of dirt and gravel. In her front yard, there was a large thicket with a bunch of blackberry bushes and pylons going through it. In her backyard there was a small wooded area with a creek bed that ran through it in the fashion of an L. To the right of that creek bed was her grandmother’s house, and of course just down the road was the woods.

The first story came from a childhood friend of a friend, who believed and apparently even saw a werewolf in the woods by luring it and watching it from a shed. I took the story with a grain of salt, believing it to be make-believe, however, it still is funny considering what happened years later. A mutual friend and her brother saw the giant silhouette of a dog cast onto her bedroom curtains. The next day all that was left behind were some scratch marks near her window, seven feet off the ground, and a musty odor. There was also an account from two girls from our high school that had sighted a “chupacabra”. They described it as a huge white dog with an odd gait that ran out in front of their car. My best friend, who we’ll call Kelley, also spotted a gray brownish slouched over dog run across the road into the woods.

My sister, niece, and I have also heard strange growling and odd howl-screams from our backyard and the cow field. I have also seen a strange footprint in the woods were our encounter took place. The footprint looked almost exactly like a humans print except for the toes, where it looked as if it widened just a bit and I could only make out three prints with clawed tips at the end. We also heard something one night clawing against a pylon in a horse field close to Kelley’s house. A year before my initial encounter took place, Kelley had called my sister and another mutual friend late at night. She was on her computer when suddenly the disturbed sounds of her neighbor’s geese brought her attention to the window in her living room. The window gives a full view of her backyard. As she peered out the window she saw a tall figure leap from across the creek nearest her grandmother’s house and into the bit of woods beyond the creek bed. Luckily, her grandmother keeps her porch light on so she was able to adjust her eyes fairly quickly. As she gazed out from the window she noticed the figure leaning up against a tree staring right back at her; it had two pointy ears, yellow eyes, and a tail that swung lightly in the air. The encounter only happened for a few minutes before it ran off in the direction it was heading. The next day she went to investigate the creek bed and felt as if she was being watched. It was then that she heard a disembodied growl that was accompanied by the sudden stench of decay.

As for my experience during the time it happened, I was around 16 years old and I was spending the night at Kelley’s house. There was this forest that we always enjoyed hiking in. This forest, in particular, looked as if it was planned on being a park. On one of our longer treks, we once discovered a sign and a few rotting benches at the third lake located in the deepest part of the woods. There were also plenty of generally well-kept trails, sheds, and piers.

During this sleepover, Kelley and I planned to go out hiking around midnight in the woods. We had done so other times before with no problem; just the sounds of crickets chirping, frogs croaking, and the occasional rustle of a small animal in the bushes, accompanied by the sense of serenity. The woods we normally hiked were located just down Kelley’s road. The road was a dead end that looped around, beyond this dead end was a gate that marked the border into the woods. There was a sign on the gate that warned others NO TRESPASSING, but of course, we paid no heed every time we jumped the gate.

Unlike the previous nights we went hiking, we came prepared with flashlights and two dogs; one a very young rambunctious mutt, and the other an elderly lab. It started out normally until we neared the forest. We both started to get that uneasy feeling, something just wasn’t right this time. The woods, after all, seemed oddly quiet that night, but we pushed on nonetheless. We jumped the gate and headed down the trail. The trail takes a right within a few feet and a few feet after that right the trail splits off in a ‘Y‘. If you were to take a left you’d head deeper into the forest and by the lake, and taking a right would lead you to other dead end roads within Kelley’s community.

As we approached the ‘Y‘ we started to hear rustling around us but assumed it to be just some other skittish animals. I stopped suddenly, bringing my friend to a halt. For some reason I couldn’t bring myself to take that left, I let Kelley know and she reassured me that she had felt the same way since the start. We were both scanning the trees with our lights until my eyes caught a fallen tree that seemed to block half the path to our left. For some reason my I felt the hairs on my neck rise just looking at it. I questioned Kelley about that tree as the dogs slowly made their way to it at the same time to investigate. As we were discussing the tree Kelley quickly choked up. She was quick to tell me that as the younger dog prodded at the tree two yellow eyes jumped up from behind it. We took a couple of steps back and quickly paced ourselves out of there, we didn’t run because we felt if the dogs weren’t freaking out neither should we, but we sure as hell weren’t going to stay.

As we were walking down the road, and about a fourth of the way from the woods, we heard crashing and then two very loud thuds against the concrete. We high-tailed it back towards Kelley’s house as we heard it running towards us, it took at least four more thuds before it turned off into the woods on our right. From then we could hear it crashing through the brush behind us. We didn’t stop until we were catching our breath on the the lighted patio of Kelley’s house. Kelley had then spotted those same eyes bobbing up in down from the thickets in front of her house before we went inside. We wanted to tell Kelley’s mother what happened when all of a sudden the dogs began to growl and bark. Sure enough as we went out to investigate both the dogs had their tails up and barking towards the thicket but neither dared to the enter. I paced along the border of the thicket while Kelley stayed on the patio. I started making noises to it to see if I could get a response. Apparently just after I howled Kelley heard a low growl that sent her running back into her house. A couple of days after this encounter she began to hear noises. She heard screams and howls in the woods and even some nights she would hear growling and bumping underneath or by to her house. These sounds lasted for a few more nights until the woods finally became silent again.

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