Petsitting for Friends | Supernatural Animal Creepypasta

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Can animals see paranormal activity and the Supernatural?

This scary story from Craig Corlis, aka Silroc from reddit nosleep, will send chills down your spine. This creepypasta story shows us just how in tune with the Supernatural animals and our pets are. Cute dogs and cute cats may seem to stare into nothing, but it makes you wonder – what is staring back? Enjoy this short story that is perfect for halloween! It’s a ghost story of weird animal proportions. Can animals see into another world? Is the ghost world real? Enjoy this horror story from reddit nosleep and see what terrible things await. Enjoy this tale of petsitting.

Petsitting for Friends | Supernatural Animal Creepypasta by Craig Corlis aka Silroc of the reddit nosleep community. Read this story here –

All music by Kevin MacLeod. Supernatural Animal Creepypasta from Reddit Nosleep and Written by Craig Corlis aka Silroc. Footage by Emily Middleton.

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