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This word pedophile brings up the worst of thoughts in all of our heads doesn’t it. When in a community, a pedophile is an extremely dangerous mark to have. No body want their young to be attacked and I understand that completely. I had a long time girlfriend once but we both separated and I live in London now with a decent paying job and I was an ordinary bloke.

It all started when I went round to do some shopping and pick up some food as there was none in my flat. As I was driving back to my flat I noticed a group of strange kids just standing their with their heads down, I couldn’t see their faces properly and having to concentrate on the roads I could not observe for much longer. i remember stopping at the red lights and in that moment of waiting I swore one of those kids was walking behind my car and I checked by getting out and there was a hand mark in the dust of my car.

When I got back to the flat I put all of my food away and I checked my car again and the reason I felt so off about this was because I had never felt so scared before, it was weird. I had also come to notice that there were more hand marks on the dust of my car and I couldn’t wash them off with liquid and water. When I went back inside my flat I notice wet foot prints on my laminated flooring and I could not wash them off either. I started to hear in my sleep children laughing and playing and whenever I look outside nothing was their just the silence and some cars still on the road.

I started to feel paranoid and even intimidated and I also started receiving phone calls with just children laughing. I remember one morning I awoke and it wasn’t illness that met me but my body seemed to be terrified of something and I was sweating. My vision and hearing were being quite funny and you can say effected, as I felt my ears and eyes were trying to tune in to see and hear something that was supposed to be next to me. I remember a cold child’s hand touched me on my shoulder and I was frightened but I could not move nor scream. This child kissed me on the lips and I felt as if all of the goodness in me was being sucked out. I was in psychedelic state for like an hour and I returned to reality naked and I felt abused, I remember seeing that child’s face and it had no eyes and the skin was dead cold and the mouth was just pitched black with something moving around.

I also felt felt whatever that child did to me it took something from me, like my life experience, wisdom and knowledge that I have gained in my life time. You see it happened again and when it happens again my body could sense them around me and they play around with me first to kind of get me ready. I like to say these children or whatever they are, are the abusers and then when the stage is set I get a kiss. Sometimes it was a girl and other times it is a boy and I swear I try with all of my might, I try to fight back but my body is too stunned to do anything and my mind in a powerful psychedelic state. I always end up naked and I have hand marks on my body even in places I don’t want their hand marks to be. They don’t wash off nor do they disappear and I wonder to myself as to why they are doing this to me and why their hand marks won’t wash off.

As I thought nothing would get worse, it did, when i got an angry knock on the door and it was the police. They literally told me that they are suspecting of me of pedophilia and they have heard things from people who have seen children coming into my flat, I tried to tell them that it is lies but they had looks of no remorse or sympathy. They did say though the newspapers would put a very small print about a potential pedophile in the area who is being questioned by the police to everyone living in the area. That made things worse for me even more, I started to get bullied and my flat attacked and people calling me names and I even got beaten by three guys once when I had to take the rubbish out.

Then one day in my flat the hand prints on my body they felt weird like they were moving. Everything went cold again and my senses going haywire and a child touched my shoulder and took off my shirt, he touched one of the hand prints on my body and literally painfully he took it out and what came out was another child like them. I screamed in pain and agony as to what I saw came out and to think once this was a hand print on my body.

You see this is how they reproduce and make more, I am not sure how they have sex as my mind was out of it in a psychedelic state but they need a body and then they need that body in a certain type of atmosphere and stress, which is what I am dealing with now with the police and the public who live next to me. The children are coming back as there are more hand prints on my body that need to come out, I can feel them moving sometimes and wanting to get out.

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This story had so much potential but the way you told it was honestly horrible. There was no feeling, you bounced around and it lacked structure. It felt as if you just wrote down thoughts as they came rather than writing an actual story. Does that make sense? I couldn’t get through this and sadly, I really wanted to. I’m not trying to be a bitch so please don’t get angry or defensive. I’m being honest. I bet if you read it yourself or gave it to honest friends/family, you or they would see what I’m talking about. I would love to have you rewrite this, put some structure, take some serious time, proof read it and then repost because what little I could get through sounded very interesting! Good luck to your future writings, you have an imagination and that’s half the battle to telling great stories! 👻


I can’t even give you words for how perfectly awful this was