the paranormal world in the Middle East

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The paranormal world in the Middle East


Before I tell you the story of a man from Yemen who used to be a famous sorcerer I must explain the dynamic of the paranormal believes in the Middle East, especially when it comes to witchcraft, which by the way is forbidden in Islam and is one of the great seven sins. We Muslims believe in the existence of another world that is parallel to us humans, and that is the world of the Jiin. But everyone from the Middle East, whether they are Muslims or Christians do believe in their existence. As you may know, Jiin are not falling angels, like most non-Muslims think, but rather beings that are slightly similar to us. You see, we Muslims believe that angels have no free will, they only serve God and never disobey Him. But Jiin, like humans, can go either way, they can be believers or non-believers, some of them are, Muslims, Christians, Jews or other religion. Jiin are granted supernatural power, shapeshifting, flying from one continent to other, and also can possess humans. Sometimes they show themselves to humans, not in their original form, but rather as animals, humans, or humanoid creatures.

With that in mind, some people, communicate with these creatures, thinking that they can control or even manipulate them into doing whatever they want. You may call them witches, sorcerer, healers or priestess. The name doesn’t really matter, what’s matter is the fact that no one can control Jiin. They may give you false indication that you are in control, but the truth of the matter is, a human can never control a Jiin. That power or miracle was only limited to Prophet Suleiman (Solomon). Here’s the interesting part. We Muslims believe that every prophet had a miracle granted by Allah (God) as a proof that they are the messengers from Allah (God) Jesus resurrected the dead, Moses crossing the red sea, and Solomon, or King Solomon. He was both a king and a prophet, who was given by Allah (God) the ability to understanding animals and control the wind to his favour, and also, he was given the ability to control Jiin and make them work for him, and if any one of them try to disobey him, he could punish them. After him, no human was given that ability because it was only for Solomon.

Back to the people that summons Jiin. They call themselves healers, but they are point blank witches and sorcerers, and I’m not talking about some bullshit psychic that uses cold reading to tell you that your grandmother is disappointed in your life choices and wants you to be a good person. But rather those who are from the Middle East, or uses Arabic, Aramaic or Hebrew words to contact Jiin. These people are often, not always, from Muslim families. Only naive or uneducated people who believe that these are great Imam (priest) granted the blessing from Allah (God). As a Muslim myself, and an educated woman in Islam and the Quran, it is easy for me to see these people for what they are. But with a high number of people who are uneducated in Islam, especially in North Africa, it is easy for a naïve person to fall victim for these people. And the way they pray on these people is by taking the victim’s money and make them do things that are not only not Islamic, but absolutely forbidden in Islam, like unknowingly desecrating the Quran, sacrificing animals and bathing in their blood.

I’m sorry for the long introduction, but it is necessary for you to know how the system is built before I tell you the story. The story is told by the man himself after he found Allah (God) and abandon his former life. This man (I’m going to call him Ali) lost his entire family do to the fact that he didn’t want to be a sorcerer anymore. No Muslim in his or her right mind would choose to do magic or summon a Jiin, unless their faith is low and their hatred or desire for someone or something is bigger and stronger than their faith. But Ali was born in to the world of magic, since his father was a sorcerer. So, you can say, he had no say in the matter. As a child, Ali was tormented by Jiin, so his father offered him to the Jiin and promised them that his son will follow his path, so they left him alone. At the age of 15, when his father died, they showed themselves to him for the first time, and guided him to a deserted place where he found his father’s book of spells. For nearly 25 years he practised the dark art and became famous in his village as an Imam and a healer. You know that we Muslims pray to God five time a day, so for those who practice the dark art, they do not pray to Allah (God), but to the Jiin who works with them. I don’t know if you guys know how a Muslim prayer looks like. Ali was an Imam (like priest to Christians) in his home village, people didn’t suspect him of being a sorcerer, so he led the prayer, he didn’t kneel, until the Jiin presented itself to him, only then he kneeled and did prostration, you know when your forehead touches the ground.

Ali practiced magic for nearly 25 years, he got married and had children and never questioned whether he’s on the right path or not. But one day, while he was showing off his so-called miracles, stabbing himself with a knife without being hurt or scratched a bit, off course the Jiin was protecting him, a young man was walking down the street where the show was being holed. The man was reciting the Quran, as way of memorising. The minute the Jiin heard the Quran, they vanished and left Ali’s body, just when he stabbed himself. But this time the blade went through to his abdominal, and he was rushed to the hospital. Ali tried to dismiss the incident, but as he said, something inside made him question his way of life. According to him, for the first time in his life, he read the Quran without adding any talisman or spells to his reading. As an Arab person, he understood the Quran without any translation, and with the help off his wife, who prayed to Allah that he abandons his way of life, Ali stopped practicing witchcraft. He started to pray, but this time to Allah, and had a massive regret that he wasted his life hurting people and defying Allah.  But they didn’t leave him be. Ali said that they tried everything to have him back, tried to bribe him, then threaten his family. When they saw that he wasn’t going back, they killed his youngest son first. According to him, his youngest son exploded before his eyes, then when he still didn’t come back they killed his other son the same way. He knew they will kill his wife, but she was a woman of faith and urged him to not submit to their threats, and when you have seen horrible things in your life, you tend to have immune to fear.

At this point, Ali have tears in his eyes when he remembers his wife and how strong and fearless she was. You see, people who are from a country that is torn apart by war, accepted death as reality and will never beg for their lives. But that doesn’t mean that these people didn’t fear them. Me personally will go insane if I encounter one of them.

Anyway, when they killed his wife in the same horrible way, he was determined that he was never going back, they left him. My guess will be that they saw a man who found himself at last and will never risk his soul again. Ali continue saying that the death of his family was his fault, if he had abandon his father’s way, none of this would happened.

It is the first time for me hearing about someone that practiced witchcraft nearly his entire life and managed to escape it. I don’t know where he is right now, or if he did put the past behind him, but I really hope that he is determent to stay true to himself.

So, this is the story, whether you believe it or not, it’s true. I know it, he knows it, and most importantly God know it. Summoning Jiin is no fun, only an idiot would do that, because once they come, it’s hard to make them leave. So regardless if you believe in their existence or not, do not try and summon them. For the sake of your sanity


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