Paranormal story from India

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To give you a little background​ on my story, I live in India, and the locality I used to live in wasn’t very good. I was just 10 years old at the time, but I truly believed my house and my society was haunted. You may be thinking that I’m just a child and I’m joking, but trust me even my older brother and parents started believing so because of the events which took place.

There were few psychologists who and “baba’s” as we call them in India, visit my place and do tantric work, like spreading holy water over the apartment, putting lemons and coconuts in red cloths and putting them on the walls and saying various “mantras” (prayers).

The first incident didn’t happen to me, but to my mother and brother. My older brother was 13 years old and used to go to tuitions in the evening around 7 pm. This incident happened on a pretty normal day. Me and my brother went to the same school, nothing weird had happened​ yet, we went home after school ended and after a few hours he went to his tuition class. As he told me it was a normal class until it got over and he started walking back home.

His tuitions were a 15 minutes walk from our home. He preferred to walk other than taking a cab. As he started walking home he got a terrible head ache, at first he didn’t care, he continued walking. It got worse as he continued walking but it strangely just stopped. So he continued walking. In the middle, he thought someone was following him, he heard foot steps behind him, he wasn’t in a busy area, but there were houses and few people around him. He didn’t turn back, as he thought nothing could happen if people were around.

But the footsteps got louder and he left cold all of a sudden. He had a feeling that someone was walking exactly behind him, he was scared, he turned around, but nothing. He ignored it and continued his journey back home.

All the time he thought someone was with him. As he reached home and rang the doorbell, my mother opened the door, I was asleep in the bedroom, as I sometimes did after a long day of school, so my mother opened the door, and what she saw next gave her the chills, she told me she had never ever in her entire life been so terrified in her entire life. She saw a man standing behind my brother. The man had no feet, infact had no bottom, he was floating. My mother, horrified, some how pulled her self together at that moment started praying nervously.

He she started praying she saw the floating man disappear. She quickly grabbed my brother inside the house and locked the door, she woke me up, and got us both praying.

Later what happened that night, was terrible for me. Me and my brother were watching television in the hall and my parents were in their bed room and they had their door locked. It was around 11pm in the night at that time.

As me and my brother were watching television, I got a terrible head ache, and I believe because of the head ache and of the time I fell asleep. But it all changed to what I woke up to. I woke up in my parents room, I was standing inside their room and was watching them horrified and terrible.

My mother grabbed me and started praying and she didn’t let me sleep alone that night, I slept in my parents room. Later in the morning my brother told me that in the night, while watching television I had gotten up and slowing tip toed to my parents room knocked silently and kicked the door open, yes me a 10 year old kicked a locked door open. I had no idea of what had I done and what had just happened. I truly do not remember having done any such thing. Later that day a “baba” came to our apartment and did a ritual on me to keep me safe. The thought had a ghost getting inside me still horrifies the hell out of me.

I’m 17 years old now and have left the old house 3 years back. Now I live in a very very good locality and awesome people and every facility in my society. Everything’s fine now, I believe 100% in God now. All these memories are behind me now and I’m doing excellent in my college. My brother and parents also have forgotten about this memory and are doing very good. Just remembering this incident gave me the chills. I just hope such kind of thing happens to no one.

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