Paranormal Occurrences

I’ve had a few paramornal experiences. Some were small and minor, like lights flickering, things falling over or items being lost then found in odd places those kinds of things. I’ve had three experiences that left me scarred forever.

The first experience I had I was around 9 or 10 years old, We had moved into this house near an abandoned train track and a warehouse of some sort. This house always had an eerie kind of feeling to me, no one else really felt that way. We’ve only lived in this house for a few months when this experince took place. Before the experience nothing really happened.

The only strange things at the time were the fact that my bedroom door had nails in it as if someone were trying to trap themselves in the room or keep someone out, along with this weird rope that swung on the tree in the backyard.

Anyway, it was a normal school night, I had a set bed time and it was time for me to go to bed.

I was like most children, I hated the darkness so I’d have the TV on until I’d fall asleep or the radio. The radio helped as well because music calmed me through it. On this particular night however, I hadn’t done as I was told, I hadn’t cleaned up my bedroom so my privilege of having either my TV or radio was taken away. I tried to fall asleep that night but I couldn’t.

I laid in my bed for five minutes and then I heard my closet door open. I thought nothing of it at first blowing it off as my cat Magic that is, until I remembered that Magic wasn’t even in my room.

I scared myself a little bit and threw the covers over my head and squeezed my eyes shut. I then felt something underneath me, pushing me up as if to push me off the bed. I heard the closet door creak once more but louder this time, seconds later my bed started shaking. It felt as if someone were jumping up and down on my bed, needless to say I was terrified at this point.

It lasted a good five minutes, though it felt like hours. I laid still for a few more moments before working up the courage to pull the covers down and quickly sit up. I looked around and it wasn’t as dark anymore and it felt calmer. I looked at my bedroom door, there’s a small hole in the door where a deadbolt lock use to be, my dad took it off because I kept locking it.

When I looked through this hole mind you the hall light was on, all I could see was the outline of a person. It was like a shadow. This shadowy thing was staring at me it then turned to the door to the left of mine and disappeared into it.

My heart jumped and sank into my stomach, the door next to my bedroom leads to the attic. The scareist part about that, is the fact that there has been a masterlock on that door since we had moved into that house.

Fortunately, we moved out of that house but because of rent problems.

This brings me to the second encounter I had. It just two years ago. In october, I was 18 years old and Had a boyfriend, his name is Craig. He’s one of the few people I know that can see, hear and feel unsceen beings. It was a pretty normal day, we hung out with my friend Heather.

When we went to our respective homes however Craig told me he saw something attached to Heather, a negative entity that was causing her to lose energy and it was leaving her feeling dread and sadness.

At first I was skeptical but weird things always happened at her house so I believed him. He told me he could get rid of it but it would take time. He wanted me to get her to wear this cross necklace that he had blessed that would protect her.

I just couldn’t tell her why, otherwise whatever was attached to her would leave but come after him. I tried to convince her to wear the necklace but she wanted a reason. So I just told her, thinking that Craig was being over dramatic.

However, an hour or so after I told Heather Craig’s plan I recieve a message from Craig. He’s flustered and shaken up.

He explains that the thing that was with Heather was now in his home. His birds were let of their cages, things were falling over and he said his house felt like it was shaking. He then told me he felt like he was going to pass out.

When he didn’t answer after ten minutes I freaked out. I was in my bedroom at this point, I finally recieved at message back. It read “Craig isn’t here.” I looked at it then replied telling him that wasn’t funny. Suddenly all at once I recieved 50 messages telling me the same thing over and over again “Craig isn’t here.”

My arms start to shake and I finally reply “What do you want?”

It immediately answered back with “You.” “But he won’t let me have you.”

I stare at my phone and out of nowhere I hear this strange demonic laugh from the empty room next mine. I toss my phone across the room and throw the covers over my head. Sleep soon took over me. I woke up to my phone buzzing, I sat up and rubbed my eyes and then grabbed my phone.

It was Craig. I hesitated but answered it anyway. It was him. He asked me what had happened last night. He claims he couldn’t remember anything. I told him to just go through the conversation over text.

He said “I did. But every message from me was blank”

My heart had sank and I felt sick with fear. To prove to me he wasn’t lying, he sent me screenshots of the messages that had no words. Whatever had talked to me before I fell asleep, didn’t want him to know what we were talking about and I am glad to say, I never talked to “It” again.

And finally my last encounter.

This one.

This one didn’t scare me as much as it did piss me off, the spirit or enitiy or whatever it was had my blood boiling. It happened a few months ago. I had just had a C-section to bring my little girl into the world. Craig and I had since moved in together into an apartment plaza.

The small apartment it was quiet and nothing ever really happened however that is until I came back home from the hospital. The atmosphere in the home became eerie and I always felt someone else there with us, especially in our bedroom on the second floor of the apartment.

Every time we’d bring our daughter upstairs to sleep she wouldn’t sleep. She would be so fussy and unconsolable.

I noticed she’d always stare at a certain corner in the bedroom and her face would contort with fear and confusion. Whatever she was looking at made her cry harder and louder. One night in paticular, I had gotten my daughter to fall asleep in my arms downstairs. Craig and I brought her upstairs and I laid her carefully down on the bed. As soon as her head was laid on the pillow she woke up and she was alert.

That scared me. Her eyes wandered into the same corner and fear overtook her face once more.

Soon she was looking directly in front of her and she started wailing. I saw her leg lift slightly and then suddenly she’s dragged nearly to the edge of the bed. I went into mommabear mode and picked her right up. I looked at Craig and told him to grab the pillows abd blankets.

I walked downstairs and almost instantly my daughter was calm. I sat down on the couch and rocked her to sleep. We never slept in that particular bedroom again.

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