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By Cat

This is a short story but it still freaks me out. 2 to 3 months ago i invited a friend over to play with on my ps4 with me I unlocked the door so they could enter without ringing the doorbell (This comes in later).

They live very close so about 10 minutes later I heard the door open and started hearing my dog barking as they usually do when someone comes over.

My friend then said “Hello!” And I heard footsteps going into the living room but I never actually saw them.

I didn’t go downstairs immediately because I was finishing a game I was playing. 3 minutes later I heard the doorbell ring and my dog start barking again I went downstairs to answer it. Standing outside was my friend (Keep in mind he doesn’t have a key) Also the door was locked now.

I asked him “Did you go to the corner store or something? ” Thinking he maybe took my key by the door. He gave me a confused look and said “What do you mean? I just got here.” I then gave him a confused look and checked the living room quickly. No one was there.

I let him in explaining that I heard the door open and his voice previously and he was creeped out. It still frightens me 1 because something entered my house and both me and my dog heard it. And 2 because a few months previously I had saw a ghost nearby with my own eyes. But that’s another story for another time.

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