Paranormal Events

I thought I would share a few of my experiences that have happened over the years.   There have been so many paranormal things that have happened but I thought I would share the things that have really caught my attention over the years.  Nothing is overly terrifying but the things that have caught my attention at the time were certainly unsettling.  For timeline purposes I was born in 1990.  Also just a note that this has happened at every place I have lived and has not been linked to a specific location.

I don’t think I really started to notice things actually happening until I was about 14 but when I think back to it there are a few things that seemed off but I never was able to check into it so I can’t really say for sure.  So I will start with the first thing that really stood out that got me paying attention to what was happening in the background.  It was about 10 pm, I was on the family computer in the office at the bottom of the stairs.  My dog was at the top of the stairs outside of my parents’ bedroom.

I remember the air just feeling stagnant.

After about a minute of the air standing still it felt like someone was standing behind me.  My dog all of a sudden was at the bottom of the stairs freaking out at the room.  He wouldn’t come in he wouldn’t stop barking.  I remember frantically trying to calm him down as my parents were sleeping and they didn’t like me on the computer a lot.  With him barking the phone started ringing.  My mom answered and hung up instantly.  It rang and again she answered and hung up.  It rang a third time and my mom was dealing with the dog so I got the phone and hung up.  My mom said she only got static as well.  Just like that it was over.

Over the next few months I noticed a lot of little things that turned into little things that are still currently happening.  You know, doors opening and closing, footsteps, things moving, my pets reacting to things no one can see, phantom smells, random noises (clicking and tapping), whispers….    This seemed to get me interested in everything paranormal.

So like any ill-informed teenager I decided to pull out my parent’s Ouija board.  I only ever used one a few times.  The first time was alone in my room.  I spoke to a young boy.  That’s basically all I got.  I didn’t really tell anyone about it as it wasn’t the super climactic story that you’d expect.

I was left at home alone a lot.  I had been taking care of the house since I was 12.  So for me to be alone and up all hours of the night was just a normal thing for me.  I was 15 and up reading at about 4 am.  It was just me and my dog in the house and winter time.  My grandma decided that when I was 10 she’d start sending me wind chimes as presents.  Not sure why but I hung them around my room because why not.  This morning the air got stagnant again.  At this point this was a usual feeling for me as so many minor things happened.  All of my wind chimes started going off simultaneously.  That certainly made me stop.

I started smoking at 14 for something to do.  I lived in the middle of nowhere and was always alone so it was nice to have something to look forward to.  I was in the garage at about 3 am when I was 15 having a smoke.  My dad has a lot of tools and he had a lot of wrenches hanging on the wall. I went to the ashtray beside the wrenches to put my smoke out.  They all just started flailing like they had been hit.  I decided to stop them to see how hard they would have to have been hit to move like that.  It took me 3 tries to hit them hard enough.
When I was 16 my best friend and I made a Ouija board.  We set it up in her basement.  We talked with something that wouldn’t say goodbye to us.  It eventually said goodbye after a candle was knocked over on its own.  Luckily nothing caught fire.

From 16 to 18 I did a lot of partying.  I noticed the minor stuff but anything that could have been major I won’t say as I wasn’t in the right mind to be retelling events.

Upon starting college I met a few cool girls who went to another school in the city I was in.  We decided to get together after a few months of small talk for girls night.  They lived together so I was going there a lot after that to hang out.  One night we got talking about the paranormal and they had both had their own experiences.  We decided to have a Ouija board session (I know I swear I learned my lesson).  As we were getting started we heard stomping upstairs and the lights started flickering.  We didn’t go through with it and they came and slept at my place that night.  After that the house did a few weird things all in the attic.  Stomping, talking, whistling, whispering…

After that almost Ouija board session everything minor (doors, footsteps, whispering) all started happening daily as it still does.  It seemed to be more prominent when I was around people that caught my attention almost like it wanted more attention.

Throughout everything happening to me daily there weren’t too many crazy experiences I recall.  I was in quite the relationship and my energy was focused on how to get through all the fights I had with my ex so I wasn’t paying attention.  Other than a few violent door slams the only other thing that happened from age 19-20 was the following..  I was visiting home.  We had a lot of family over so I didn’t get my bedroom and was on a couch.  Where our living room is situated is right by the front door.  I slept on the loveseat right by the door as the guy I was dating got the bigger couch.  I still house sat for my parents a lot as they were still never home.  I had a night routine there where I would walk around and lock all of the doors and windows.  I was the last one up so I did my routine.  With all of this happening to me over the years I feel like it’s obvious I am an extremely light sleeper.  I woke up and started to hear the door knob jiggling.  I checked to make sure it was locked and looked outside and no one was there.  Went back to the couch only to hear it continue for a few seconds then the door to fly right open.

I left my ex and needed a change.  I moved across the country and started working at a resort in the Canadian Rockies.  There were so many things that happened there.  The place is said to be haunted they tell you on the orientation day.  They actually showed us the cabins where people died and where hot spots are on the overall tour.  The resort is about 100 years old as well.  I would hear running down the hall to my bedroom door flying open in the middle of the night.  I had awful dreams when I was younger where I’d wake up and think spiders were coming down from the ceiling.  The dreams got worse at this place. It would be so real I would wake up screaming and have to change my sheets I just had to be sure there were no spiders in them.    My roommate said she would always here tapping on the wall and talking from my room in the middle of the night when I wasn’t home.   She said she’d hear things in the kitchen and come out to all the cupboards open when I was sleeping or gone.

The reason I was gone so much was that I was dating a man who is now my husband.  Prior to me moving in with him I explained that things happen around me.  He told me we’d see what happen.  That night we decided I would start looking for a job in town as we lived an hour apart.  We discussed terms and what not but the one to note being that his gaming room stay his room and I would get the basement as my art place.  I hated his gaming room anyway it was cluttered with clothes and beer bottles the few times I was in there.  The next day when we woke up we couldn’t find my glasses anywhere which was a huge deal as I can barely walk without my glasses let alone drive an hour.  After looking for 3 hours they were in the gaming room on the middle of the keyboard.  My husband told me that if I was to move in with him he wanted me to ignore it.  He said I was too open with it.  I agreed to see what would happen.

It seemed to piss it off if anything.  We started to notice that someone had been drawing on the windows with their finger tips from the inside.  My husband started to hear tapping…  Candles would light on their own.  We eventually got a dog that at certain times would be growling and freaking out at a room and wouldn’t go in there.  My sister in law woke up to her bed moving like someone was rocking it.  My spider dreams got even worse.  Eventually we had wine bottles breaking in the basement, storage shelving being knocked across the room.

The spare room seemed to be a hot spot.  My husband works away from home so I am alone all the time and I would hear full conversations in there.  We would eventually start talking about this and stop ignoring it.  When I told him he can’t ignore it we heard all the stuff on our pantry shelves get pushed off.

One night there was a constant tapping, 3 in a row.  I asked my husband if he heard it and he said yes that it was just the tap dripping.  It stopped instantly, and started back up in the bedroom right above my head.  We didn’t sleep that night.

I have since seen a medium and can manage all of this a lot better.  It’s a lot less scarier.  We have since moved.  Over the last 6 months in our new house we have the usual but the thing that stands out….  We got a wooden mask in Mexico and hung it on the wall.  We left for 45 minutes and came back to it on the ground and shattered.  We tried to glue it together but couldn’t find a piece.  Hours later we found it, in a closed room on a different floor of our house.

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  1. Okay this would freak me out. I can handle spirits but when they’re acting like this – no. I hope you eventually find peace from the spirit that knows none.

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