The Tower in the woods

I already sent this story on your site but when I wrote it I was in a rush and I got some things wrong in that story. I said it was during the summer but it was in October. I know this because when I ask my mom if see remembered telling her this story and then I remembered what see told me the first time I told her the story. You will see what she told me in this remastered version of my story.

I live in a small rural town in Quebec Canada. In front of my house there is a small forest with a some really nice trails and I would take my dog Sokkia for a walk.

The clown

So my name is Anthony and we just moved.I am not going to say where I moved to.So the house we moved to was normal size but their was a huge forest and I checked out my room and it was all pink.And you know why this sucks if your 8 and yes I was 8 but im 11 know.2 nights later it was Halloween and their were so many people dressed as a clown so I was a clown.

When I was done trick or treating the front door was locked so I went through the back.but I went past the forest I saw someone.

Troll Encounter

Hello my name is Sander and i live in Norway, Selbustrand not a big place. not a scary place, Except the forest in our Backyard its not big but long we hear alot of storys of trolls around our neighbourhood but i thought it was just to scare the kids, but something still made me curious.

everynight i watch the forest and i always have a bad feeling when i see it. It always gives me the chills when i watch it.

5 TRUE Valentine’s Day Horror Stories

5 TRUE Valentine’s Day Horror Stories


hi my name is Tom,

I hate Valentine’s Day,

my girlfriend loved it, she always tried to convince me it was the best holiday of the year, I firmly disagreed.

I was finishing up working at my new job, as i was clocking out,

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