Weird humanoid skinwalker

Hi my name is Logan and I’m here to tell you a story that still haunts me to this day.I remember I was walking to my girlfriends house let’s call her Katy I was walking on on a Navajo Rezervation my dad said it was a bad idea to walk at night but I insisted on going.

As I was walking I heard laughter behind me it wasn’t playful laughter it sound like a laugh that someone with bad intentions would make.I started to speed walk and I glanced behind me there were two dogs they were the size of a grizzly bears and they both had brown matted fur.At the time I knew nothing about skinwalkers because I am white and I have no Navajo blood but anyway I kept speed walking I could see my girlfriends house so I sprinted to her house.when I got to the front door I didn’t knock I hit the door and I screamed hurry up and the door flung open.

It followed me home.

Before I tell this story, I want to give you a few background knowledge on me. I am tall for my age, about 6.3″, and I live down in South Dakota. I live in the wooded parts of South Dakota, so I know the area pretty well. I have one dog, and that’s about it. On my daily basis, I usually wake up, make a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, the normal stuff. But this day was like a day like no other.

I had been invited to a Birthday party at my friend’s house, where both now 29, and have a license for driving. I got a text from my friend, let’s call him Mike. Mike told me to be there in five minutes, and hurry because he wanted to show me something before the party started. I find my keys, and jump in the car. It’s about 2:30 PM, and I barely leave my driveway before an awful smell smashes into me. It is faint, but it’s still pretty bad. I just shrug it off, thinking its a skunk or something. As I leave my driveway, I get a text message from a friend who says he’s already at the house. I put the phone down, and start concentrating on the road. That’s when the smell gets worse, way worse. It smells like decaying fish guts, mixed in with duck poop.

The thing we saw that day

This story takes place up in Panguitch lake, up far in the woods where my dad and I have our own family cabin. A little background, originally i’m from Vegas and around the time during the spring break of 2014 we went up to our family cabin for a fishing trip. It was for the whole weekend, so my dad said I could invite a friend, so I decided to invite my good friend Hunter. It was an early Monday morning when we set out to leave for the cabin. In all it was about a 7 hour drive to the cabin, I slept for most of the car ride there.

By the time we reached the cabin nightfall struck. Hunter and I got out of the car and, grabbed our bags to take inside. We were so tired that we just dropped our bags and crashed on the couch. My dad of course took his bags into the first room of the cabin and slept on the bed. The next morning, Hunter woke me up and asked me to go explore the woods with him since he had never been here before, and he loved exploring. So being annoying as he was I finally said “OK”

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The Biker

So I Always Left For School At The Same Time 8:20 Am And Always Came Back From School At 3:25 PM And Always And I Mean ALWAYS! A Very Pale Old Man Riding A Black And Yellow Bike Wearing The Typical Biker Gear Would Ride Right Past My House As Soon As I Came Home.I Thought Nothing Of This Though It Was Kind Sort Of Strange That Everytime I Happened To Come Home He Would Be There Riding His Bike With That Blank Look On His Face Which Was Creepy But Again I Thought Nothing Of It Until One Day…

He Seemed To Stop In Front Of My House With A Flat Tire. Now Im What You Would Call An Introvert I Don’t Talk To People Unless It Necessary But He Seemed Troubled And I Was Having A Good Day.So I Ask Him “Do You Want Me To Ask My Mum If She Can Help With Your Flat Tire?”. I Know my mum knew nothing about bikes so this was a stupid question but anyway He Replied “…” Nothing He Said Nothing He Gave Me This Deathly Stare And Walked Of With His Bike.

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