6 TRUE 911 Horror Stories

Call 911! It’s a REAL Ghost Emergency!
These True Stories of Car Crashes and House Fires are more than they seem!
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Creepy EMS

I have been an emt for about 6 years and have seen many crazy things. These two calls though, are stuck in my head and will haunt me forever.

My first story happened about a year ago. I was working Ems job  and it was about 3am. We get toned out for a possible domestic and/or psych transport. i wake my partner up and we get into the ambulance and go. Upon arriving we notice the cops aren’t there yet. I hesitated going in, but my partner being a ” macho man” ( I, myself, am female) decided he wanted to go in. We go up and knock on the door only for it to swing open. Inside I can hear screaming like someone was being murdered. My instincts kicked in and we rushed into the house. The scene that was before me, I really wish we had waited for police first.

Infidelity Gone Bad

Let me be clear before I tell my story. You won’t find it on any search engine or in any paper, so if you call bullshit I’ll take no offense. But let me assure you: This happened and the party involved is STILL suffering.

Okay, here goes.

My First Car Accident being a Firefighter/EMT

To start this off at the time this happened I was a 22 y/o female, I live in a very small town where I am a volunteer firefighter/EMT. By this point I have seen my fair share of fires, but never really responded to any car accidents. The day I was paged to the accident, I will not lie I was kind of excited this was my first. I could finally use my skills I was scared I would loose if I didn’t use them, that is until I found out more about the accident.

My team and I pulled up to the accident and hopped out of our rig. I ran over to the vehicle to get an understanding of what all we will need to get this person out. But that was when I realized that there was three other bodies laying in the ditch around me. There were five young men crammed into a very small car, three like I said where thrown out, one was stuck in a horribly unnatural way in the upside down car. And the only one wearing a seat belt was the driver, he was stuck in his chair, he was awake and bloody.

5 Terrifying TRUE Search and Rescue Stories

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