That creeping….thing out there…

My name is Alex…I saw something out there…I-it was horrifying. I never wanted to remember this living nightmare. I was 14. I went into a forest for deer hunting with my friends. I never should have gone into those dang woods. we had been walking, and I had only caught a rabbit.

I was armed with my shotgun, a bowie knife, which was a gift from my dad, a flare gun, normal flares, my ASP pistol, and extra ammo. My friend carried a .22 rifle, a army knife, one flare, a Ballester-Molina pistol, a bow, and extra ammo. We kept on walking through the woods, going deeper and deeper into the greenery. Then, we saw something horrifying.

Pervert at the Mall

I was about seventeen when this happened, and I never really liked the mall that much in the first place, but when my friend pushed me to go, It happened. It was some day in the fall when we went back to school shopping. I hated shopping to begin with, because I’m always had to get large shirts because of my breast size while she’s always gets smalls. Yet, she offered to pay for all my clothes so I went with her.

A small discription of me is that I’m five feet and two inches, I have brown hair, and blue eyes. I was really skinny but god decided to bless me with huge breasts so I always stood out to most men.

Blind Fear

He was everywhere and I couldn’t see to keep a watch. He would show up at random and unexpected places, times and events. I couldn’t seem to get away from him and by the time I was aware of him, it was too late and there was little I could do about it.

I just moved to a new apartment after losing my job, my house and most of my things. I downgraded from my own 3 bedrooms, 2 stories house to a single bedroom shared in an apartment with 3 other people. Each of us had our own bedroom and bathrooms but shared the Livingroom, kitchen and extra room. I was 27 and am a girl. My other 3 roommates were all about 23 and guys. It was all I could find and let me tell you, I was so past college life but they were right in the mist of it.

Evil at Home

When I was almost 13 my parents, my brother and I moved into a new house in the mountains of Colorado. The upper part of the house was an old frontier cabin over 100 years old with a large family room and master bedroom added to the bottom of it. My mother had liked the look and feel of the old house because of the antique atmosphere and cabin-esque walls. The house was surrounded by gorgeous pine trees on every side. A deep strong river ran not 15 feet from the house itself and there was a pond next door. I tell you all this so when I explain that we already knew  that some of the first residents had died in the house you might understand why my mother still chose it. Let’s be honest though as old as the house was it wasn’t really all that surprising the house had history for the better and the worse. There were two rooms on the third story of the house that belonged to my brother and I. Those rooms seemed to be where the entity was most powerful and active.

My brother was 17 at the time and commuting to his old high school an hour and a half away to finish up his senior year. He was a football and wrestling star who was graduating with very near a 4.0 and was offered several full ride scholarships from very prestigious schools. You need to understand my brother was hyper rational, very intelligent and excelled at everything he wanted to do so for him to admit weakness or fear was not a common occurrence. We hadn’t been moved in long when I started noticing little things that were a bit off. One of the first odd occurrences that I can recall was the hallway light between my brother and I’s rooms was always on no matter how many times I would shut it off. Come to find out one night my mother had frequently been turning off the light as well. My mother began to accuse me of leaving the hallway light on all hours of the night and day. I swore up and down that it was not me but I could tell she didn’t believe me. My mother was a hard woman whom my brother had inherited his hyper rationality from. Anyway the subject was almost dropped when my brother spoke up with “I don’t like the hallway” and began to argue with my mother about leaving the light on as he was the one that had been turning it on. My mother hadn’t even considered him as a culprit due to his personality. However my brother’s admission of fear chilled me more to the bone then the thought of something in the house doing it. My brother came off as nearly invincible and fearless to most people he met but to his little sister he was a God. My mother eventually started laughing at my brother as it seemed so strange for him to be scared of the “dark” little did she know in a few short months the fear would be real for her too.

The Tailor’s Son

The Tailor’s Son

Matias Fernandez

Joshua Leak was reported missing on July 21, 1956. On August 30, three pieces of notebook paper were left outside the local tailor’s shop. Included with the packet were three photographs depicting a shallow grave and the decomposing corpse of a young boy. A package containing the same papers and photos appeared on the doorstep of the police department the next day.

These are what they said.

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