Last Date

My last date didn’t turn out so well. Valentine’s day 2016 I had made plans to go out. For privacy I will change his name let’s call him Jacob. Jacob was very tall green eyes and much like me a single parent. I just got back to dating after I left my ex so I wasn’t expecting much but some how we hit it off. He seemed so nice. He had a profession that I knew I was scared of but what did that matter I mean I didn’t really call him my boyfriend or anything.

I guess I just realised that I wasn’t really liking him. I didn’t tell him this and I would tell him not to come over anymore. This is where it gets weird Jacob came over one last time so I could tell him I didn’t want to go back out with him.

Valentine Stalker

This story took place during a difficult time for my family. My Mother and father had just divorced and my Mom was trying to get on her feet as a newly single Mother of 2. My dad got into a bad accident and almost didn’t make it, so he couldn’t do much to help my mom physically or financialy. So my mom moved us to from New York to Pennsylvania. A new state, but not terribly far away. This way my mom was closer to her work. My little sister and I were having a hard time with so many new changes. Parents divorced, almost losing our father, living in a new state, and starting a new school.

We started getting a hang of things, and soon it became easier. I started making new friends, and all seemed like it was going okay. I noticed this guy that would always follow me around the school, and if I’m being honest, I didn’t mind.We’ll call him Greg. He was very attractive, and we started talking a little. Not too much, just the normal what’s your name kind of stuff. Soon I found myself having a small crush on him. Totally based off of looks, because again, we didn’t talk much and hardly knew each other. This is going to sound so stereotypical, but it’s true. When I came home from school I began feeling very watched. I didn’t know by what or who, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling. Then Greg would mention small things there would be no way of him knowing.

My Crazy Obsessed Friend

Ok, So before i tell you my story, I need to catch you up. This is the second time this has happened but hopefully the last anyway, This happened the same year I met Joe and all that went down. Matt had moved away so I was single.

It was valentines day week and this was usually the time people start getting all lovey dovey but I don’t care much for it mainly because I find myself sick every valentines day. There was this girl, her name we can say is Darla because I want to respect her. Darla and I where pretty good friends, We hung out and had a few classes together, She had previously told me she was gay and I respected that, Frankly I was proud to be her friend.


My family I and moved into our new house Oct. 22nd 2015. Everything seemed fine, we were all happy and loving our new place.

A few months go by and I started hearing knocks on my walls, my family would kinda freak out, but they would shrug it off. It started happening more, and I would start feeling someone play with my hair.

The Dark Demon

So this was just last November on the 11th I don’t know why this happened or how but this is my story. If I do pronounce some stuff wrong or I don’t make myself clear it’s probably because i’m still mentally and physically shaken. Well here it goes so the night before I was just sitting down and watching some anime talking to my gf the typical kind of thing for me to be doing well at around 10:50 my gf was in the middle of a sentence then she stopped talking and I didn’t know why so I asked if everything is okay and she shushed me.

As I sat in my bed and listened I heard a low raspy voice call for her I was confused because her mom and stepdad got in a fight so her mom left and her stepdad went to work then I asked her if she was playing a prank on me like she does every now and then. The next thing I know is we got back into a normal conversation (I still don’t have an explanation but I think something just startled her) and later started to video chat because she didn’t like the feeling of the phone digging into her ear so as we were video chatting I heard a loud bang come from my kitchen I go out to see my dog got into a pile of trash and tipped over the trash can. Then I heard an even louder bang from upstairs.

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