The Black figure

This story is 100% true. When I was young I used to go to my grandmas house to stay the night. Living in the country there wasn’t to much to do besides hangout with family. I lived on 80 acres of land in Oklahoma this land has been in my family for years and strange things happen a lot but this one night in particular it was very strange.

I was staying at my grandmas house for the night. We had just chilled out and watched tv all day and night. At about 3am I woke up out of a dead sleep to use the bathroom even tho there was a bathroom 3 feet away from the bedroom door I felt like I absolutely needed to go outside like something was almost calling me. I opened the front door not seeing anything strange so I went on about my business and pissed off the porch living in the country it was just kind of a normal thing when all of a sudden I noticed there was no noise no crickets no animals nothing this was very bad considering I lived on a farm with several animals usually this meant something was wrong. So being the kid I was I started looking around trying to see if I could figure out why it was so quite when I noticed a black figure standing near the garage.

The Howler

This story was told to me by my father. him and I are avid hunters from Maryland.And we are very experienced hunters. And once a year him and I take a trip to  The smoky mountains where we belong to a Hunting Club but this time I was not there with my father and he went alone to go bear hunting.And on the day he went hunting he was hunting in the stand all day and then it became dark around oh say is 5 o’clock because this is during the fall.

He started to climb down from his stand in mind you he only bow hunting he just got done packing up a stand because it was a self-climber. after he got all packed up at the bottom of the tree he heard rustling behind him he didn’t think much of it but once he got up 50 feet up the hill. He heard a sound of a scream/yell it was so loud it vibrated his chest my dad is 300+ pounds and he’s not that easy to scare.

Bigfoot deer hunting family farm

What I’m about to tell you is very true! ive never told anyone in my life till now. This happened back in 2003 at our family farm in ohio.

It was mid october my dad and i were on our way to the farm to deer hunt as we always did every weekend. We arrived there around 5:45am we sat in the truck talking and joking who was gonna see more deer or shoot the bigger buck like always.

Passing the Devil

I’ve lived in New Jersey my whole life and have been an avid consumer of Jersey Devil lore and stories for as long as I can recall. The sighting I’d like to share is not my own, it was related to me some years ago by the driver of my school van. I went to a private school and so had a handful of the same drivers for years, all of which I got to know pretty well so it was the uncharacteristically reserved way in which she shared this story that caused it to stay with me through the years. For the sake of privacy since she still works in transportation, I’ll refer to her as “S”.

S’s husband has family in Southern New Jersey that they drive down to visit during the holiday season. This particular event had been for Thanksgiving and once things wrapped up, S and her husband got into their truck and started to head home.

The Vampire Of Hughes County

It was 8:00 clock at night in Holdenville, Oklahoma In Hughes County so i noticed my dog was acting strange so i wondered if he wanted outside so i got up and was heading to the door then i what i saw next truly terrified me. It was this thing that was 5 to 6ft tall pale, ugly thing that had claws and a mouth and looked like a human and it had clothes.

I got scared like hell so i went and got my gun and i went to go look again and it was gone but what i saw that day was a thing i will never forget for the rest of my life.

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