Our Haunted Camp

It all started in a beautiful little campground / trailer park in South Eastern Ontario. It is used as a recreation and relaxation spot in the summer and fall by people who just want to get away from the world for a little while. It usually closes up in October for the winter and reopens in the late spring once the river is out of danger of flooding the campground.

My friend, we will call her K, and her family had purchased a quaint little trailer in this park in the late 1990’s to get away from the military base we lived on and get out of the city and into the countryside. As K and I were inseparable, I was invited every single weekend (While we were in school) and for weeks on end in the summertime to go along with them and enjoy the countless adventures we got ourselves in to. We would sometimes go down to the campgrounds main office and rent paddle boats to paddle around the river and take in the sun, or go to the beach and swim with some of our new friends. We even rented a canoe once with absolutely no idea what we were doing, but we didn’t care. We had so much fun anyway!

The House

Hi My name is Asuna and this is my real life story

It was late December and it gets really cold where I live

I was home alone and I made some cookies. After they were done I put them on a plate and placed them down on the table in the living room. I sat down on the sofa with my blanket and I up my phone to kill some time while I waited.

Creepy Fallout 4 Glitch

I was playing Fallout 4 on my Playstation 4 during the late hours of the night when something really bizarre occurred during my gameplay. I was at a hospital called Medford Memorial and I had chosen Piper to be my companion to raid the hospital in order to complete a side quest. For those who have never played any of the Fallout games, you can find and recruit different characters with each of them having their own perks and skills and I had chosen Piper because she was among my favorites and wanted to romance her.

Getting back to the game, everything went smoothly as the quest was completed with relative ease but then, as soon as we left the hospital, Piper had changed. I glanced back at her and she had one of the strangest poses I’ve ever seen. Now, I was fully aware that the Fallout games or any games made by Bethesda were known to have a few bugs and glitches and Fallout 4 wasn’t an exception as I had a few run-ins with a couple of them, but this glitch was unlike anything I had ever experienced with this game.


This story took place in 2014 when I was a big gamer. I played a lot of games like GTA online and elder scrolls online. This happened when I was playing elder scrolls online I met a player by the name of Dillon220 he helped me on a mission. After 2 months of playing together we decided to meet up and a bar because we lived in the same state and town  Memphis,New Jersey. We met up and we had a couple of drinks he told me his name Dillon Johns. After we were down we went to my house and played Smackdown vs Raw 2007.

He went home and we did the same thing every Saturday met up at a bar went back to my house a played some games. Intill one Saturday he never show up at the bar so after a hour or two I left to go back to my house and I saw on my front door and note that said “I watch you sleep” I didn’t get any sleep that night I stayed up with my gun and looked at my window.

Wendigo Possession

Have you ever been so hungry that you thought you could eat a horse… or a person? If you are a sane person, then the most likely answer is never. Unless you have ever found yourself troubled with the horror that I experienced once in my teen years! I live in Ohio and like to spend time in the back country. There’s a park with some woods by me that I like to camp, hike and just hang out in. Or at least I used too. There came a point in my daily woodland travels where I started to feel like I was never really alone, and not in a good way.

Once while I was on a hike at about fifteen years of age, those odd wrappings and foot steps that hit my ears at times started up again like always. After a while, I thought nothing of it because it just became an every day thing. I assumed it was a deer or something, or maybe a dog, perhaps even a coyote. In any case, I wasn’t terribly shaken up about it. Being a tall and ruddy teenager, I wasn’t afraid of any wild animal. Plus I had  seen them all before. Then one evening when night started to fall in the woods, I heard the noises again, but this time it was louder. I started to breath harder, because I was a little nervous, I ain’t gonna lie. Suddenly a bush moved, and I reached for the Swiss Army knife that was in my pocket. Nothing happened; the bush stood still. That was still enough for me to leg my ass straight back home for the night!

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