Summer break creeper

First you know that I am a girl and am 20 years old and I live in California. The time this story takes place happened to me when I was in junior year of high school and was 17 years old at the time. After school one day, I was on Facebook doing what anyone would do, checking posts, commenting and updating my status when all of a sudden, I got a message.

At first I thought it was someone I knew and they just wanted to talk so I opened it to see who it was.

When I opened it, I saw it wasn’t anyone that I knew at all.

The person who messaged me was a man named Umer and he sent a message saying hi. I wasn’t sure why he messaged me so I checked out his account to see who he was. On his account, it said he was from Pakistan and a few other basic stuff that most people put on their accounts so I didn’t think much of it. In one of his picture, he looked to be maybe in his late twenties to early thirties.

After I messaged him, asking him who he was, he said I looked cute.

I thought it was a bit creepy but I had to remember that anyone can your pictures or posts and other stuff on Facebook so I just  said thanks. Now this is where it gets creepy, a few hours later or so, I get another message from him asking me how old I was.

Of course I was a bit scared because I didn’t know if this guy was a pervert or not so I didn’t say anything.

Then I get another message. This time it said ” Will you marry me?” I was was a bit shocked by this because I didn’t know who this guy was so I told him no. I knew I should have blocked him when he asked how I was but whatever reason I didn’t.

Then he got upset with me and said that he was going to kill himself because I had said no to him. I told him that he shouldn’t kill himself because I had said no but he didn’t listen. I didn’t know what happened to him until a few days later when I got messaged by his brother that he was put in the hospital because he got into an accident. His brother asked me what happened and I told him what happened.

He was upset that I rejected him and that his brother was depressed.

I was a bit upset myself because this guy was blaming me for his brother trying to kill himself.

I told that to fuck of that I was underage and to young to wanting to marry so I finally blocked the account for good and to this day I never heard from him again. So next time someone says you’re cute and asks you to marry them, be careful what you say because they might just threaten to kill themselves if you don’t marry them and remember watch out for creepers.

Serial killer neighbor

So my dad grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in California and through his child hood he has experienced a lot of creepy things but this one has hit him the hardest.

Growing up he had a neighbor that lived behind him that him and his brother always found creepy.  His name was Steven Carlson and they called him creepy Carlson.

My dad and his brother used to like to adventure and explore the fields and drainage tunnels in their neighborhood for fun when they where bored. One day my dads older brother came to him and told him that his friend had found a dead body of a girl  in a nearby tunnel. Sure enough it was true and the girls name was Tina faelz.

my dads brother was interviewed on the news and his friend was used as a witness. 40 years later my dad came to me and told me that they found the person who killed Tina faelz.  I knew about the story of the body because he had told me when I was younger. When he found out who it was his jaw dropped.

It was the creepy neighbor that lived behind my dad. You can look this case up today and it truly happened

The Barbie radio…

So, this encounter happened when I was probably 6 to 8 years old. I am now 21 but I can remember this like it happened yesterday. I lived in a middle of no where town in California, and I hated the silence of this crap town. So I always slept with the TV or the radio on. My tv had broken a few days prior so I brought out my old Barbie dream radio from my closet. God I hated that closet.. But that is for another time.

This night was especially quiet and very Erie. It was a school night and late so I had to force myself to sleep. I turned on my Barbie radio which was already programmed to the FM station that I liked, then I crawled into bed. It was probably about 40 minutes later and I still was not asleep. My room felt odd all of the sudden and changed from the simicalm feeling, to cold and frightening one. I should tell you this was not my first paranormal experience and I was very perceptive to changes within a space I occupied. Realizing that a entity was probably around I stayed laying in bed staring at my ceiling hoping it would go away. When I Hurd the click of my radio changing what program it was on. On this radio it had the ability to change from FM to AM as well as tapes and CDs, however ,there was a little lever that had to be pushed in order to make it change the program.

After the click the sound of white noise filled my room. The volume was being turned up ever so slowly and I could hear a man talking. Barley audible this mans voice crept out of the radio leaving a sour taste in my mouth, as I huddled under my blanket in fear of getting off my bed to shut it off. I did not want to let this thing know I was even awake. A few more minutes go by of the sound of white noise and a faint male voice which got louder as my radio’s volume continued to climb however, I was not able to make out what he said at this point. The max of this radio’s volume was not loud enough to wake my mom on the other side of the house, just loud enough to creep me out and make my room sound like I had my tv plugged in on a station I did not have.

The next thing I hear coming from the radio however, is what makes this tale so damm scary! I tilt my head ever so slightly to see if I can see anyone in my room. No one. Great! Then the sounds of crackling and static gets louder. There is a faint scream coming from the radio that is also getting louder. And then all of the sudden the radio says my name! Loudly I hear TABBI in a husky male voice I have never Hurd before! I am beyond freaked out at this point I fly out of bed grab my radio, which is still making the staticky sound and flipping from am to fm. Rip open my window and throw the radio out the window. My mom comes rushing in as she Hurd the window screech and me making clashing noises as I ripped the Radio plug out of the wall in complete darkness. As I hear the satisfying crunch of the radio hitting the floor the sound stops and my mother bursts through my door. I turn around as I was looking out the window and scream. She asks what the hell are you doing? I scream agian and run to her crying and holding her legs.

A while later she gets me to calm down and brings me to her room and I slept with her that night. Ever since then I sleep with my room completely scilent and the light on at the foot of my bed. So, if you ever were concerning getting your little girl a Barbie dream radio, don’t! I don’t know if it was as just mine but that thing was possessed. I never moved it as I didn’t want to go around it. But a week after the incident and it was long out of my mind, I walked by it unintentionally, as it made a staticky noise and I Hurd a faint hello… come from it I ran to my mother telling her what I wouldn’t before. She believed me and rushed to throw the thing away about a mile or more from our house…

UFO Sightings

My story starts in a town called Chico in Northern California. My wife and I decided to go to a park that’s down the street from our place on a clear night in 2016. We arrived at the park where there were a few soccer games going on at the playing fields so we went to an area a little hidden away from places people were at because we brought some adult beverages.

As we were star gazing I had noticed something moving in the sky. It was obviously closer than satellites are and moving at a fast steady pace across the sky and we actually caught this on camera. After we stopped filming we kept looking in the general area and noticed that it had just disappeared. Nothing too creepy just a little Paranormal.

Fast forward about a half a year and we have a more intense sighting. It was about 2am and I needed to go get cigarettes and while we were at it some snacks and lottery scratchers. I’m driving and my wife is in the passenger seat and we leave our apartments and turn on the main road.

Immediately I look up in the sky and I see a very bright object in the sky and notice something is odd about it. It’s a neon blue color and it’s making some weird movements. At first I thought it was a star but then comparing it to other stars it was 20 times brighter and bigger then the odd movements verified for me that I’m seeing a UFO.

“Do you see that?” I said while pointing it out to my wife, “that’s a UFO!” Next the object quickly moves what had to be miles downward but at a slight curve too, then stop and bouncers a little higher back upwards also with a slight curve and then side to side.

My wife freaks out and screams “It’s following you, your attracting it!” and she sounds a little mad at me and frightened. She’s thinking I was attracting t because I had been doing a lot of Paranormal and Truther research for the past year and she was well aware I pay attention to Ufology and aliens so this whole incident happened because of my research and whatever it was wanted me to see it to prove it’s real. “Oh my God” my wife whimpers from the fear that the object knew we had noticed it and the next movement was going to be towards us for abduction.

We then drove under some trees that blocked our sight and after passing them the object was gone and we were very relieved. It was a little troubling that we were witness to UFO’s that were beyond any earthly capability, it’s hard to comprehend that something like this was now part of my real actual reality.

My wife would always tell me people can make up stories about aliens and it’s probably not true but now I know I can always reference what we had just witnessed if she ever tries to mention UFO’s and aliens are just made up lies.


I saw a skin walker in the desert

Now I know a lot of people may not believe this but I didn’t know where else to post this. Like anyone who listens to this we’re fans of scary stories. I chose darkness prevails to share this story because I think they do it the best. Anyway, I just never thought this would happen to me.

For some background, I am 18 and my best friend, her brother, and a friend of their families whose is also my friend, my best friend and her other friends moms were all on that trip. We went to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in LA in early July 2018. Exciting as it was nothing bad happened until we were on our way back. We came back the night of the 2nd day, since it was a 2-day trip, and since we drove there we drove back.

A quick extra fact that is important to add is my parents are shamans, you heard me right shamans, they are not native but they use some of the native’s shamanistic elements. So, growing up with them has made me more open to the supernatural. I’ve also lived in the Nevada desert all my life so I know the wildlife pretty well.

This is where my encounter begins, my best friends mom was in the passenger seat of the car and my other friends mom was driving.

Given it was around 9 o’clock at night and we were all exhausted everyone but me and the moms were asleep. I had just woken up and couldn’t fall back asleep. I was watching the storm outside with bight flashes of lighting and rain. We were in the middle of the desert and whether we were still in California or Nevada I didn’t know.

This was when I noticed a car parked along the side of the road, clearly broken down. The person was checking their trunk for something. The desert nearby was lit up in a whitish glow due to the rain being reflected off the passing car lights that shone into the outskirts of the desert.

When I saw it, it looked like a crouched human with elk antlers and a deer head. I thought maybe it was a wendigo, but I remembered they don’t normally live in the desert.

Plus it wasn’t very big roughly the size of a white tailed deer. It was looking at the pulled over car. Then it went on four legs and looked more deer like. Like full on deer but it also looked like it had an elk antler rack.

Then it turned its head to me and looked at our car, I think it sensed me looking at it . I don’t know.

What I do know is it wasn’t the lightning playing tricks on me because right after that the lighting struck, not before. It seemed as if time slowed down too even if it was only a few seconds. Well, safe to say I called my parents really freaked out, I didn’t know what else to do. Everyone else was asleep and the parents that were awake wouldn’t believe me. I also knew it wasn’t a deer and the only creature that I could think of is a skin walker. So, if your traveling in the California/Nevada desert try not to pull over. Because it’s still out there, I just hope that driver is ok.