Haunted Trailer Park

By rainbowunipenguin

I used to live in a trailer park, I’m with my aunt currently, but it was strange at the park. Around the age of 7-10 years old I was digging in my friend’s yard with her when we found a brown object with a giant hole in it and another part under. We tell her mom that we think we found a skull and she said it was a tree root.

We buried the ‘tree root’ for the day and marked the spot. The next day we came back and started digging again, wanting to dig deeper but it’s gone. We were terrified. I also used to sleep in the living room some nights and sometimes I would hear creaking in the kitchen or one of the chairs moving, when no one was there. Read more “Haunted Trailer Park”

Cabin in the Woods

By SjamesN

This happened about two years ago, I was 12 at the time. It was just me and my grandpa camping alone in the woods, Once or twice a year we would go to camp and stay for about a week. This might not be written perfectly but ‘m trying to write it down as close to how I remember it. it was our second last day at camp.

I had gone out to collect some water from a well, I was walking back and looked up the hill to see a man standing, he was far away, all I could really make out was his shadow. as I looked up at him he started to move, I was used to seeing people, but they were always hunters, wearing bright orange clothing. but this man was wearing dark clothing, he left my sight as I walked away. When i got back I asked my grandpa about the man he said that I shouldn’t worry and it was probably just someone hiking through the forest. Read more “Cabin in the Woods”

Night Chaser

By SjamesN

This story happened about a week ago. I’m 14, and I was with a group of friends the same age as me. We had been riding our bikes around town, while playing Pokémon Go. It was about 6 o’clock pm when this started.

While riding our bikes I turned my head to the side checking if any cars were behind us. I noticed a blue car, There was a group of about four in the car but that’s really all I noticed. I shouted for everyone to get to the side of the rode so they could pass. The car had a very distinctive sound. I think the muffler might have been broken, it was very loud. Read more “Night Chaser”

The Touch

By MedievalWarfare

I am not a normal person. For all of my life supernatural beings have accompanied me. I write this story and many others so that someone will learn from my experiences and know what to do when you encounter the evils hidden from daylight. Now let us get on with the story.

This all happened two months ago. I was continuing my regular everyday schedule of walking my uncles dog, eating breakfast, and then spending all day playing video games till I fell asleep. I was surprisingly very awake this morning instead of how drowsy I usually was. I took no fact to the matter and took the dog outside. Read more “The Touch”