The Shadow Man

By Scott W.

Hello there, my name is Scott. So before I tell this story how about some backstory?
Me and my girlfriend, whose name will be changed to Nicole for privacy reasons, are what most of you will call psychic. In short me and her are able to sense, see, and interact with spirits. She is stronger than me though, being able to see them a lot more often than I can.

Another thing you will need to know is that she went through something very traumatic in middle school (we are seniors in high school now). I will not say what it was again for privacy reasons but it affects both of us heavily whenever it is brought up. But to make a long story short during this event she saw something, and this very something is the basis of this experience. So on to the actual story. Read more “The Shadow Man”

It Came into my Garage

By Jay

A little background; I am 16 and in my sophomore year of high school. Since I’m working to graduate next year, I often stay up late working on papers or the such. I live in front of a large woodland in a small town in Georgia and spend a lot of time outside. I’ve had paranormal experiences in the past, but this one is my most recent and still shakes me to the core thinking about it.

Alright here we go. Last week, I was sitting in my garage with my boyfriend and laptop working on some AP work. It was around eight o’clock and on a Thursday evening. In the beginning, my boyfriend and I were screwing around, casually stealing kisses. My mom came out around 8:30 and he went inside to help my brother complete some math work. For the next few hours my mother was casually tagging items for an upcoming yard sale. Read more “It Came into my Garage”

Alone in the Dark

By NightShade

Okay, fist off I’m a guy and I’m 26. I’ve seen the paranormal around quite commonly and it’s one of those things that led to me working with Horror make-up and what not.

There are many scary tales I can tell, but this one hits close to home and I felt it is more fitting to tell as my first tale to share with you all. about three years ago I lived in Colorado. I with a family that took me in during a dark time of my life. They are all gamers and had opened me up to becoming a one myself. Read more “Alone in the Dark”

Goatman Forest

By Logan Frost

I’m Logan, and I live in Illinois, right by the border of Indiana. Now living in the mid-west, there are a lot of paranormal stories regarding the legendary Goatman and how he stalks the woods of Illinois and Indiana. I thought it was a load of crap, boy was I wrong.

It was the fall of 2015 and i just got my drivers licence so I was obviously looking forward to driving with my friends. I picked up my friends Sharon and Ryleigh and went driving on country roads. Read more “Goatman Forest”


By Chloe-Creep

Alright, I’ve been keeping this story up my sleeve for a while now, and it freaks the hell out of me every time I think about it. It’s one of the few memories I can remember so vividly from back when I was 13.

That was the first Summer I was hired to babysit. It was a family friend, though not too close of one. It was a single mother who had gone through plenty of hardships in her life, from having her husband leave her after two miscarriages and being almost dirt poor once she finally did have her child. She first started hiring me randomly, calling me a day before hand and asking if I was free the next to work for 2-6 hours. However, she soon got a rich boyfriend and everything changed. I was happy for her of course, she did deserve someone nice, but my pay shifted. Meaning that even when I worked for way less time when she was low on cash, I still made more money.
My new schedule involved me working for 3 days a week (sometimes more depending on if they called me). Read more “Cardinals”