Strange Wild Animal

By Jake

I live in the middle of nowhere, montana, on several acres that lead up to the Yellowstone river, behind the river, is a forest. Our house isn’t all that big, but we have a huge dethatched garage/shop that’s about 50 feet away from the house. The cat lives in there and we always have some food out for him, but as a result, all sorts of critters like to wander in.

We have a serious raccoon problem, and they are smarter than we are sometimes. We set lots of traps, but they figured them out pretty fast. I decided that trying to catch and release elsewhere, wasn’t going to work, so I decided to throw out some cat food and hide in some of the trees with one of my guns. the gun I chose was a merlin 60s .22 long rifle. Read more “Strange Wild Animal”

Center Road

By asheland

This story takes place around 1996. At the time I lived in Sarasota, Florida. For several years, I continually heard stories from many different people about a road in Venice Florida, about 20 miles south of Sarasota that was haunted.

Story goes that a motorcycle was hit head on by a car and the motorcyclist was killed and the impact was so intense that they never recovered his head. I don’t know if this story is true or urban legend, but I had been fascinated by it ever since I first heard it. Read more “Center Road”

Scary Doll

By Titan

I am not the one to believe in the paranormal but, this expirance made me a strong believer. We had this doll that was passed down each generation. The friend I was going to school with was with me when we picked the doll up and she told me that the doll is evil.

She knew I didn’t believe in this kind of stuff at the time but she urged me to get rid of the doll. After talking back and forth to each other i decided that nothing was wrong with the doll but, boy was I wrong. It was about 3am and I had the doll sitting on the couch. Read more “Scary Doll”

Screw Alcohol

By Jd

I’m not sure when you could use my story but I thought I’d submit it anyway. I am female, I was 16 when this happened, something about me; Ive struggled with depression, anxiety,self harm and suicidal thoughts for many years now. Highschool, however, was when I got to an ultimate low. I was in a bad relationship, I had no friends i was over medicated and in a daze all the time as a result of it. I’ll skip anymore introduction and get right to it.

One day, after a long day of school, one of my newer friends had invited me over to spend the night and drink. I had never drank much before and with my depression being as bad as it was, I didn’t care about what was best for me. I went and we drank an entire bottle of vodka between us. Along with another bottle of some apple cider drink. Read more “Screw Alcohol”

The Woods at Night

By Cameron L.

My name is Cameron. Our town that we live in is pretty known for homeless people. My two cousins Lucas, James and I rode our bikes home from school.

We live on a dead end road, so we rarely see cars come down our road. My cousins and I hung out for about an hour in the backyard until we had to pick my brother up off the bus. Oh and so you know, I’m the oldest one out of all of us. After some Pok√©mon hunting, we went back to hanging out in the backyard. Read more “The Woods at Night”