4 TRUE Jersey Devil Scary Stories

The Devil is Real . . .

This World is a Strange One. Read more “4 TRUE Jersey Devil Scary Stories”

Colored Connections

By The Darling Noir

So a little bit of backstory. I am a 17 year old girl, currently living with my mother. Now, I know everyone has there own varied opinions on the super natural, the paranormal, and things beyond understanding and human logic, but whether or not you are a skeptic, or enthusiast, what I am sharing with you is true. My mother, older sister, and I are all gifted with different paranormal specialties. My mom believes it stems from the fact that on her side of the family, most of the women going back several generations are Pagan, and actively used Witch Craft tactics and tools. Myself, and my mother both carry on this tradition, and actively live Pagan lifestyles.

I’ll try not to bore you too much, because I get people have short attention spans (Myself Included…). My particular set of gifts are Witches Intuition, the ability to use my Third Eye, and the ability to see Color Associated Auras with people, animals, and the dead. Now, Witches Intuition is a phrase my great grandmother coined, it basically means the ability to connect with the undead. My ability to use my 3rd eye basically means I am able to open and close my 3rd eye chakra at will, and sense different energy fields and wave lengths, being able to see and connect with the dead in a safer manner than opening a gateway to our own plane, say, through a Ouija board, or summoning. And the color associated aura is kind od complicated. Basically, I see a color with every person I encounter, and this color is connected to their spiritual energy, and every associated color is connected to an emotion, or knowledge about the person. Read more “Colored Connections”

The Boy

By Pumpedcat7

I know its long but its kinda been growing on me for at least 2 years now

It was a summer night and we have a basement that we turned into a hangout area that had a TV, 2 couches, a triple bunk bed separated from the room using room separators, closet, small kitchen, A window up near the roof next to the kitchen and a door to the backyard surrounded by fence and a small patch of trees. Near the window is a hill leading up to the front yard.

So me and my brother where down stairs and it was around midnight so we started watching TV and a few minutes into a show it did the channel testing thing so to my mind I was expecting the worse to happen like “Warning mass murderer, rapist, psycho has gotten out of high security prison, be alarmed.” Read more “The Boy”

Lost Little Girl

By Christian G.

Typing up the story it is still very hard, as I still remember it like it was yesterday. It makes me shiver and tear up still up to this day. I have had many experiences before and past this one, but this one was the one that shocked me the most. I have had Astral Projections, as well as other paranormal experiences.

2011-09-24 ~ 21 years old

It was a Saturday night, I had a stressful day at the hospital with my Grandmother. My grandmother had to be taken to the emergency room at least once every two weeks. This time I had to skip work and stay with her, but to not lose any hours and get my full paid week, I decided to go back to the shop and work at night. I worked at a Ford Dealership as a Flat Rate Auto Technician. I did not get any costumers that night of course, but I did have some jobs that I was still going to get some work on before the next week started. Doing so would allow me to get more work on Monday instead of having to work on what I already had. Read more “Lost Little Girl”