Possessed by Sparkles

By yentlcloud

So let me start with some background info on me and my ‘’powers’’. I am Yentl a 20 year old girl and I live in the Netherlands I have always been a spiritual person and as a child I have said and done things that are very strange. My mother told me about how I talked about my family before she was my mother how my niece was her daughter and I was not family of them. I don’t know the specific things I said but I know this always creeped my mother out.

Around my 12th I noticed I could use the energy in myself to take peoples sadness away all I had to do is place my hand on their body and often it would make people stop feeling so bad almost instantly, I would feel the energy go into my arm and out if it as I released it into some piece of furniture or something else. I also have been visited by a few ghost some I could ‘’see’’ and some I could just feel. Read more “Possessed by Sparkles”

The Witch of Pine Bluff

By TermanShank

A decade back I lived in a quiet, forest surrounded town called pine bluff. I loved it there. Especially since we lived out in the boondocks where it’d take you a good 20 minute drive to reach the center of town. Our little rural homestead was a dirt road off a dirt road surrounded by evergreens. It was absolutely beautiful. The first thing I noticed about the place was it’s refreshing smell. Sadly, any smell disappears as you get used to it.

During the summer, my family wanted to go out onto our land and do some camping. We had several acres or so as dad thought he’d be doing quite a bit of hunting after we moved down there. He was wrong. Read more “The Witch of Pine Bluff”

The Boy at my Window

By Briana_Banana

As a child I lived in a simple four bedroom home with my mom, dad, brothers, aunt, uncle and cousins. During the day the house felt homely, my cousins, felt more like siblings and we would play all the time together. However, at night it was a completely different story.

I grew up in an extremely superstitious family and we all believe in spirits; good and bad. One day my grandma came to visit us, and she is what they call a Curandera which roughly translates to “good witch” that can cure people. My grandma has always been able to see and sense spirits. When she first visited our home she told us that she sensed three spirits there; a man, a woman, and a little boy. Read more “The Boy at my Window”

Creature in the Pond

By Brandon

Some things you just can not explain. My experience is one of those. I recently started a YouTube channel @Brandon Landroche. Basically i upload adventures and just fun things about my life. This last summer my family and I went on a trip in the Uinta mountains, based in Utah. I thought that this would be a great opportunity for my first adventure vlog type thing.

One thing led to another and i forgot all about the idea to vlog. And i really wished i had! So the time came to leave to our destination. Everything was going well, and it was suppose to be a good time, and for the most part it was. So we drove through most of the evening and into the night. Read more “Creature in the Pond”