Hooded Monster at Burger King

By Manuel D.

Just felt like I needed to say this, I did not know whether to put this story under a creature sighting or just a true scary experience. What I saw looked like a regular person, but the way it moved was not human.

Just some back story, I was 16 when this happened, I am now 19. It happened while I was on a night jog and stopped by a Burger King to grab something to eat. Read more “Hooded Monster at Burger King”

Burger King Creature

By Chris R.

This all happened when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I was with my cousin and his parents and we were coming back from visiting his grandparents.

I was starting to doze off in the car when I heard my uncle say that we were gonna eat at Burger King. When we entered, I noticed that there were only like 2 other people there (given the fact that it was very late). I liked it cause I was never a fan of crowded places. Read more “Burger King Creature”

Burger King Almost Robbed

By Clannad

I live 5 minutes away from two Burger Kings. When I worked cleaning cars on my own, I would walk on over to the larger one because they had a better card reader. I can’t tell you how many times I couldn’t pay for my food because the other Burger Kings card reader wouldn’t accept my debit card. so, just to be sure, I always went to the one I dubbed the good burger king.

Anyway, I walked over at the end of my short workday, enjoying some podcasts through my head phones. Read more “Burger King Almost Robbed”

I Used to be a Manager at Burger King

By Megan-Nagisa

I used to be a manager at my local Burger King. (Also I am sorry for any typos, English is not my first language.)

So a little background before I get into my story, I am 23 around 5’4 and I am a transgender male. So getting into the story, I was working late, moving the cash, taking out trash, etc… so I was organizing the papers that we had on the front desk when I herd the “ping” of the drive thorough window (that it does when someone drives up) so I looked out the window and I saw.. no one. I went out and inspected it and there was nothing that could have┬ácaused it. Read more “I Used to be a Manager at Burger King”