Scary Home Alone Experience

By Kristen

It was late at night. Probably around midnight. I was 14 years old at the time, and I was home alone. My mother and her friend decided to go out to a bar, and my brother was at his friends house.

My dad and my mom are seperated, so he is out of the picture. Anyways, my room is located in the back of the house. Right outside my window, there is the back yard. You can get into the backyard by the side of the house, because there is a gate. We always have it locked.. or so I thought. Read more “Scary Home Alone Experience”

Late Night Swim

By Iggy

Hi, I have been listening to videos on youtube that include posts from this sub so I have decided to post to it myself. This event happened to me about two years ago so sorry if I don’t have everything on point, it was a few months after my 15th birthday.

To give some background about the situation and about me, I was about 5’9” at the time and the last school year I had done cross country than wrestling as my sports. Now don’t take this the wrong way, I was one of two 95 pound wrestlers on my team, being the second smallest kid on the team so as you could assume I was not the scary type. Also me and my little brother were raised Mormon, even though we don’t go to church now, so due to this fact him and I were extremely sheltered from the real world especially because we grew up in the mother ship of Mormonism aka Utah. To give you an idea I did not have any idea about drugs before I moved to California, I did not know what terms such as pussy, cunt, or other such terms even meant. Now that you understand this about me and my little brother lets get into the story… Read more “Late Night Swim”

5 TRUE Fairy Scary Stories

Ready for a Fairy Tale or a Fae Story?

This world is a strange one. Read more “5 TRUE Fairy Scary Stories”