The Dog Older than Man

By Matthew S.

My dad is a paranormaly active man and says he has paranormal happenings to him almost every week while everyone else in the family rarly see’s anything vaguely paranormal, the only things we see is when a ghost or slirit physicly moves an object.

The story I am about to tell happened to my dad about 3 years ago in his old house in Council Bluffs Iowa. It all started back when my father was very angry about things such as bills, being sued by the bank for not paying said bills and other kinds of money troubles as he does not have a well paying job. Read more “The Dog Older than Man”

Late Night Glass Footsteps

By Casper Nightingale

Currently I am 15 and since moved from this place a couple miles away from there. I was about 7 or 8 when this happened to me. My best friend at the time named Caitlin; was a year older than me and that whole day we decided to tell scary stories on my front porch. We did this on a daily basis especially near the time Halloween, our favourite holiday.

Her older brother who usually picked her up was late and so we continued to tell stories. Before we knew it, the sky has darkened to an inky black with the hauntingly beautiful moon illuminating up the sky. Caitlin was telling the story of “skippy john jones” and it took place in a haunted hotel or something like that, in the middle of her talking and me giggling excitedly, a loud glass shattering sound broke-no pun intended-stopped our fun. Read more “Late Night Glass Footsteps”

Hooded Figure

By CrimsonRaven

I have several experiences with the paranormal and I don’t care if you don’t believe them, because I know that these experiences truly happened, I am a twenty-three year old female, I prefer to keep everything else about me private. I know with all of my soul that these experiences were not a figment of my imagination or dreams. I am sharing one of scariest experiences.

One time last year, my parents were gone for a whole week while they went on an anniversary trip. They have been married for almost 30 years. So, I was happy that I got the house to myself and be alone for the whole week. Read more “Hooded Figure”

Someone’s in my Bed

By CrimsonRaven

This next paranormal event, I was not home alone, but the only one to experience it. My family believes in spirits, but they believe that no one can see, hear, or talk to them. When I saw my first spirit as a child, my parents refused to believe me, and I never told anyone the experiences I had growing up or as an adult. My parents, my older brother, and my sister-in-law were all in the house.

I usually sleep with my door closed unless I am home alone. So I did my usual nightly routine, turned off the lights, closed the door, and crawled into bed. I don’t know what time I fell asleep but I woke up at 4am, when most of my encounters with the paranormal happen. Read more “Someone’s in my Bed”

My Dead Dog Visited Me

By CrimsonRaven

It has been two years and I still cry at remembering this experience, and am crying as I type this. It was 2014, I was twenty-one, and my thirteen year old dog that we got as a puppy when I was eight, had just died of a large cancerous tumor.

I spent her last two days with her and barely left her side, even slept on the couch by her bed, because I knew the end was near for her. Read more “My Dead Dog Visited Me”