The Farmer

By Ethan88

This all happened one night at a campground we stayed at. I’m more of an indoor person so camping wasn’t really my thing. I couldn’t stand sitting outside for a full weekend with no internet but I do like to explore. This happened when I was 13. I wasn’t as tall and strong as I am now but I wasn’t a push over.

Me and my friend that I’m gonna call Blake went out to explore like every other kid our age would do if they where bored. It started with a river we crossed then some hills followed by this farm we reached. There weren’t and no trespassing signs so we entered. It was so cool with a bunch of tall grass we would run around in. With it still being around 1 in the afternoon we decided to play a game. The game went like this. One person had 60 seconds to run off while the other stayed and closed their eyes. Read more “The Farmer”

The Barret Ranch House

By Alyssa_Scarlet

Hello, my name is Alyssa. I have a story for you. I am currently seventeen years old. My encounter with the paranormal happened when I was sixteen.

My story takes place around May or June of 2016. It was moving day. I was currently helping my step mother move. Since I had not seen the new house, I went with my uncle to go see it. While waiting for my family, my uncle began telling me that my oldest brother, Mando, himself, and his on-and-off girlfriend had been visiting haunted places and playing the Ouija board for that last two week, but kept returning to this farm house for the last 5 days straight. Read more “The Barret Ranch House”

A Ghost or a Child from the Future

By Frank K.

I used to like getting to work a half an hour early to relax with a cup of Joe and unwind from the drive in. Traffic on the road to my place of employment increased exponentially so that a 5 minute delay starting out would translate to an extra 15 to 20 minutes travel time.

Three blocks from home one day on the way to work I was stopped at a red light. The intersection was at the extreme south-west corner of Pine Hills cemetery in Scarboro Ontario. A huge Celtic Cross graces this area of the graveyard. On the other side of the intersection a car is disabled, the trunk is open and a woman with a tire iron in her hand is, I can tell by her body language, at a loss as far as knowing what to do.
Being a good person by nature, and thinking that I would wish a good Samaritan to assist my wife were she in such a predicament, I am torn . If I stop to help I won’t have my usual relaxation period with a cup of coffee before I begin work. Besides, there are plenty of other motorists at this busy intersection, someone else will surely stop to help her. Read more “A Ghost or a Child from the Future”

Haunted Trailer Park

By rainbowunipenguin

I used to live in a trailer park, I’m with my aunt currently, but it was strange at the park. Around the age of 7-10 years old I was digging in my friend’s yard with her when we found a brown object with a giant hole in it and another part under. We tell her mom that we think we found a skull and she said it was a tree root.

We buried the ‘tree root’ for the day and marked the spot. The next day we came back and started digging again, wanting to dig deeper but it’s gone. We were terrified. I also used to sleep in the living room some nights and sometimes I would hear creaking in the kitchen or one of the chairs moving, when no one was there. Read more “Haunted Trailer Park”