Where Did These Come From?

By Hailey S.

This happened to me a few days ago. I was having trouble sleeping as my neck was really bothering me. I had trouble moving it side to side and my pillows weren’t really supporting my neck at all. Despite this though, I eventually drifted off into sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I saw something that made my heart pound and forced me to jump back a few inches.

The comforter that was covering my mattress had two tears in it towards the foot of my bed. However, these tears looked more like someone or something had made them using their claws. One of them was half as long as my arm and the other was nearly as long as my hand.

Dark Mist

By Trini

The dark mist… I have never told anyone this story, because I don’t think anyone would believe me. But here goes… I must say that at this time I didn’t know I was pregnant. However, one day I was in my bathroom in front of my big mirror curling my hair, when something told me to look up.

When I did, I noticed a black mist in the corner of the door of my bathroom. My hands froze, and so did I. I just stood there and stared at the mist for about 15 seconds. As if it realized that it has been recognized, the mist then began to move quickly out of the bathroom door. I then began to freak out, because my 4 year old was in my bedroom all alone. I checked on him, and he was okay, so I just went back into the bathroom as if nothing happened.

Sleep Paralysis Demon

By Dakugeek

It was an average humid spring night in Texas. I was spending spring break my Aunt’s house: playing video games with my cousins, sharing skateboarding stories, etc. I didn’t go to sleep til around midnight.

By then, the entire house was asleep and I was restlessly tossing and turning in an attempt to find a way to get comfortable in the heavy Texas air. Once i was finally asleep, I awoke or rather, dreamed i awoke to the sound of heavy rainfall and thunder hitting against the large window and crashing outside. I was laying face up when suddenly, i had a strange feeling I was being watched. I looked around the room and in the darkness,I was able to make out an outline of a small, child-like figure perched on the shelf a distance from the bed.

Shrieking Wendigo

By Trent

Okay, so to fully understand this story you’re going to need a bit of background. First of all, this isn’t actually my story, it’s my dad’s. He told this to me in his late age only a few months before he passed. He couldn’t stress enough how much he wanted me to know that there are some things out there that just can’t be explained.and with him recently passing away it made me think about it.

I feel like he would want me to share it if he was still around. So, I’m going to tell this to you as it was told to me, from his perspective. This was sometime in the 60’s I don’t know the exact year but it was long before it was common for every teenager to be carrying around a 500 dollar camera phone. It was nearing the beginning of the summer and due to recent financial problems, the first summer in my new house since the recent move. The house we lived in was a good half mile from our nearest neighbor with woods all around.

Ghost in the Hallway

By LizzyLiz

I live in a small town where the school has roughly 150 kids (and that’s k-12), and if that doesn’t tell you how small my town is, nothing will.

My mom has always claimed that our house was haunted. She claimed to see shadows, here voices, and footsteps in the hallway. But I was always a skeptical little kid.

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