Goatman in Drama

By PM88

To start off this story, I want to note that I live in a VERY rural area in the Pacific Northwest with lots of dense forests all around where my home is. This experience happened in late fall 2016 at my high school and has really messed me up mentally and I just have no clue what to believe in anymore.

I am a new student at my school and just moved from the town over. I moved because I was having lots of issues at my old school with bullying and I became very depressed over time. I just needed a fresh start. Anyways, enough of the crap and let me get on with my story. I loved my new school and the people that attended it. Read more “Goatman in Drama”

In the Dark

By spooniegirl1

This story I’m about to tell you just happened to me last night. I don’t know what it was or if my mind was just playing tricks on me, but I will never forget this.

I’m a 16 year old female. I live in a small town in New York. There’s a population of 3,000 people, but during the summer it’s tourist season, so our little town is packed. Read more “In the Dark”


By AmJerkson

My name is Tyler and I’m from Saginaw, Mi. here is my life. Well, where do I start? I suppose my earliest memory would be a good place. As a kid I grew up suffering from Croup. It’s a terrible illness that literally leaves you breathless. When I was 2 I had to be rushed into the hospital from it.

And again when I was 7. I remember this event fairly greatly . I was staying at my grandparents house as per usual. My mother was working all night and going to school to become a nurse during the day. Read more “Reaper”

The Creepy Mask

By Bob Stoch

At the time of this story my family lived on a 400 acre farm and we saw many ghosts there but most were friendly and as long as we didn’t mess with them they didn’t mess with us and sometimes they even helped up, like if we were looking for something and we just looked on a table and it wasn’t there if we look again a minute later it was there. While this story isn’t as scary as most of the stories I have heard on these channels when I was younger it scared the absolute crap out of me.

Though I don’t remember a lot from when I was 3 I do remember 1 horrifying day. It all started when I was sleeping in my Mom and Dads room in my crib and I suddenly woke up hearing a voice, I don’t fully remember what I was feeling because I was so young. But after I would say a minute or so I looked to my left on the wall. Read more “The Creepy Mask”