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The Monorail Slasher


By Jarvis B.

I stopped at the top of the stairs to catch my breath. My N.R.O.T.C. uniform was completely drenched with sweat (you look like a mess Gary, I thought to myself). I practically ran the last mile from school to catch the monorail. I quickly pulled my Metro Card out and swiped it in the kiosk slot. The machine dispensed my ticket and I ran through the monorail doors as they slid closed. Once in, I scanned the car and spotted two empty seats in the front. The monorail was pretty full tonight. I through my backpack in the seat closest to the window and then dropped myself in the seat next to the isle. One of the draw backs of still living at home was that I had to commute back and fourth to M.U. where I was a freshman in college. My evening class ran long by 20 minutes. Which made me late for the earlier monorail home. I just sat back and closed my eyes for what seemed like a second.

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