My Impossible Nightmare

By Harris

Many people have fears of spiders, snakes, ghosts, the dark, and death. I share the fear of spiders; however, it does not compare to my monster. My monster haunted me throughout my dreams mainly from when I was the age of three to four. I had nightmarish dreams beyond anything I have ever experienced due to how real the dreams felt. They were the scariest dreams I have ever experienced.

It always began with me in what I can only describe as an apocalyptic environment with blood red skies, dust everywhere, skeletons all over the dust, one highway bridge, and blood in every source of water. Now even though I was very young I remember the dream clearly due to the fact that it reoccurred about 9 years later. Read more “My Impossible Nightmare”

Troll in the Mountain

By Sander

my writing isnt the best but i hope you understand My name is Sander i live and have cabin in Norway i noticed youre channel for some time ago. And then i wanted to tell a story of mine where i swear i saw something i would call a Troll.

Me and 4 of my family members were going on a long peacefull walk to a mountain top. We are big nature lovers so we were enjoying the colours of nature all to much and being the one that enjoyed long walks i was looking up for this and on the way we saw a rabbit running away from us the animal was very big maybe 3 or 5 feet, on the top the view was beautiful as we were looking around i saw in the distance something big, it had the rabbit in its hands, it sounded like it was chanting until it chrused the rabbid’s head, i gasped very loud. Read more “Troll in the Mountain”

Sister’s Doppelganger

By GAZArts

One of my oldest childhood memories that sticks out purely because of how dumbfounded i was at the time, was when me and my family lived in Eindhoven in Holland in the late 1980s. We were originally from the UK but my father had moved the whole family over there because of a job offer. Being only 4 at the time my happy memories of our life there is very fragmented but i still remember how big the house was and how it had that ‘new house smell’. It also had three floors and four bedrooms which was fantastic for me as i didn’t have to share a bedroom with my older sister Rachel.

When we moved in the whole street was still being built around us, we still have photos in our family album of the four of us with our 80’s hairstyles standing outside our home with the drive way just a square patch of dirt, no grass and no pavement. As our house was the first home to be completed I got to see a lot of the construction going on around which was very exciting for a 4 year old boy. The night I remember the most clearly began with me waking up in bed in the early hours of the morning, I remember that it was in the early hours because of the one single street lamp outside that used to flood my entire bedroom in orange had turned off. Read more “Sister’s Doppelganger”

A Ghost in Retail

By GAZArts

This happened to me about five years ago while I had the “privilege” of working in a men’s suit store while studying at a college in Cardiff, Wales. For anyone who is curious Wales sits just left of England and directly right of Ireland. Cardiff is a nice city, nowhere near as big as England but it has gone through some pretty rapid modernisation of late. They’ve done a great job at keeping their historic architecture but there always seems to be a new Starbucks or Costa opening up every other week.

Some of the buildings in the city center have shiny new facades that wrap around the ancient structures like a shell. This became more evident to me on my first day at the store. My interview for the job took place bright and early one February morning and I remember how cold I was as I made my way passed the hustle and bustle of early morning commuters. Having been a student for year I wasn’t used to being around so many people this early in the morning. That being said I wasn’t really used to being up in the morning period. Read more “A Ghost in Retail”