Five True Scary Hotel Horror Stories Collaboration With Southern Cannibal

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4 TRUE Sleep Paralysis Scary Stories

Ready for Insomnia?

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By Alexis

My best friend and I work at a Wendy’s near our houses.

I’ve had a few creepy experiences at work but never one like this. I was working fries that night and noticed that out of the corner of my eye a man was watching me. Looking me up and down.

I hid by the drive through area hoping he’d leave soon, but my manager asked me to help the girl at the front register since a bunch of people just came in and she was fairly new. I took a mans order and I began to make his drink. I turned my body away from the man that had been watching me as he obviously peered over the counter to check out my ass. He then said “How you doing (my name), what time do you get off?” When he said my name I felt my heart begin to pound and felt even more uncomfortable than I was already.

I told him that I was only sixteen and that I had a boyfriend, not that I was lying. Another customer standing next to him and the mans friend looked at the guy with disgust since he were trying to pick up a teen at Wendy’s. The creepy guy watched me as he left and said it was a “good thing I told him because he’s a grown ass man.” I made sure my coworkers knew to watch out for him but I hope he never eats at my Wendy’s again.

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By Dark Night

Let me just say that I’m a big believer in the paranormal!

I study it a lot and get made fun of my interest constantly by family members, but that’s not the point. I have insomnia very often, having awful sleepless nights most of the time.I also wake up at four or five A.M pretty much every night, which is to me an odd pattern. Well one night was no different i’m not sure what time i got to bed. It seemed to be a normal night boring as usual. Well lets skip ahead a little, I woke up around four A.M.

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