The Trail

By Halmond

It was sometime in August, I decided to go for a hike that would last till about 11:00 PM since I was a bit nervous for my upcoming exam and hiking takes off some nerves, As I entered there were only about 3 cars, One was really shaggy looking with dents all over.

There was a Man, Maybe in his forties just sitting there starring at me as I went onto the trail. 30 Minutes into the hike I see him taking a different trail but stopping and starring at me once again. It was starting to get dark at about 9 PMand that’s when I heard leaves crunching behind me. I turn my flashlight around and to my surprise, nothing was there. Read more “The Trail”

Hooded Figure or Creature Beside my Bed

By TheGirlyIdealist

This happened me a year or 2 ago. Which means I was around 13 to 15. Before this happened I was in my room on my laptop watching Youtube videos like I always do.

I have no real routine and do whatever I want most of the time. My sleep pattern is all over the place, so I have no idea what time this was. After some Youtube watching I go to sleep. When I woke up I felt normal and nothing was out of place, until I looked beside me. I saw a hooded figure staring right at me. Read more “Hooded Figure or Creature Beside my Bed”

My One and Only Papa

By RuneKitty

Alright when I was around five years old my Papa got really sick and had to be on life’s support. He soon passed away and me and my mother and others went to his funeral but only me and mother stayed there all night long.

I didn’t cry at all even when I saw him but I guessed I was in to much shock. My mother let me in the casket and on top of him to let me hug him one last time before going. Once I came out I was feeling light-headed and really relaxed. Read more “My One and Only Papa”

The Ghost Shark

By Herb

This story takes place this previous summer. I want on vacation in Greece I was always one of those kids who would love the water and ocean and the animals in it.

I was always fascinated by sharks and i had a to close experience with them before so I have been somewhat paranoid but nothing like this. I was swimming in the ocean which I was doing everyday so I could keep in shape. One day i was swimming to the 3rd set of floating balls that you see in the ocean which was close to 100 feet out. Read more “The Ghost Shark”

Foggy Waters

By mack

It was a dark and foggy day in Harborview Maine, almost too foggy for one to see. Two young teenage boys Rick and Zack(both 14) were walking about on the town docks waiting for their friend Gillan to come over on his boat. He arrived about five minutes later, he tied his boat up and hopped out. They walked up to a small local shop called C&E , they walked in and got some drinks and sandwiches. They paid for them and walked up to Zacks’ house, they watched a movie and played basketball on his hoop outside.

Soon it was time for Gillan to drive his boat back to his house on brooks island. They got down to the dock where they said their goodbyes and Gillan hopped into his boat. Rick and Zack by the shore watching their friend drive off. They walked close to the shoreline where they were suddenly whipped into the water. They were underwater when they realized that seaweed was tied around their ankles tugging them down, down they went. Read more “Foggy Waters”