The Bloody White House

By Rain

A little bit of background that does play a bit of a roll in this tale of this story. Growing up I was the kid who was considered the crazy trouble maker as I would sneak out at night and go into abandoned buildings that had a lot of ghost stories around them. Some of these places I never experienced much more the sounds and some little forms appearing and disappearing. I mean I was a kid looking for these things it isn’t like I go into an abandoned building not fully expecting to see nothing but not fully expecting an axe murderer to pop out and come after me. So at this point I am pretty use to the fact of seeing these things I basically have grown up always being able to see ghosts.

The first time I remember seeing my first ghost was when I was 4 years old though the memory is slightly fuzzy for me but my grandfather came to visit me and my younger brother in the middle of the night. I screamed when he left the room my mother came jogging in, as my scream woke them up and she heard her dead father’s voice say good night dear through the baby monitors. As she got to my room there were bloody footprints leading from the center of the hall way to my bed room and stopped at the end of my crib.

Strange Sight in Indiana

By Lea Kuro Okami

I’ve never told anyone this before. Can’t believe I am. I am twenty now. This story happened seven years ago when I was living with my grandpa while my dad was over in Afghanistan fighting.

I remember this well because it was one of the days that I was waiting at the top of the driveway, our house was at the bottom of a hill, and the most loyal dog ever named Trixie was there with me. She was a German Shepard mixed with a Golden Retriever. Anyways, we were there waiting for the bus to come and take me to school when something came out of the shadows.

My True UFO Encounter

By Nightwatcher666

This happen to me when I was 14 years old, I live in a nice little village in the Kentish countryside of Britain. I have always been a strong believer in the paranormal and I think we can’t be the only life in the known universe.

So I went to bed one Saturday night at about 10:30 pm, I had a good few hours sleep and I awoke at about 2 am. laying in my bed looking towards my bedroom window on my right, I noticed a bright star brighter than any other star.

The Devil of Bear Swamp

By Raven Boy

My family was always in a financial rut, especially after my mother passed and my father moved to NJ with me and my sister. If you are familiar, New Jersey property prices aren’t as bad as New York. But their taxes are incredible…

This being, me and my father always took work. Whether it was running a good truck, cleaning some guys house, or working on the road.

Our most common job was truck driving. He got a somewhat stable job from a family friend who owned a trucking company, down near Newark. It likely isn’t there anymore, he had to relocate after flooding.

5 TRUE McDonald’s Scary Stories

Is it Really Safe?

This World is a Strange One.

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