Werewolf in the Alley

By ChelleMILSO

I’ve lived in Colorado my whole life. I just recently moved to Hawaii but that’s not part of this story. Let me give some insight on my old house before I start my story.

I lived on the outskirts of Denver, about 20 minutes from the foothills. It’s a very small neighborhood but very wooded. My bedroom window faced toward the alley, which wasn’t paved like most were. It was a snowy night and on my birthday when I saw what I saw. I had a friend over to stay the night with me. We had just finished watching Top Gun and we’re starting upstairs to my room to go to bed. My window was wide open because I liked my room cold and I loved hearing how silent the world was as it snowed. Read more “Werewolf in the Alley”

The Face at the Window

By Jessie

My name is Jessie and my story starts off like any normal teenage night. I was talking to my crush one night through snapchat.

We were sending each other goofy faces and pictures of our room talking about our math class and math teacher. By the way this was when we were in middle school, I’m in my senior year now. I decided my face wasn’t looking very pretty at the moment so I decided to take a picture of my backyard. Read more “The Face at the Window”

Shadows in the House

By TheEpicMrTroy

When I was around 10-15 years old, I would often visit my fathers house every other weekend, as my parents are divorced. My father had lived in many different houses throughout the years, but one stuck out above the rest. My dad works for the local Wildlife Police Dept. in his state, and because of which, he was constantly moved from place to place. One of the houses that he lived in was located on a Lock; a section of a river with a large gate connecting it to the rest of the river.

It was there that i spent a good amount of my teen years with my father, stepmother, and stepbrother. I didn’t really notice any problems with the house at first. I mean sure, it was old, and had a certain aura about it. But over time, it really started to show just how unusual it could be. It was one summer, about 7 years back that I had these encounters. Keep in mind, I was always a very honest child, and I truly hated telling lies. I was at the house alone one day, as my father, and stepmother were at work, and my stepbrother was at school. Read more “Shadows in the House”

The Pokemodule Killer

By Reverend soulless

I was very excited to finally download Pokemon go on my iPhone. I grew up playing the old school game boy games red and blue.

As I got off work I went on my very first Pokemon hunt in a small town just a mile away from my area. I walked down by the local shopping plaza it was already close to midnight hardly anyone was out. All I kept finding are stupid pidgeys and paras it was becoming frustrating. Fuck man!!! I just wanna catch one good fuckn Pokemon that’s all but this shitty area has only weak ones. As I walking through the parking lot I can see a pokemodule stop. It’s located across the street at this nearby housing complex. Read more “The Pokemodule Killer”

German Werewolf

By Bear-Pig Nation

I just recently posted a story on our ghost problem..but there’s another story I’d like to share with you and everyone else. Deep in the woods of Germany, your not very safe are you? Especially when there’s a blood thirsty beast in the mist.

My step dad has just recently told me this story, he’s a Military man and doesn’t get scared easily at all. He’s a flight nurse for the US Airforce and is a colonel. He had to go in for reserves a couple years back and they decided to go hiking in the woods with his buddy, all the woman went shopping so they left alone. Deep in the woods there’s a old run down cabin, they opened the door of the cabin with ease surprisingly, but noticed some strange markings on the front door and on the sides of the cabin, four individual claw markings… the door was busted in and destroyed, they slowly opened the door and peeked inside with a flashlight. Read more “German Werewolf”