A Child Addiction

By Connie421

So im only thirteen years old, and I was about eleven to twelve when all this took place. The man, let’s call him CJ, texted me one day, and said that he knew my old friend, let’s call her Ally, and told me that he liked me and wanted to get to know me.

So, I decided to get to know him. Worst mistake of my life and it only got worse, I and my friend Ally were together one day and he texted me. Read more “A Child Addiction”

Nobody Believes Us

By Jackson J.

It was sometime during the summer, and my mother and I were staying at my sisters house to visit. I was about fifteen years old at the time. This particular day, my sister was going to a party that was going to last from around 5:00 PM to about 11:00 at night. Since the party was taking place far away, she would have gotten home around 12:00. This wasn’t your stereotypical type of party. It was a reunion for something that I can’t remember to be honest.

During this time my mom and I decided to stay inside the house and just chill out. After my sister had left, my mom had decided to make pasta for dinner. When we were eating in the living room, I realized that my mom was acting a little strange. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was. But something just seemed wrong. It made me quite uneasy. Read more “Nobody Believes Us”

Doppelganger Babysitter

By Licht

Pocket money. That’s what I needed. I was 14 and didn’t have a job. I was so desperate to get a bit of cash to spend on junk food and other useless crap that I was even desperate enough to advertise as a babysitter. I put posters all over my town, I advertised online, I did everything.

Weeks went by and I didn’t get any job requests however I did get a phone call that went a little like this. Read more “Doppelganger Babysitter”