A Weird Animal

By Wtfleah

This all took place in a small quiet area of north Wyoming when I was five. My dad hunted as a hobby and was away a lot.

While he was away, which is most of the time my mom took me to her friend’s farm. My mom also worked at that farm with her and she would always be the one working in the family. This friend she was very close to and she didn’t mind me going around the fields in the back of the farm. I don’t remember much about her, but she would never get mad at me for wandering off and I got away with a lot.

Five True Scary Stories Of Creepy Taxi Drivers

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Axe Man

By Alice Macabre

I’ve always been cautious of strangers, especially as a woman in today’s world. But something happened a little over a year ago that makes my stomach drop, even to this day. I had gotten my first sort of job, I was about 13 and needed money desperately for an interstate trip with my school, the pay was pretty lousy but enough at the time.

We lived in a quiet beach settlement, my family and I. It was about 15 minutes away from anywhere. Every month I would receive boxes of catalogs, forms and leaflets. I would then spend the next few weeks delivering them around mine and the surrounding neighbourhoods, it was one of those tacky catalog order companies. One day I was strolling along, carrying a trolley laden with these order books. I was at the other end of the settlement about a Kilometre (half a mile) from home.

The Story of Jacob Harper Part 1


Have you ever seen a film or read a book and was like “Huh, I wonder what it is like from the villain’s perspective. What was their origin story?”. There is a reason you don’t see from that perspective you know, It is so you don’t side with the villain. They know you will attach to them and they don’t want that. But I am here to tell the story from my perspective. You see the popular kids go into the woods to party and get killed off but sometimes never ask “Why is he killing them?”. We usually have a valid reason for our anger but they don’t want you to hear that. Well, I am here to tell you. Here is the story of why I became a murderer.

Shadow Wolf Encounter

By KingBlazeBT

I’m a 14 yr old boy who never really believed the supernatural a whole lot until one night. My sister dropped her son off to spend the weekend with my dad and me. She dropped him off on Friday but the encounter happened inside my house on Saturday.

My house is small not too small though so we have a single hallway leading to all the bedrooms and the one bathroom with the other one in the bedroom at the end of the hallway.

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