The Figure at my Door


I was 11 at the time,and it was a Wednesday night. I persuaded myself to finally turn off my Phone and get some sleep, the dark got me after I turned off my phone and the moonlight only shined so little into my room. I closed my eyes and waited for Dream Land to prevail.

Not only minutes later, I heard footsteps below my room. They sounded like big Hiking Boots, and it startled me. Then, I heard the footsteps come up my stairs, but it sounded less quiet, as if the footsteps were trying to be sneaky. The big bangs of the Footsteps got to the top of the stairs and headed to My Door. I was paranoid, I didn’t know what terrifying thing was outside my door. My eyelids were heavy, yet my eyes were wide Open.

Scary Trailer in the Woods

By nightmare town

So one day my best friend and I decided to go on a walk with her two brother’s. She thought that it would be fun if she could show me this creepy trailer in the woods behind her house. My friend can be called E, her second oldest brother can be called A, and her oldest brother can be called M. So basically we said goodbye to her mom and we left even though it was snowing. Her two brothers A and M brought BB guns just in case anything bad happens. This made me slightly nervous at the thought of having to use the guns but I just brushed this feeling off.

We started off walking on the trail carefully with some spots being very icy. Everything was normal M walked in front, E and I in the middle, and A in the back.


By Horsey Content

One day I was home alone with my younger sister. I was upstairs, very happy just browsing YouTube on my laptop. It was a few minutes later when I heard someone, definitely not one of my friends across the street, sprinting down the path next to one of my houses walls.

Next to the wall, there is a path that can only be accessed by going in through the house, or going through the gate at the front of the house.

A Face in my Clothes

By Grace A.

I was at home by myself and it was a very foggy day. I couldn’t really see so I locked all the doors and close the blinds, being the scaredy cat I was.

I turned on a movie and popped some popcorn. Half way through the movie I realized that we had candy in the kitchen cupboard… and I forgot to lock the back door, which was right by the kitchen so I went and got the candy and locked the door. By then it was too late. I finish my movie and my parents got home.


By Tatelover

When I was in second grade we had moved into a big house. Just my parents sister and dog. There were three bedrooms and 1 bathroom. One day I was playing in the closet I put fingernail polish on the wall making polka dots. I stepped on something it didn’t hurt but something told me to look at it. I sat down outside of the closet just by the door in between the bed and the door.

I looked at my foot I had stepped on a nail. Suddenly I put my foot down and looked up the door was moving open. I was little so I wasn’t afraid until something told me to be. I didn’t see anything but I felt a presence. I got up and ran downstairs. A few months later school had started.

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