Five True Scary Poltergeist Encounters Collaboration With Shivers

Poltergeist: a ghost or spirit supposed to manifest its presence by noises or knocking

Shadow Woman

By digiswag1

One day, my aunt called a family meeting we all met at her house because she had something to tell us. At that time she was dating a man named Devon. He was from the country – Before dating my aunt he dated a woman who was not very religious, frankly saying she was the daughter of what we Jamaicans call, ‘obeah woman’. After he left her, she was furious.

Huge Cougar

By Oregon Rider

This story is a short one but one that scare’s me to death. I was in the woods on my ATV, a place I was never scared to go to before. It was about 7:00 p.m. in august of 2010. In Roseburg at that time there were a lot of cougars.

But the one I saw was about twice the size of a normal North American cougar. I had been brushing and it was after I turned the chainsaw off that I herd heavy breathing. As I turned around I caught a glimpse of the tail, the black tip of it. I was freaked out so I decided it was time to go, so I turned to walk to the ATV. As I walked through the clearing to the middle, as I threw the chain saw on the rack I looked up into the trees, immediately wish that I hadn’t. There about 7 feet in front of me was the biggest cat in north America.

The Woodland Creeper

By Scare Factor

I am 14 years old and I was 12 when this happened. I was with my friends: Chris, Micheal & Niko.

We were doing a bet that we could camp out in the woods for a week without bailing. So we were driving to the S-Bar-F Boy Scouts campsite. I’m a Life scout, so I am allowed passage. When we get to the campsite, it was already night, so I suggest we should get the tent from my Ford F-150, the bed of the truck had all of our camping equipment, after we got the tent out and set it up, we got out the 1st of 4 hot dog packages for the week and cooked 4. After we ate, we decided to get to sleep. After about an hour of me playing Angry Birds 2, I clocked out.

Nighttime intruders!

By anonymous user

I’m a female and my current age is 26 years old, and this happened about two or three years ago. My bedroom faces the back yard, near my window there’s a chain link fence that runs the length of the yard. And my brothers bedroom faces the front of the house, it’s right in front of the driveway. So to start off a couple days and nights in a row I’d hear the side gate, that’s made of heavy metal, shut like someone was closing it. I’d get up to look expecting to see someone there but when I would there was nothing, absolutely nothing. Well from what I could see.. So after hearing the next slam of the gate, I’d just ignore it thinking, again really… what the fuck!

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