Dark Figure in my Room

By Hero2099

This is a 100% true experience that happened back when I was 11. As a kid I was terrified to sleep alone with my bedroom door closed, because I wanted to be able to quickly escape my room if I saw a monster. Let me give you the layout of my room so you have a better idea of what happened. My room had two beds, mine me and my step brother’s that are separated with a cubit between them.

At the end of the beds I had a big wall unit on which all me dolphin themed decorations were placed. The door was in the North-East corner closest to my step brother’s bed which was also right across the bathroom. Now that you have an idea of what my room looks like let’s get to what happened. Read more “Dark Figure in my Room”

Haunted Hospital

By HauntedByGhosts

So this happened about two months ago. While I was working at this hospital that was being shit down the nurses and other workers have told me and the group of kids to never go to the second and third floor alone.

I soon found why because we were there for a late night helping those nurses, while I was checking the rooms to make sure we got everything out, I saw a figure go into a room at the end and when I got there no one was there. Read more “Haunted Hospital”

Nazis from the Dead

By Heinrich S.

First off, let me say that I’m an 18 year old male and currently living in Australia and a history buff. I have an aunt who is married to a French guy who I’ll call Pierre. Pierre is a nice guy who always has a friendly smile and makes my family all laugh when he is around. Now, onto my story..

This happened about a year ago when my family was visiting my aunt somewhere near the Ardennes Forest in France. I should say that my aunt lives in a small town near the border with Germany that is heavily forested and filled with a dark history of battles and wars. There is a little stream near our house that was always my favourite place to go because of its relaxing atmosphere. Read more “Nazis from the Dead”

Sleep Paralysis Progression

By MalleusMD

Since the summer of 2015 I was kindly reminded to the messed up situations I experienced.

After digging around I found out I suffer from sleep paralysis. Though science can explain most of the physical symptoms through the blocking of the motion centre of the brain, so you don’t jump out of a window or do some other crazy stuff. The brain knocks out all movement in favour of you being safe. you meanwhile experience this as a pressure on the chest, heaviness and often a sense of evil in the room. Supposedly because your brain is switching between REM-sleep and waking up and your body hasn’t read the memo yet, it leaves you paralysed. Read more “Sleep Paralysis Progression”

Attack in the Woods

By Marlothegreat

Let me start off by saying that this is a story that I have never told anybody. This encounter happened in Woods of Southern New Jersey. My girlfriend, her sister Shelly , her boyfriend Craig & I decided to take a 2 day camping trip in the woods. It was an hour drive from our apartment in Philadelphia without traffic so we woke up early in the morning to beat the traffic & to avoid a 3 & a half hour drive.

We arrived in Burlington, New Jersey & stopped at the Acme grocery store & bought chicken, bread, hot dogs, a case of water & a few other snacks for us to live off of for the 2 day adventure. We took a back road towards the rural area of the county which was close to the military base. Read more “Attack in the Woods”