The Ghost from the Hospital

By Earth Cake

It happened a few years ago when i was 3 years-old. Me, my mom & dad, and some of my cousins on my dad’s side of the family went to the river near my dad’s home and decided to have fun. Despite the fact that it was cloudy and that the water’s color is brown due to the weather, we had fun anyways. I accidentally drank some dirty brown water from the river, i know, i know, it was a stupid thing to do but hey, i was a kid before and you can’t blame me! So anyway, it took about 1 hour and 30 minutes before we left.

I’ve been experiencing some bad things like pooping a lot and i can’t remember anymore. My mother brought me to a clinic for check-up and after the check up, the doctor told my mom that i have dirty water in my system and a lot of germs. So my mom took me in to the hospital and i was supposed to stay there for a while. I cant remember why but this affected my right foot somehow. The part that i really loved was always smelling fresh chicken-joy from my favorite restaurant. Read more “The Ghost from the Hospital”

Paranormal Hospital Experience

By Stephanie

When I was 15 my grandmother got lung cancer. It was very hard for my family to except it, she was the soul of our family. Before she passed they tried to do a surgery on her to keep her alive longer. As she was recovering they had her in ICU.

She wasn’t coherent at the time. So when we would go visit her all we could do is talk to her hold her hand. Right before she became better my mother and I went to go do our normal night shift visit. The ward was quiet.. from what I remember there were very few patients and nurses. Read more “Paranormal Hospital Experience”

My Current Situation

By Sofie

Let me start by telling you about where I am. The place that I am in used to be a tuberculosis hospital (as many of the good haunted ones seems to have been). My great grandfather was a patient here back in the days, but now I’m here for something completely different. Needless to say, the TB hospital had a lot of patients that didn’t get the care that was needed, and a lot of them died within a short time.

When the TB epidemic had come under control, the city suddenly had a huge castle that was standing empty, and soon enough it was decided that this would be a good place for the mentally ill. Renovations were made, but it did little to remove the gloom that surrounded the place. Read more “My Current Situation”

Killer Sea Creature

By stratus red klowd

This sighthing happened 12 years ago, and still I can’t quite get it out of my head. And throughout those events, I can only say that the vast stretches of oceans in our planet conceal secrets so strange yet fascinating, proving the fact that we have insufficient knowledge about the deep sea. To begin, my sighthing took place in my hometown within a coastal village in the archipelagic country of the Philippines.

It was summertime, and the soaring temperatures reached to a point in which people are forced out of their homes and take a trip to the beach in order to cool off. Me, along with my cousins Kim and Justin were among them. Read more “Killer Sea Creature”

Two Weeks in a Psych Hospital

By YamsDev

I was a 22 year old male with some serious emotional imbalances a couple of summers ago. Eventually my doctor decided I was too much of a threat to my family and to myself and I was flown to the nearest nuthouse to stabilise. After a VERY rough few days I started to level out and I was allowed to leave the building unsupervised for up to an hour or two at a time. After two weeks I was discharged.

During one of my breaks outside – about five days in – a man passed me and approached the hospital outside/garden area. He was bald, average height, slightly heavy build. He started to speak with one of the patients from my ward who I’d spoken to a couple times. From my understanding she was a recovering drug addict who wasn’t coping too well. Read more “Two Weeks in a Psych Hospital”