The Thing in The Woods

For a little insight  I am currently a 20 year old male and this happened back when I was 14 years old. To be completely honest I always believed that some things are out there that we can simply just not explain.

This all happened on a nice summer day in Florida, I was going over my friend Chris’s house to spend the day with him. In his backyard he has a little patch of woods about 30 yards or so away from his back door which so happened to be a sliding glass door. I walked through that door ever since his family started piling things near the front door  for some reason. As I walked in I saw Chris playing video games in the living room as usual. I said “hey Chris where’s your parents?” his response was “At work” but something didn’t sound right in his voice. He was usually the happy go lucky type of guy. I asked what was wrong and what he said caught me off guard. He said “something is living in those woods that isn’t normal.” You can imagine what it is like hearing that as a 14 year old. Not the best thing that could of been said.

Dogman is Stalking Me

This is a true story my brother wrote:

So to start off this story I’ll need to give you a back story on myself and the person/s involved. I live in a semi rural area in Far North Queensland just south of Cairns that is surrounded by dry bushland, rain forests and mountains. My mother and sister are both religious (more or less), and do believe in creatures and manifestations that exist beyond our knowledge. My father and I on the other hand, have always been the “I’ll have to see it to believe it.” type. This all started back when I was 17. It was a rainy night due to the torrential down pour of the wet season (it’s especially bad in the tropics).

Anyways, my friends and I were out long boarding around the block and we had just left my house and were approaching one of our favourite hills. Due to the weather, visibility was rather poor and we couldn’t see 5 ft in front of us. On the left hand side there was a 1/2 acre block of land that was covered with tall grass. My friends decided they’d go first while I was tying my laces, although I couldn’t see them, I could hear them going down as long boards aren’t exactly discrete. They reached the bottom and shouted the all clear for me (we had a system where the first ones down had to watch for cars). Before setting off I started to feel a little uneasy, like I was being watched, but thinking nothing of it I set off down the hill. About halfway down I began to hear what sounded like footsteps behind, or rather, “thuds”. Kind of like what you hear when a dog’s paws hit the pavement mid-run…

Cabin Fever

Me and my friend, who’ll I’ll call Hunter (not his real name for privacy reasons), have been close since we met in second grade. We both had similar interests and we agreed on basically everything, apart from ice cream. We were normal friends until about 6th grade. We both go to a private school, but only that my friend’s parents don’t pay, its the company. His mother basically in never at home, always on business trips at like, months at a time. His father, the piece of shit, is a drunkard. I don’t even know why his parents are still together. But anyways, around 6th grade, Hunter’s father’s drinking problem got worse. It got to the point where he had started to abuse Hunter, both verbally and physically. My parents found out about this, how I won’t say because privacy. From that point on, Hunter basically comes and stays at our house when things go south, even now, and were both 15. Things are so bad that sometimes he doesn’t even have time to pack his bag with clothes, and everything valuable he owns is at my place because he doesn’t trust his father to not break them. Luckily, we’re the same physique, so clothing isn’t an issue. Most of you probably find that disgusting, but he’s like a brother to me, even though I’m a single child and so is he. Sorry for the long introduction…

It was the first week of summer vacation and, for some reason, my parents decided that we would go to our chalet in the mountains. Now let me explain, since it will be important for the story, our chalet is similar in size to the one in the picture. I don’t really want to give pictures since I don’t want a similar thing to happen again. Basically, we have a chalet that can comfortably house 14 people, has an indoor pool, outdoor hot tub, home cinema, gaming room, etc… And don’t forget the ridiculous amount of closets, both walk in and normal closets. If someone were to break in, it would be a real pain in the ass to find them. Of course, that is what happened. Anyways, as I said, we were going to the chalet and Hunter was going to join us. We were both really happy, and we were even happier to learn that my parents were going to leave us alone for basically the first week since the had some business to take care of.

Home Alone

My name is Alex and I live in England. When i was 14 my mum would not be home from work until 6 or maybe a little later, this was because she would have to stay later than the others to sort out the money and take it to the bank and tidy up the stock room then check the building. After she was done doing that she would lock up and come home. Anyway whilst she was at work, I would clean up the house and after completing the house work go upstairs to watch tv or play video games.

I remember the exact day this happened, it was the 7th of October and I was home alone, doing the cleaning and I heard a single heavy knock at the door.

Home Alone? Not Really…

By Someone_226

Hi! Im a 14 years old girl, I live in Tallinn the capital city of Estonia. I live in a 4- roomed apartment with my parents, sister, brother and dog.

My mom and her parents moved in here when she was about 5 years old. Now, my mom told me that when she was about 8 years old she was eating breakfast in kitchen. She was home alone. You know it was that time when there were no TV’s, computers and not even phones. She was just listening the radio. At the moment she heard the door handle moving, she turned around and it was going down and up by itself. If there was someone she would’ve seen it because the door had a large window that you could see through. She didn’t see or hear anything since that, at least that’s what she said.

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