Taco Bell Weirdness

Me and my sister work for Taco Bell. I was there a little longer than her but we wasted about 9 and 9 the half years there and there are as a lot of things that we saw.

From one night before my sister started working  there a drunk and bloody fight broke out in the Drive-Thru to random flying burritos flying across the counter. There was this one night though that really freaked all three of us out.

Late Night at Taco Bell

When I was eighteen I moved out of my parents house and never looked back. Due to a strained relationship with my parents I didn’t feel comfortable until I was living in a different state than them, more than 10 hours away.

I wasn’t familiar with Texas, and being near Dallas, there was a lot to take in. But after spamming and adding a lot of people on Facebook in the surrounding area, I started to network and make friends with similar interests as myself.

Nightmare at Taco Bell

Firstly, I will add a bit of background about me, I am from Sheffield in the Uk and there are only two taco bells in my city. I was 16 when this happened.

Back to the story, it was my sixteenth birthday and my friends took me out to Taco Bell as a little birthday treat. We ordered our food and sat down across from this scruffy looking man, His hair was long and matted, He had holes in his clothes, At first I thought he was just a homeless man who is eating his lunch because he had some change. So I thought nothing of it.

Time Paused in Taco Bell Bathroom

Little background information, I worked out just 10 minutes prior of arriving at this Taco Bell, so I was very nauseous and dizzy. My friend Tom was with me at the time due his parents not being able to pick him up from our training facility. Anyway, here’s the story:

We arrived at the Taco Bell at around 6:30pm and went into Taco Bell. I became really sick so I told Tom to pay for the food we planned on ordering while I ran into the bathroom to throw up.

The Creeper at the Drive Thru

I was 16 when I worked at Taco Bell. It was right next to my high school, an easy job, and fun because my friends would always come in to hang out when it wasn’t busy.

I’m a pretty girl; tall with nice curves, green eyes, and dark red hair. I was used to guys hitting on me and I just brushed it off, I had a boyfriend at the time and I was, still am, extraordinarily loyal. I’d had a few weird guys hit on me, like one time a guy asked what tasted the best and I said it’s all pretty good, only for him to ask what I tasted like in response. I’m tough, with eight years of mixed martial arts experience and a few months of juvie due to former drug use, several suspensions for fighting, and one expulsion for violent tendencies under my belt. Nothing scares me, so stuff like that always made me laugh.

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