A Real Werewolf

Alright so this happened literally just a few weeks ago. I still struggle to sleep at night and i still struggle going outside at night. Some background info ; I live in Milwaukee WI, i’m 19 years old and before this i really didn’t believe in paranormal things.

This happened when me and 2 friends were on our way to Wisconsin dells (a city full of water parks here in my state) which is like a 2-3 hour drive. We wanted to stay there for 2 nights and then just come home. So we left on Friday and we got there and everything was good, we went swimming, went on a bunch of water slides, stayed up watching movies and we went out to a club near our resort. It was super fun!

Werewolf of Fort st John

This story I’m about to to tell I’ve never told anyone before

Back in 2013 me and my best friends went to our old school to hang out and it was close to 12 at midnight we started to walk back were there was no lights but that didn’t scare us or even bother us either as soon as we got close to our place I heard something like a howl and I froze and one my friends said ” come on dude it’s only a dog let’s keep going” so I started to walk again this time the howling was closer then before I turned around and same with my friends we all saw something tall and dark with yellow eyes and yellow teeth and the only thing that came to my mind was “werewolf” so me and my friends stated to back up slowly and then we ran for lives I looked back and it stated to Sprint toward us and said” holy fuck guys keep running” as soon as we entered our trailer court it stop and we all went into my place and watch the window till the sun came up.

Werewolf Of The Green

Let me ask you a question:Have you ever seen something that has scared you so much,that you feel like you will never recover? I have. My name is Tim,I am 15 and from Northern Ireland,I live in a smallish town where nothing really happens,but one night,something did.

One night I was out for a walk in a fielded area near my house that my neighbourhood has called “The Green”, I was walking up the path near a tree I sometimes like to sit in and take in the view,when I heard this low growling noise,right in front of me.Me being the idiot I am thought it was a dog and called out to it. Then, my heart stopped,and I couldn’t breath,in front of me was the biggest “Dog” I’ve ever seen, it stood on it’s hind legs. It towered over me,maybe 6 or 7 feet tall.In the light of the moon I could see drool hanging from it’s open jaw. The fur was dark,but I couldn’t tell if it was black or grey.

Werewolf in indonesia

it was 3 years ago,when i was only 9 yr.im on a vacation with my family to puncak,west java.it was a full moon that night my cousin and i was exploring around the villa,just like a 9 yr would do,after aprox. Thirty minutes of walking all night,we decided to go back for a drink.as we walked back through the path(there was a path there )i noticed,theres was blood on the ground,it smells like dead chicken

we walk about 5 more meters until we saw something,something…weird i tought that only a stray cat but suddenly its stand on its hind legs we were so scared idk what to do my cousin was crying,the creature was about 3 meters tall with a long snout and pointed ears,the creature suddenly walk to us,then run away,

Stalked by a Werewolf while on drugs: Update

(This is not part of the story, this is for whatever website moderator is reading this submission, so please remove this paragraph if you decide to use this story. I used a throwaway email to submit the original story with and i dont remember what it was. I cannot prove that i am the author of that story, but hopefully by stating that the story was submitted at some point in late January / early February, that might be enough proof that i submitted the story [as it was not uploaded until March]. Also i hope that you can see certain similarities in my writing style as further proof that it was i who submitted the original story. I will submit this update anyway, with the hopes that it will at least be uploaded to the website as i completely understand that this might not be suitable for the channel as it is not actually a story. Oh, and thanks for uploading my original story.)

This is an update to a story i submitted earlier on in the year, titled “Stalked by a Werewolf while on drugs”.

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