He tried to kill us

This has happened in my freshmen year, during the time the whole clown craze was still going on in 2016. This still terrifies me to this day.

My school was all in a panic because we had recently got a threat from a clown. I didn’t believe it, since maybe it was a prank. My friends were terrified, but some were just shrugging it off since they all thought it was a prank as well. Now, I am scared of clowns. I actually have a phobia of clowns. I try to maintain my fear, but I can’t. It is really hard for me.

The next day at school, not so many students came to school. I shrugged it off, since I thought people were just being paranoid. The school did call police to come to have extra security, just in case. Nothing really happened until around third or fifth hour. An announcement came on and the principal had said we were going on lock down. Shivers went down my spine because I thought that email was fake.

The teacher shut off the lights and covered the windows. I felt my lungs burning. I was loosing breath. My friend was trying to calm me down, but I could tell that she was scared herself, because her hands were sweating. We had stop doing our work in that class and wait until the lock down was over.

It must have been an hour or so, until we heard some chuckling behind the door and window. I felt cold sweat falling from my face. The class tried their best to stay silent to not let the person hear us. Suddenly, we can hear the person using a knife slashing the door. I started to breathe heavily even more, I thought I was gonna die. We suddenly heard the person trying to break the window by punching it. The class started to scream. This psycho was going to kill us.

We then hear a police guard outside yelling at him. The person stopped punching the window, and was going to run off, but luckily, he stopped him. He was arrested the next day. Thank goodness. Lets hope that clown never comes back and hope to never meet again.

My Creepy School Lockdown Story

So this happened 2 years ago I was a graduate in high school. It was an ordinary day I went to school people were talking, laughing and Bullies were being bullies.

So when class started I sat in my chair as our teacher told us to take out our note books for Our Science project. We did planets so I chose Mars We worked for a while when the lockdown alarm went off the principal told us to remain calm in our class and lock the doors as this was not a drill.So I sat there very calm while all the girls screamed and cried. Knock Knock Someone knocked on the door as we did not answer the person bashed at the door it was then long enough when he walked away.

Then the intercome came on again with someones voice he said HELLO YOUR ALL GONNA DIE I froze in my spot all the girls cryed. It was moments after when he came back to our door and the glass smashed and we saw a hand reach through the door Screaming I WILL KILL YOU ALL it was seconds after he managed to open the door my teacher ran at him and tryed to tackle him KABAM my teachers head literily exploded Everyone whined he came over and shot 2 of the classes bullies then the S.W.A.T stormed through the door telling him to drop the weapon then he tryed to shoot them but they shot him in the head with their machine guns. Now I am scarred for life.

school lockdown

I’d like to start this off by saying that you shouldn’t go break into a school.It was the day after Thanksgiving break after a week off I wanted to go back to school and see my friends after not leaving my house because I’m lazy.

I remember after leaving the band hall to go to 3rd period we were talking about the winter concert.

When we walked in Mr G said we didn’t have to write any Cornell notes so we all sat down and he started the slide about South America when a loud beep came over the loudspeaker saying “TEACHERS WE ARE HAVING A LOCKDOWN GET ALL YOUR STUDENTS INSIDE THE CLASSROOM” we all thought this was a drill even though they didn’t say so.We went to the back corner as he taped paper over the window and turned the lights off.

We assumed after a couple minutes they would say go back to your classes but they didn’t after 5 minutes we heard what sounded like banging on the lockers so we waited for another 5 minutes and nothing happened so I prayed and a little later because kids were laughing he was banging on the door and left when the principle came on she said that a man broke a hole trough the front entrance nocked over the christmas tree and pulled agun on the people who work for the office and shot one in the arm but survived all I have to say is the police caught him but if they hadnt what would happen to us?

Band room ghost

I don’t know if this really is a ghost sighting. It was October 2016 when this happened. I was in six grade and I was in band. I’m still in band. I was walking to my second class for the day. The class started off okay until we heard this.

“Their is a lockdown. This is just a drill.” Mr. F said on the speakers.

The band teacher told the class to hide in the back. I did that a friend and I went to go hide in the low brass area. The band teacher turned off all the lights. Nothing happen at first. Nothing really noticeable.

My friend lizzy was next to me. I felt something touch me. Both of us are really spiritual. Sorry back to the story. “Dude stop.” I said I felt like something

was with us. “Its not me.” Lizzy said. I saw she had her phone out. I rolled my eyes. I felt it again but it was worse. I wanted to yell but I had to keep it in. Lizzy looked at me. She told me not to touch her. I told her i didn’t do anything

As I said that. Something made me look at the computer. As I looked at it I felt fear come over me and I wanted to run. Their was a figure it resembled a girl. She looked to be 5’2 in hight. I thought i got that demon angry because I felt something stab me. After I felt that. Mr. F came on the speaker and said it was over. The lights went on and the girl or demon what ever it was it left. I don’t know what it was i don’t care to know what it is.

I’m glad that it didn’t do anything else.

Scary School Lockdown

I lived in a small town when I was about 11 years old. I had just started my 6th grade year which I was pretty excited about because I was finally able to have my own locker. My school had two kinds of lockdowns soft lockdown and hard lockdown.

One day my principal had heard that this creep was moving close towards our school so he put us on soft lockdown which is where you continue the lesson but turn the lights off.

Normally we didn’t  have lockdowns because we are a small town and small towns aren’t normally targeted.

Before my principal called hard lockdown the police were everywhere. Then over the intercom my principal straight up yelled “HARD LOCKDOWN, HARD LOCKDOWN” every one ran to a classroom but I was in the bathroom and I couldn’t leave so I did what my teacher told us to do in that situation but he heard me “Come out little girl I just want to see you” he said. I covered my mouth and figured the police would take that maniac away and thankfully I was right.

For any of you who are in middle school please be careful.