Sleeping people

I should say first that this story is completely true and was in the diary of a six year old. You can find the pictures online. Some has been changed for the sake of story telling. (Look up dang matt smith creepiest kids drawings)

Dear diary, today I made a friend her name is Beth my dad says she is not real but she is. She and I always play in the sand box she says that her dad sleeps there.

The Creakers

Before I start the story, let me describe my house. All the bedrooms are on the second floor, clustered around a single hall in a way that makes getting any kind of breeze flowing through the house impossible. Also, because of many fights between me and my brother, Chris, the floor outside our rooms creaks incredibly loudly and time someone steps on it. Sorry if this is a bit unorganized. I’m pretty terrible at structuring or explaining things.

Recently, I found a very old diary of mine at the bottom of a storage container. In it I found some interesting entries about a series of events I had almost forgotten about. Given the terrible grammar and organization of my diary, I haven’t written out the entries and instead compiled them into a timeline of the five years I was haunted by “The Creakers”.

Great Grandma’s Diary

This was a couple years ago when this happened. My great grandma died at the age of 98. She was from Italy and then moved to American when she was only 14.

We were cleaning out her house and I was in her bedroom going through her closet then I stumbled upon a wooden box that said private do not open in Italian. My family and I talk in Italian to each other all the time so I’m pretty good at understanding it. I opened the box and I found what must of been my grandma’s diary. It was a dark brown leather book that was torn in some places. I flipped through the pages and something caught my eye. All the ink was black till the end of book when it was all red. I started to read some of it and I just got really creeped out.

Dogs of War

My great uncle was a artillery officer in the German army during the Second World War. He recently passed, but he left some of his journals from the war to his sister, who is my grandmother. My grandmother told me that I could look at them if I wanted to, and so I did. Nothing out of the ordinary seemed to take place in his journals, then I found something that seemed to stand out to me…

Apparently, my uncle had been placed somewhere in a area with thick woods on the French-German border. He didn’t give a exact location, but the area seemed to creep him and his men out. Well anyway, one night, one of his men came running into his tent and told him “Wölfe”, meaning wolves. At first he didn’t believe him, so he asked him to repeat himself, and again he said “Wölfe”. At this point, my uncle thinks a pack of wolves are getting aggressive and trying to pick off his men. He also says that he was used to this when he lived in Russia for a time before the war. But the wolves where mostly attacking animals, but when they start to attack kids or anyone else they got a posse to go hunt them down. So he wakes some of his men up and tells them they are going hunting and to keep a eye out for anything out of the ordinary and that they shouldn’t be out long.

Possible Shooting

About 2 years ago I was in 7th grade. I was real good friends with this guy, let’s call him Richard. Richard was….well a social outcast. He was at our school for 3 days and was being bullied. Now I’m not a bully so I walked up to him and said, “hey come sit with me at lunch” and we talked for about 5 more minutes until we had to go to class. When lunch rolled around Richard sat with me. He just talked about how he wished he could be accepted and all the girls think he’s this smelly weird dude and won’t ever talk with him. To be hones he about cried saying that to me, I didn’t see anything bad in this guy. Then these 4 guys came behind Richard and yelled, “DORK BOWLING!” They picked him up and slid him across the gym floor and he hit the wall. The entire gym erupted with laughter.

Me on the other hand well I just got up and beat the sh@t out of that guy. I got suspended for 2 days. When I finally returned, Richard seemed “changed” he now started talking about he  and “Dylan Klebold” were twins they both just want to be accepted and they’re rejected by girls. At first I had no idea who he was and when I got home I reasearched him and turns out he was on of the columbine gunmen. It kinda freaked me out but I just shook it off. What happened the next day is why I’m writing this story.

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