The White Van

This takes place in the United Kingdom.

Now before i start i am going to give you a rough idea of where i live.  i live in a cul-de-sac  which is in the shape of a circle. the middle of the circle was grass which my friends and i would play on when we were younger. My house was in the bottom left corner and my two friends who we will call Jess and Noah lived on the opposite side of the circle.

during this long and hot summer their were kidnapping attempts around the area but as young and naive we brushed it off as we lived in such a close neighbourhood with houses surrounding us. we felt safe in our own little world until what happened that day.

The three of us were out playing football (soccer) on the circle. we played happily for about an hour then we noticed a white van come into the cul-de-sac, now we didn’t think much of this as someone who lives here owned a white van. we carried on playing as the van went round the circle. once the van went round once we thought they must of gone the wrong way or something and they were leaving but we were so wrong…

The van went round again and again. By the 4th circle we started to get a bit worried as our parent told us about the attempted abductions. we decided to start walking to my friends house as my parents were at work. Jess’s mum was at home so that was our best bet. as we got off the grass and walking over the road, the van sped up to get to our side. we saw that and ran for the house. as we got to the gate i look around and saw the van stopped close to us as a man and a woman got out.

The woman was holding something behind her back which i couldn’t see as we were running. we got to the house and slammed the door just in time as the couple were at the front gate. i told Jess to go get her mum who was inconveniently in the shower at the time. after Jess went to get her mum i looked at the front door which had a glass panel which had a pattern on it so you could only see the outline of a person if someone was at the door which is exactly what i saw.

the i see the figure bend down and open the letter box. all i could see was a pair of brown eyes. i was frozen as we forgot to lock the door as we were in a panic. the next thing i head was a mans voice saying “is your mummy or daddy home?” I couldn’t reply as i was still in shock. i looked at Noah and said to call 999.

As Noah went to get the house phone as we were to young to have mobile phones i head the letter box slam so i ran to the living room to check out the window and saw the couple running full speed towards their van. then Jess’s mum came down in a dressing gown asking what was going on. i burst into tears telling her that the white van man was going to get us.

by the time she went to look outside all she could see was the back end of the van leaving the circle. The three of us were peeking out the front door to see what was going on and as i looked towards the front gate i saw a length of rope and some duck tape which they must of dropped when they were running to the van. after this Jess’s mum called the police and they came within the hour. they took the rope and duck tape and took statements from the three of us. after this incident we never heard of the white van again. they never caught anyone either. they just vanished.

I still live in the same house now and still close friends with Jess and Noah. we were all scared by this experience and wish to never go through it again.

Welsh Woods Monster

I live in south Wales, in a little village just outside Cardiff. I don’t want to name the place specifically but there is a very popular singer from this particular town. Also anybody who knows wales will know that outside the cities can be quite rural and a mixture of fields, forests and mountains that quickly will merge into old mining villages.

One day I was on my way home from a 11 hour shift, as this happened in winter it had been dark for hours – despite only being 8 o’clock in the evening.

I decided to take a detour as my regular route was blocked due to an accident and it was the worst decision I have ever made…

I decided to go over the mountain that leads to my local village. The road goes up a steep incline that cuts in on itself and continues to go up and up. There are no Street lights but there are road markings that keep you on track. After about 10 minutes I make it to the top of the mountain. There is nothing notably strange at this point until I start to drive the slow incline down towards the deep forest.

Im about 30 seconds in to the drive down when I notice there are no other sounds other than the rattling of my engine and the radio – it was strange because even though I couldn’t hear anything outside of the car it’s like if something told me it wasn’t right.

I don’t know why but I stopped the car in order to listen to the sounds that should be there. The trees were dark and I could barely see past the tree line either side of me. In front my car headlights brightened up the road ahead. I turn my engine off as I found it difficult concentrating on the sounds outside of the car with the engine running.

It was silent, There wasn’t a sound, No cricket noises or birds flapping their wings. There wasnt even the sound of the wind blowing. It was like all sound in that moment was non existent.

Then I heard it ‘HELP!’ Somebody cried through the darkness of the forest. ‘HELP ME’

but the voice was distorted like if someone played it on a record player. It sounded crackly but faded out towards the end of every cry for help.

I jumped out of the car and tried to focus on what I could see past the trees. My heart was racing, I started sweating and breathing so heavily I felt my heart was coming up through my mouth. I was frozen in blind fear.

Then I saw it… it was a man – or so I thought. It was disproportionate with long skinny legs and arms. I saw its bright red eyes appear and disappear as if it was blinking and looking straight at me. It seemed to walk or glide towards me with his arms swinging back and fourth – I don’t know because my head was fuzzy, I felt confused as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. As it got closer I could see its face and it definitely wasn’t human – it had little notable facial features. Its stopped and open its mouth wide, wider than anything I had ever seen before and it let out the most terrifying scream I had ever heard. It was so loud that it felt like it dug into my very existence and shook me to core.

That was the moment I shook my head and realise what was going on. I instantly jumped in the car and tried to start the engine – my hand was shaking so much I could barely turn the key. After what seemed like a lifetime I managed to put the car into first gear and drive off. I drive down the road and check my mirror and that THING is standing in the road. Not moving, not making a sound. Just standing there.

When I got home I locked all the doors and I cried for hours until I fell asleep. Eventually someone introduced me to scary horror stories where I listened to stories about skin walkers. That’s what I believe I saw – I have had nightmares ever since and I always think that one day I will see that thing again… needless to say I have not gone near that area ever again.

Woman in the Wardrobe

By Cameron

This happened to me when I was, about, 3 years old. I’m now a 43 year old dad of 2 and thinking about this still scares the hell out of me.

When I was young I used to like to bounce on my parents bed, they had an orthopaedic mattress, so one day after visiting the toilet I’d gone into their bedroom and proceeded to play on the bed bouncing for all I was worth, when, suddenly a woman, and I use the term loosely, came out of my parents wardrobe and made a god awful sound like a loud choking. I said it look like a woman but the thing was actually bald and for all the world looked like a shop mannequin.

She had red lipstick on with blue eye shadow and a red dress with yellow flowers on it. I ran screaming from the bedroom to my mum, who was down stairs, after she calmed me down I told her what had happened and that the lady was trying to get me.

My mum took me upstairs so I could show her what I’d seen but I told her that the lady would get her, thankfully it didn’t and she’s ok, and started to scream and panic. The bedroom was as empty as when I first entered it and from that day on my trips to the toilet were a lot shorter and didn’t involve any bouncing on my parents bed.

Even now 40 years later I can still see her in my minds eye and I’ve never seen it since and I don’t want to either.

I did dream about it a while ago although I didn’t see it in my dream I new it was there. I’ve had other spooky experiences but nothing and I mean nothing will ever come close to making me feel as scared as she did that sunny day.

Mine and My Dad’s UFO Encounter

By John G.

This happened to my dad in the summer of 1976 when my dad was seven years old. It was a very hot summers night and due to his Nan staying over and taking his bed, he had to spend the night in his sisters room on the camp bed facing the big bedroom window.

It was in the early hours of the morning when it happened, my dad was fast to sleep when he got woken up by these strange lights outside his window. He sat up from his camp bed and looked towards the window, what he saw that night still scares him to this day.

A huge grate shiny white orb hovered down and covered the entire window, lighting up the whole room with an eerie glow. My dad was terrified and started to scream immediately waking up his sister. She turned to see what was going on and when she saw the orb it suddenly moved backwards and shot off into the sky. My dad has no explanation for what he saw that night and I know that he will never want to see it again.

I had a similar experience that happened to me. I am seventeen years old now and this happened to me a few years ago when I was fourteen. It was another hot summers night in 2014 and I was fast to sleep. It must have been 2 o’clock in the morning when I suddenly woke up.

I don’t know what woke me but I had the strangest feeling. I turned to look out of my bedroom window when suddenly I noticed a really bright star, brighter than any other star I have seen before, I thought It was quite strange because there wasn’t any other stars out that night because of the clouds. Anyway I carried on staring at it then all of a sudden it started to move.

I was mind blown. I watched it as it hovered down and got brighter, it then hovered down behind some trees and landed in a nearby field. I looked away and thought to myself what in the world did I just see. I looked back and I was not able to see the orb but I could just see a glow from behind the trees.

I waited a while for it to do something but it just did nothing. Out of nowhere I started to feel really dizzy and faint and I cant remember anything after that. All I remember is seeing the orb flying off up into the air and disappearing in to thin air.

I have no idea what me and my dad saw, but what I do know is, them orbs are not of this world.

Vanishing Facebook Friend

By Tiana Jade

It was winter last year I was sat on my bed using my laptop. I was chatting to a friend on Facebook that had recently moved to my part of town. We met at a basketball game at school, his name was Seth. We were just talking about homework when I randomly got a friend request from a boy with the same last name as Seth. I was confused because I didn’t know who it was so I decided to ask Seth. I sent a message saying “Hey do you know someone called Ashton Franta?” Seth read my message and I sat there waiting for a response for probably 10-15 minutes, but he didn’t reply so I went downstairs and sat watching TV with my Mom and forgot all about the friend request.

The next day was Monday and my alarm went to wake me up for school, I turned it off and laid back in bed checking my phone. I checked Facebook first as I always did and strangely I had 13 messages from Seth which was really strange. With him being my friend I opened them right away to see what was wrong.

They said:

“Yes, why?”

“Do you know him?”

“Do you want to know him?”

“You should talk to him”

“He is a real chill guy”

“He’s my cousin and he thinks you’re pretty”

“Why are you ignoring me?”

“Why the fuck are you ignoring me?”

“I’ve told him about you”

“He knows you”

“He can see you”

“Haha, please reply?”

“See you at school”

I stared at the messages for a few minutes rereading them and trying to make some sense out of them before I realised he must have been talking about the guy who sent me a friend request. I feel a really weird feeling and was quite creeped out about how Seth reacted when I didn’t reply. I then looked at the messages again and realised all 13 messages were sent at the exact same time 2:14am how on earth could anyone type 13 messages in the space of a minute, this just creeped me out even more. I decided to delete the conversation and got ready for school.

I walked to school with my friend Emie, I told her about Seth, but she didn’t think much of it she finds Seth creepy anyway and just changed the subject to about some random boy she slept with yesterday. I pretended to listen and acted like I cared, but really I was just worrying about seeing Seth and wondering how he was going to act with me. Once I got to my first class I sat in my usual seat at the front of the class, I looked at the back and Seth wasn’t sat in his seat it was some other kid with long black scruffy hair, olive looking skin and a huge smile on his face. I quickly turned around, he creeped me the hell out. My teacher Mr Leavers started calling out names to register us, he called out everyone’s name including mine, but he didn’t call out Seth’s name and he also didn’t call out an unfamiliar name for the kid at the back. So I spoke up “Sir?” I croaked he looked up at me sleepily “Yes?” he said “You didn’t ask the new kid his name” I frowned, “What new kid?” he said looking around, so I turned around and before I spoke the kid was gone. I fell off my seat in fear and the whole class began to laugh at me. I grabbed my bag and ran out of there. I told my Mom I wasn’t feeling too good and she told me to come home.

Later that night after I had showered I sat on my bed ready to go to sleep. I just got into bed before I noticed my laptop screen glowing across the room, I stood up and went over to my desk to check it. On the screen was a Facebook message from Seth it said “Why’d you leave class today?” I furrowed my eyebrows how the fuck did he know he wasn’t even in class. I responded about 5 minutes later saying “How do you know? you weren’t even in class” he replied instantly “Ashton told me” I was just sat there thinking who the fuck is Ashton, then I remembered the friend request. I clicked the tab where it says new friend requests and his name popped up ‘Ashton Franta’ what a weird name, I clicked his profile and my heart sank his profile picture was the same boy who I saw sat in Seth’s seat with the black hair and creepy smile.

I messaged Seth back “I saw that kid in class, but where did he disappear to?” Seth’s reply was once again instant “He was there.” he said, and I responded back “He was, but then he vanished” another instant reply “I said he was fucking there okay?” this scared me a little so I decided not to respond. Seth was acting really strange. I went to look at Ashton’s profile again, but all I could see was his name and one profile picture as his account was private. My mouse hovered over the accept friend request button for a few minutes before I finally clicked it. I began stalking his profile, looking through his pictures and he had the same creepy smile in all of them. I noticed we had no mutual friends, nobody from school and not even Seth was friends with him which creeped me out even more. I shut my laptop and went to bed.

The next day at school I was sat with Emie at lunch time and I told her about Seth and about Ashton. She thought it was amusing and said “Oh my god he’s totally getting his creepy friends to hit on you” she really began to irritate me because she wasn’t listening to anything I said. I told her to look up Ashton’s profile on her phone, after much persuasion she finally typed in his name. “I can’t even find him” she said staring at her give “Give it here” I said snatching it off her, searching my own name and scrolling through my friends list.

I was so confused…There was no Ashton Franta. “What the fuck” he’s gone I said and she rolled her eyes “Maybe he was never there” she said, this annoyed me because I knew he was there.

As soon as I got home I ran to my room pulled out my laptop and searched Ashton’s profile. He popped up straight away and I decided to message him “Hey do you go to my school?” I said trying to start a conversation “You already know the answer to that question” he responded and for some reason it sent a shiver down my spine “How come I didn’t see you today?” I hesitantly said “I was there.” he responded instantly, I gulped being reminded of what Seth said last night, I closed the chat not wanting to speak to him anymore. About 30 minutes passed and a message from Ashton popped up “I’m always there” I slammed my laptop shut scared to death of this guy.

A few weeks passed and there was no sign of Seth or Ashton. It really creeped me out how Seth hadn’t showed up to school after I asked him about Ashton. I still had no idea who Ashton was, where he came from or how he vanished. All the teachers of the classes that me and Seth shared stopped reading his name out on the register. I had messaged him a few times on Facebook asking where he was, but he never replied. After a month or so I decided to go to the principle and ask about Seth. I walked in to his office and sat down.

He turned to face me “And what can I do for you?” he said kindly I hesitated before asking “What happened to Seth?” he frowned at me and looked away before mumbling “Who?” I glared at him knowing he knew exactly know I meant “You know who I mean” I said angrily he stopped and stared “He’s here.” he said, I felt my heart beat fast and I began to cry “What does that even mean?” I cried, confused and upset by this whole thing, but the principle just told me I have to go back to class.

On the way home I decided to walk alone instead of with Emie. I walked the long way home which goes past Seth’s house. I stopped outside and stared at his house for a few minutes before walking up to the front door and knocking loudly. A few seconds passed and I was greeted by a short middle aged man, I spoke up “Is Seth here?” I asked, the man looked me up and down before slamming the door in my face. I stood there in shock before knocking again, but nobody answered. I decided to just go home. Another few months past, still no sign of either boy and nobody seemed to want to talk about Seth or they acted like they didn’t know him.

One night I was sat on my bed and my phone started to ring, I took it in my hand and looked at my phone ‘unknown number’ it said, I answered the call and put my phone to my ear.

“Uh Hello?” I said quietly, I listened for a few minutes before a raspy voice started speaking I couldn’t quite make out what it was saying before I listened closer… It reading out those 13 messages Seth sent me all those months ago. I ended the call and threw my phone across the room petrified, I grabbed my laptop and blocked both Seth and Ashton on Facebook.

The next day I changed my number.

To this day I haven’t heard from or seen Seth or Ashton.
I don’t know what happened to them or where they are, but I sure as hell hope I never see them again. Nobody at school mentions Seth, his name is still never read out and every teacher I ask either doesn’t think he exists or they’re hiding something… Either way I don’t think I’ll ever know.