A Voice in the Cellar

By Joan

When I was around five, I’d pin whether I was or not but I can’t as my memory is foggy with ages, my older sister was in highschool, and she loved to scare me, using my fears to freak me out and make me cry.

It usually never included the basement, as an accident where I slammed chest first into the concrete made me start to bawl breathlessly and another where my ankles were grabbed. She knew that it wasn’t a way to scare me, she just would leave me there but stay close to the door way and listen in case I started to cry.

The Swing in the Center

By rainydays

My dad lived in a kind of rural area in Kentucky. There are only a few houses on the dead end street that he lived on, and the people were, to say the least, strange. The people on his street included an old fisherman and his wife, a moody man stuck in the seventies, and an elderly lady with mood swings you wouldn’t believe. The people were strange, but the surrounding woods were definitely weirder. These were the kind of woods that you didn’t want to go into during the day, so you certainly didn’t want to go in at night.

One night, my dad and I were making our usual walk from his house to the end of the road. There was a full moon that night, so as expected, it was pretty bright. We were about 30 feet from the end of the road when we saw a trail in the edge of the woods that we hadn’t noticed before. This was really strange because we walked down the road almost every night, yet we had somehow missed this trail. To make things stranger, my dad had explored the whole woods, and he had never seen this trail. We both knew something wasn’t right, but we were also both fans of getting the shit scared out of ourselves. I suppose it was a dumb decision, but we started down the path, stepping carefully so that we wouldn’t step on a snake.

This has been Happening for a While

By Midwest

Now I know everyone’s gonna brush this off as fake and a bunch of bullshit but I am not lying. Now this thing was in my house and I don’t know what it was, maybe it was a ghost maybe it was a pedo I don’t know but I know something was there.

Okay well it isn’t really all that hard to talk about, well at least for me because it didn’t happen to me. It happened to my older brother about 2, 3 years ago. It fucked him up beyond all recognition, sometimes I think the thought of it being there is ever present in the back of his mind. I can understand why, from what I saw that night, well at least his reaction to it, was scary in and of itself.

The Lincoln Creature

By Unknown

So, on the 4th of July me, my mom, sister, and uncle went to a nearby forest to light some fireworks. As we were heading into the forest my mother suggested we just light them at a field of grass right by where we were going to setup. As we were moving our stuff, we forgot a bag of bottle rockets and fire crackers. My mom sent me to go get them.

I doubted that we forgot anything but obeyed my mother’s orders. As I went to go see if we didn’t bring them, I found the bag, but the thing was torn apart to shreds. Pieces of it were everywhere: broken bottle rockets and fire crackers were all over the place. That’s when I heard branches snapping and crunching. The ignorant and stupid kid I was decided to check it out.

Midnight Shadow

By Fumiko Kato

It was 11:30 PM at night it was Christmas Night I was down stairs watching TV I was watching my show for a few more minutes. When I was done watching my show I was really tired so I went in my bedroom to go to sleep.

So, I went up stairs went in my room I turned on my light and put my Pajama’s on closed the door then I turned off my light then went to bed. Later it was 1:00 AM I heard a noise in the hallway so I went to go see what it was. I got up and started walking down the hall way. I looked around the hallway – There was nothing there.

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