6 SUPERNATURAL Poltergeist Ghost Stories and REAL Paranormal Activity

The Poltergeist are already here. Are you ready for some supernatural and paranormal activity?

Ghost of a Special Person

By 2002Archer

As I’m typing this, the events I’ll be talking about happend three months ago and about a week and a half ago. As a bit of background information, I’m a almost fourteen year old male. The house I currently live in my family is the first family or anybody to live in this house, which makes this story that much more chilling. In my family I have a brother, my mother, my father, our family german Shepard and occasionally my sister in the house, but when these events take place she was out of the house.

The first of these very strane events happend close to the middle of June in 2016, one night around 11:10 P.M I was in my bedroom and in my room between my bed and the wall, there is about one inch of space. And in a clear as day voice I heard a voice I recognized say my name from right behind me, almost in my ear. For me the scariest part about this voice was the fact that it was the voice of my first ever friend, who I met ten years ago in kindergarten but who also moved away about three months later so I didn’t get to know her that well. When I heard it I sat up instantly like a bow when the string is released. I looked around me in the darkness of my room and saw absolutely nothing. But that wasn’t nearly the creepiest part, that was to come the next night.

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Ouija Board Fire

By J. Golatley

This story did not happen to me, but to a close family member of mine, and is the reason I do not mess with Ouija boards. My family is very religious and things like Ouija boards are not allowed in our houses, but this obviously isn’t the case for our friends. My female cousin, I’ll call her Ella, had a sleepover at her friend’s house, let’s call her Mariah.

For the most part the night was normal, just a bunch of young girls watching movies and playing games, but as the night went on, the girls got bored and decided playing with an Ouija board would be a fun way to pass the time. Now this was not the first time the girls had played with the board at Mariah’s house but my cousin, growing up religious, told me that she had a bad feeling that night. Ella said that she figured it was just because her friend’s mom had left for work for the night. Not one to be labeled as a coward she went along with what she thought was just a game.

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