The Owl in The Tree

By TheGateKeeper

This happened when I was 5 or 6, in a small suburban area in Dallas.

My mom had brought me and my older sister home from school and decided to let us run around outside. She sat down on our front porch and watched us, making sure we didn’t run into the street or attack each other. She happened to look down the street just as a man, a few houses down, sat in a lawn chair that was directly facing us. This wasn’t too weird at first, it was a warm day and people sat in their yards all the time, but he was staring right at my sister and I. His appearance didn’t really help ease my mother’s mind either. He was a big man, covered in hair and he had decided to sit out in just cut off jean shorts. Our mother called us in, not wanting to take any chances.

ADDICTED TO HEROIN – Let’s Play Phantasmal City of Darkness Part 1

Watch out for the Heroin Addicted Monsters!

The Ghost From The Ashes

By Tala

I’m not a great writer or anything but I want to share with you my experience that happened when I was about 15 or so, which is a few years ago now! My cousin, who I will call Marla and I, used to hang out all the time. We were more like best friends if anything. We used to go and visit Marla’s grandparents quite often. They were her dads mom and dad so they weren’t directly related to me, but we are a close-knit community so everyone knows eachother. So anyway, one day we visited quite early in the morning and we ended up staying all day. We had dinner and treats and all kinds of things.

Harris Street

By Vanessa

In our home on Harris street, we encountered everything, from disembodied voices, dark figures, levitating items, shaking beds, to full out physical manifestations of family members who weren’t in the home or on the opposite side of the house. Here some things that happened to my mother,but first, let me give you a little more information on my youngest sisters’ “imaginary” friends.

The Childhood Hauntings

By Lauren

My story starts when I was about four to six years old. My name is Lauren, and this story occurred at the first house I lived in, it was a one story blue house with a creepy ass shed in the back. The backyard was very large, you could fit at least three other houses in the backyard, the backyard will have a purpose later on.

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