Screw Alcohol

By Jd

I’m not sure when you could use my story but I thought I’d submit it anyway. I am female, I was 16 when this happened, something about me; Ive struggled with depression, anxiety,self harm and suicidal thoughts for many years now. Highschool, however, was when I got to an ultimate low. I was in a bad relationship, I had no friends i was over medicated and in a daze all the time as a result of it. I’ll skip anymore introduction and get right to it.

One day, after a long day of school, one of my newer friends had invited me over to spend the night and drink. I had never drank much before and with my depression being as bad as it was, I didn’t care about what was best for me. I went and we drank an entire bottle of vodka between us. Along with another bottle of some apple cider drink.

The Woods at Night

By Cameron L.

My name is Cameron. Our town that we live in is pretty known for homeless people. My two cousins Lucas, James and I rode our bikes home from school.

We live on a dead end road, so we rarely see cars come down our road. My cousins and I hung out for about an hour in the backyard until we had to pick my brother up off the bus. Oh and so you know, I’m the oldest one out of all of us. After some Pokémon hunting, we went back to hanging out in the backyard.

Panther in the Forest

By Alex

I would like to start this story by saying I’m not a religious person, but after this encounter I started praying. So it started like a normal day, I woke up brushed my teeth and do the whole morning routine. When I finished I went for my daily jog through the forest, as I left I felt like something was watching me, but I didn’t pay much attention to that.

When I was about half way through my run I saw movement in the nearby brush. I didn’t really want to go to investigate but I started getting really curious about the strange sounds coming from the bush. I assumed it was a fox or something smaller.

The Ghosts that Took a Liking to Me

By Sonia M.

So I am 17 years old now. I have lived in the same house for 11 years. When we first moved in we of course had some creepy things happen. We heard noises in the attic, like talking. We looked in there in case we had mice or like those weird people that move into your house and live in your attic and only come out when your sleeping to get some food.

We never found anything.

The Basement

By Vanessa

In every house I’ve lived in, something always goes bump in the night. This incident comes shortly after moving across the alley from our home on Harris Street. The move was good and the new home felt, lighter and brighter. You could actually breathe. It didn’t take but a few months for the small paranormal stuff to begin again. Voices, shadows, and items being moved around. We had a old piano in the garage the landlord let us keep that would end up playing creepy but faint low notes in the middle of the night and every so often in the day.

One night we had a friend sleeping over and we decided to hang out in the basement and tell ghost stories. Now, in order to get to the basement you literally have to go through the entire house. This was a 6,000 square foot home with giant windows everywhere, they were beautiful during the day, but at night it just made you paranoid. If you’ve heard my story about my incident in the garage when I was 6, you’ll understand why it was worse for me. Now, you have to walk through a dining room, past the living room and down the hallway, into my parents room, through their bathroom and into their closet where your met with a steep staircase that heads to the basement.

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