By Chloe-Creep

Alright, I’ve been keeping this story up my sleeve for a while now, and it freaks the hell out of me every time I think about it. It’s one of the few memories I can remember so vividly from back when I was 13.

That was the first Summer I was hired to babysit. It was a family friend, though not too close of one. It was a single mother who had gone through plenty of hardships in her life, from having her husband leave her after two miscarriages and being almost dirt poor once she finally did have her child. She first started hiring me randomly, calling me a day before hand and asking if I was free the next to work for 2-6 hours. However, she soon got a rich boyfriend and everything changed. I was happy for her of course, she did deserve someone nice, but my pay shifted. Meaning that even when I worked for way less time when she was low on cash, I still made more money.
My new schedule involved me working for 3 days a week (sometimes more depending on if they called me).

Strange Encounter in the Corn Maze

By Dollightful

Anyone who lives in Tarrant County, Texas will be familiar with the famous local pumpkin farm at the corner of Hall Johnson. Come October, it is a source of great joy and fun in our community. Families bring their kids to pick out the perfect pumpkin, groups of mischievous teens dress up in costumes to have some fun, etc. But the main attraction, without doubt, is the Hall’s Pumpkin Farm Corn Maze.

They’ve been growing a new maze each season for years now with great success. Naturally, it is more popular to come at night in the spirit of Halloween, and the cover of darkness also helps obscure any damage or holes that could be seen through the corn stocks.

It was Whiter than the Moon

By FoogerX

Well in the fear of sounding crazy or hallucinogenic I’ve refrained from telling this story, however I’ve decided sharing it online wouldn’t matter. Anyways during this occurrence I was 15 and was currently staying with my grandparents over a weekend.

They lived on an isolated farm in the middle of nowhere. So naturally I had fun being able to venture this large area they owned. But of course I never could have foresaw what I had coming. Anyways I often enjoyed going around their acres of wood in the day as I saw many interesting areas and I also enjoyed screwing around with their machete being a young boy I was.

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