Creature Watching from the Shadows


I’ve always feel like something is watching me whenever I go into the woods across the road from my house and about a week ago I had a run in with something. You see I’ve never been truly afraid of these woods but one day when my guy friend was over we decided to go into the woods at the glooming.

My parents had always avoided the woods at this time of day and now I understand why. Anyways we ran into the woods careless and unaware of our surroundings. After a while of walking around in the clearing and looking at the lightning coming from the oddly colored clouds in the sky I jumped onto his back and we started heading back towards the house. I had this weird feeling and looked over my shoulder to see if anything was there. In the shadows I saw an outline of something.

We Heard a Murder

By Osteolaust

Several years ago I was playing Red Dead Redemption on Xbox. We were playing free roam, which was essentially just a server for players to screw around on with no real objective. It was a full server, including my wife, friends of friends and strangers.

We were in game chat and just messing around and talking. I was going in and out of in-game chat and a party chat at this point. It gets difficult to speak after so many people are in your vicinity. Anyway, there was a girl named Christa playing with us that night. She was a friend of a friend and had played with us before and although most of us were ages 18-50, she was only 14.

My True UFO Encounter

By Nightwatcher666

This happen to me when I was 14 years old, I live in a nice little village in the Kentish countryside of Britain. I have always been a strong believer in the paranormal and I think we can’t be the only life in the known universe.

So I went to bed one Saturday night at about 10:30 pm, I had a good few hours sleep and I awoke at about 2 am. laying in my bed looking towards my bedroom window on my right, I noticed a bright star brighter than any other star. It was a round orb like thing what had a blue and white glow.

True Child Predator Horror Story

By Josh

This story is a 100% true and still haunts me to this day.
I’m not entirely sure how to start this one off. It’s not really a horror or scary story, more just disturbing and really makes you wonder what disgusting thoughts might be hidden inside anyone’s head. Especially people who seem so nice and friendly.

I’m 14 years old, I live in the UK in a small town where not much really happens (like pretty much everywhere in the UK). I’d prefer to keep the name of the town confidential and my name, also if I’m honest I’m not entirely sure if I should be releasing this information to the public, but oh well. About a year ago from now, I was playing on my computer, just the usual, a late night game of CS:GO on a school day when my Mum came upstairs to talk to me.

Creepy Noise in the Woods

By Wolfpack45

It all happened two weeks ago. Me, my family including my grandparents and two friends stayed in two cabins next to each other. My brother let’s call him James brought his friend we’ll call him Anthony up to our cottage.

To make it clear my friend we’ll call her Katie and I stayed with my grandparents. While my brother and his friend Anthony stayed with my parents in the other cabin. We had brought my dog with us. He is a smaller dog but barks like he’s some sort of vicious guard dog even though he really is a suck for belly rubs. Anyways all of us gathered into my cottage to play our last game of poker before heading home in the morning. During the game is when the odd things started happening. My dog usually sits under the table waiting for us to finish the game so he could get his belly rubbed.

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