Demon Sighting

By Dimitri

I’ve always loved to explore abandoned houses and buildings, as of every trip i would find the usual stuff, broken furniture, shattered glass, and lots of other junk. And on a few occasions i would see a homeless man or a group of teens smoking or drinking.

On this particular day me and my Girlfriend, who we will call Vikki, set off to explore this abandoned building we had seen close to our house. Read more “Demon Sighting”

Choked Out

By Jettorix

I’ve had a few scary things happen to me. I’ve already shared/posted one story about when I was younger. Then I remembered this one:


When I was a young adult, 18-20 area, I lived for a short while at my paternal Grandmother’s house for a while. During this time, I was with a girl who became pregnant with my son. This story is about something that happened to her and I when she was over one day… Read more “Choked Out”

Someone Else’s Demon

By Kaitlyn

This happened a few years ago and I’ve told only family members and a priest about all that happened. My friend let’s call her Ash had always told me there was something in her house and yes I had a feeling of something was there.

Now my sister says it seems that some of our mother’s side of the family have a sense about things like this. At first Ash told me there was a ghost in her house and it wasn’t anything bad. And truly it wasn’t the ghost just seemed to like to play with long hair. Once I fell asleep there and woke up with my hair braided. Read more “Someone Else’s Demon”

Haunted Attraction


Now before I get started, the title may seem silly but have you ever worked at a true Haunted House attraction? That the actors aren’t the only ones doing the spooks?

These are just a few short experiences I have been in but it was still scary non the less, regardless if you believe me or not, that is for you to decide. Read more “Haunted Attraction”