Snapchat dating gone wrong

Well I decided to try the new buzz on snapchat. Well I started talking to this man seemed great genuine man I mean we talked for about a year before we decided to meet so I had no suspect of anything going wrong.

Well it was my birthday I was 18 he wanted to take me out to the mall and then make me dinner at his new home.

Someone was sending me disturbing Snapchats

This happened about a month ago, but I couldn’t decide if I should post it or not. I’m kind of a paranoid person and didn’t know if I was going to deal with something like this again if I post about it. But since it’s been about a month and nothing has happened again, I thought I’d share it.

I would like to point out that English is not my first language, so please excuse me for any errors in the story.

Creepy Pedophile On Snapchat

I’m 13 years old and this story was about a year ago. Let’s get to the story.

I started using this app called Snapchat. If you don’t know what it is, it’s an app that lets you send pictures/videos and also lets you send texts to your friends!

At first sight it doesn’t seem creepy or weird.

6 CREEPY Swamp Stories

6 CREEPY Swamp Stories

A Wild Ride

There are a lot of scary bridges in Maryland.  I mean, you can actually pay someone 30 dollars to drive you across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge if you can’t stomach the howling winds and the sharp turn on the western side. But hands down,  the scariest bridge is Decoursey Bridge over a small river in Greenbriar Swamp.

Being the paranormal junkie that I am, I had convinced a friend, let’s call him Jack, to finally take me to the Seven Gates of Hell. Located on a barely there dirt road that would sometimes be flooded out by the tides, the Gates are a local legend. Now I know a bunch of states have their own version, but ours has the particular distinction of also being a favorite haunt of Big Liz, the Ghost of a decapitated slave, and to even reach the Gates you have to travel a few miles along a road haunted by ghost lights. Spooky, right? Well this summed up our itinerary for that particular summer night. But we had one issue, neither of us had a car at the time.

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