Disturbing funeral

I was not in contact with my biological father’s extended family when I was a kid due to my parents’ divorce and living kind of far away. It was long before email or social media existed, too.

I reconnected with them when I was a young adult, around the age of 21.

I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes

This happened to me and my mother around two years ago. It happened in August, 15th to be exact. I remember the date because of a festival that happens in this time of summer. The experience wasn’t exactly creepy, but more baffling than anything.

It was around 6 or 7 pm and we were heading home, there were many people on the street and we don’t live far from the festival place.

The Me in The Mirror

I’m not sure what this experience really counts as. Clones? Alternate reality? All I know is that it’s an experience that’s stuck with me for nearly all of my life. The events I’m about to tell you about happened when I was fairly young, between the ages of six to eight tentatively. I’m twenty now, so you’ll have to forgive me if I miss a detail or two. I will try to be as descriptive and detailed as I possibly can, considering what I remember. Anyways, this is the story about the time I met another me in a mirror.

My family has a long history of working on boats. My mother was a wedding coordinator for a yacht company and my stepfather was a captain for that very same company. My biological father, who I still see often and am on good terms with,  was a DJ on a rival yacht company. These companies were known for hosting cruises around the harbor they rested in. They did other events like weddings, birthday parties, and things like that, but, general cruises around the area for rich tourists and the like were the most popular. It was a very rich-people sort of business with a rich-people sort of vibe. The boats were huge, well kept, and the fanciest things on the harbor. It was kind of ridiculous and very over priced, but hey, it was a business. So cheers to them, I guess.

5 True CREEPY Toy Stories

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I saw something at that camping site

I was 15 years old at the time this happened. I was stupid and young like most people are. My mum forced me to go to boy scouts and it was my first campout. I had a good amount of badges and was strong  and sporty. Anyway, to the story.

We got into the truck and were driven to the camp site. I still remember what the camp looked like. It was filled with chipped pieces of wood and was surrounded by forest. We did the usual make a fire and playing man hunt with more people my age. Soon the sun began to set and our scout masters (we’ll  call them Benjamin and Thomas)told us older kids to go into the forest and find some food such as rabbits or bird’s to eat, so we went into the damp forest with no supervisors whatsoever.

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