Extraterrestrial Tests

By midnightsAcquaintance

So, I should preface this with the fact that I am currently an 18 year old male to female transsexual. This story happened around 4 years ago, sometime in October of 2012. Anyway, here we go.

That night, I fell asleep at around midnight, with school the following day. I did not sleep all the way through the night that night, though. I woke up around 3 A.M., and I wish my brain had worked faster.

Tiptoe at the Window

By Athena D.

Now, I have never written a story before so bare with me, I might jump around alot since I type the way I talk. Anyway, a little background about me, I am 23 years old at the moment, 4ft 8.5in tall, female. So you can imagine how little I am.

I have had a ton of different encounters with paranormal creatures and beings, I even suffer from Sleep Paralysis, ever since the age of 15 so you could only imagine half of the things I have gone through. Anyway, the story I am about to tell you isn’t from sleep paralysis, but something far greater than that. I was 19 at the time.

Creepy Target Maniac

i was about 4 or 5 maybe 6. My family used to go there every other week.

I mean yeah we went to Publix and Walmart but that’s not the point. Anyway me my sister and my mom pulled into a Target parking lot and found a good spot to park in. at the time we were told by our parents to stay in the car until they said to get out. well that’s where it all started. we were parked next to a man sitting in the driver’s side seat of his car. at first we thought he was waiting on someone to come back. My mom opened her door and at the same time the guy opened his. I didn’t think too much about it as i was only 6 at the time and my sister was 3.

The guy was about 6 foot 2 or 6 foot 3 dark skin and hair that came down to his back. My mom told us not to turn around and look at him but that just made me want to look even more. we were almost at the sidewalk when my big brother sensors went off. I looked behind me and saw the dude staring at my sister with a huge freaking smile on his face. Then he looked at me for 3 seconds and looked down. After that my mom turned around and i swear this guy jumped back 5 feet and hid in the corner. I looked at him and thought “odd.” we went inside and guess who followed us in.

Pervy Target Worker

This happened when I was 12. I was at a Target with my mom and little brother picking up groceries. We had done our basic, usual walk through the store when we hit the beauty/bath aisle.

I had not been feeling well that day so I told my mom that I was using the bathroom. As I was was walking to the bathroom, I saw a male worker staring at me. I brushed it off.

Weirdos at the Target checkout

So I was at the checkout line in Target and there was this couple in front of me. The man looked to be about in his late 20s maybe early 30s, pretty average looking except for the strange blonde hair; it was like the color of He-man’s hair.  The women however looked terrifying.  She looked much older than the man but it could’ve just been because of how rough she looked.  She barley had any teeth and what she had were yellow, her skin was really textured and saggy, she was pudgy and short with mangled brown and speckled white hair and beady eyes that looked like those of a shark that gave off the same stare, pure emptiness. She gave me an eerie feeling immediately when she looked at me.

The man had turned to look at me and told me I could go in front of them.  I said thanks and as I was swiping my card, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the couple staring at me and heard the man say to the women “remember to follow her outside” ,quietly, but I could still hear him. My entire body felt like a flushing toilet. I started feeling numb starting from the head down.  I’m sure the cashier thought I was going to be sick because of how pale I had just gotten and the expression on my face. When the cashier handed me my items i sped walked out of the store and when I got out I sprinted to my car, jumped in and peeled out of there. I kept looking behind me the entire time I was driving, terrified that I would see those two faces staring at me from a car behind me. I even had a nightmare about it.

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