Even in the Light

This has only happened recently. I have lived in my small one bed room apartment for years now since I was 16. I have always lived alone with a few exceptions of friends or girlfriends staying with me. I am in a relationship now but she is away studying abroad. So I am completely alone in my apartment. I should also mention that I work overnight security and have for years. I get off at 7 in the morning.

Sometimes I stay up until noon or even later. Sometimes I go home and fall asleep right away. My bedroom is big actually. Big enough I keep a sheet hung up blocking out part of the room. I keep my windows sealed up so no light can bother me during the day. There are a recent series of incidents that are happening. I will list one and probably the more terrifying one.

I had gotten home stayed up until around 8 or 9. Then I went to sleep. My room is usually pitch black day or night. I woken up feeling a bit odd. Out of habit I have been and still do leave my phone charging kind of under my bed more on the side but I digress.

So reached under my bed to grab my phone when I felt another hand lightly brush up against mine. I wasn’t originally freaked out thinking I was still waking up. I decided to forget my phone and try to go back to sleep. Now I should mention I have a fan a stand up fan next to the other side of my bed as I like it a bit colder. I decided to turn on my other side to get comfortable.

I immediately noticed my fan was not there. It’s strange how my mind noticed that first and not the girl in its place. She had a white dress. Tattered and dirty. She looked around 9 or 10. Her body was rotting. I could see bones pushing through the skin. Her eyes were as red as  fire I guess but not quite that dramatic. Her smile was not normal it didn’t look out of the ordinary at all but I could sense malicious intent behind it. The shock of it must’ve really woke me up because in one moment she was there the next it was just pitch blackness.

Immediately I could hear the sound of my fan blowing air on me and I realised I must’ve been dreaming. I was immediately relieved. Started to calm down and let out a sigh of relief. Then I saw it. It was quick like a flash. I saw a figure run from the side of my room the side I have covered up too my door and quickly opened it left and shut the door on its way out.

I got up and checked my door was locked my windows were locked. Here’s some advice even if it’s daylight. The sun is out shining bright. If there is darkness there’s things in it.

The unknown number

I live in a small town in Canada, this took place in the summer of 2016. I live in a valley, we have houses in the valley and houses ontop of the valley. So I went to hang out with friends. 4 of us (including me)

My friend kept getting texts from an unknown number threating they’d beat her up. So we all went up to my other friends house. She made sure every door was locked.

One of the texts read — “lock the doors, and hide or your face will be beat in.” So we were flipping shit, and basically all crying.

We tried to figure who this person was, but we never found out (still to this day.) We all calmed down, but it was 4 AM and we were scared shitless. So when we finally fell asleep — it was for what felt like 6 minutes. A pounding on the door woke us all up.

We were all freaked out, we thought we knew who it was — the unknown number. So of course everyone just shut up, and waited it out. That was when she got a text AGAIN.

What happens next haunts me for life, and I can never get it out of my brain.

“hey you awake? i know who you’re with.” And they started listing our names. We all were horrified. The friend who let us stay over brother got out of his room, and walked into ours. He asked what the knocking was. We told him NOT do awnser it. So he went back to his room. That still confuses me to this day — why did he wake up, and check on us.

She kept getting text messages from the number.

The last message was the one that made one of our friends almost break out into a sobbing fest.

“goodnight girls.” And it sent a pic of us, and our friends brother talking with us. My heart dropped. We all said we would call the cops, but we never really did. We never turned this into the police, because our parents didn’t want us to go to the cops.

When ever a private number phones me to this day I always think its that person. I’m still traumatized. It never really did go away.

Creepy Stalker

When I was in high school I spent a lot of time at my best friends house. She lived sort of out in the country, a few houses close by but not a lot of neighbors.

We used to spend our time walking up and down the road she lived on as their wasn’t much traffic and it got us outside. We were night owls and often could be found after dark wandering the road telling each other creepy stories just trying to freak each other out.

On the night in question we were about 10 minutes from her house when we heard a strange banging coming from just up the hillside near an abandoned chicken house. We kept walking, not phased as her neighbors were known for doing odd projects at all hours of the night and they were just as accustomed to us walking the road at late hours.

It was just a few more yards up the road that he came into view.

The man was standing just off the road, holding a shovel. He was banging it on the pavement just staring at us with this weird grin. We didn’t walk any closer, we slowly turned and began to make our way back to her house thinking surely he wouldn’t follow. We walked for about 5 minutes, talking quietly about what he could have possibly been doing before we heard it, the sound of steps in the leaves on the roadside. Kaycee glanced over her shoulder and grabbed my arm, pulling me forward as she broke into a run.

“He’s following us,” she frantically whisspeed to me as I matched her pace. The foot steps didn’t come any faster, they just seemed to fade into the background as we raced toward her driveway. We made it up the porch steps and into the house to find her mom on the phone.

We immediately spilled out everything that had just taken place and Kaycee’s mom repeated our story to Kaycee’s dad who was on the other end of the call. He worked nights then, which is why he wasn’t there.

He told us to lock the doors and sit tight. Crazy neighbors werect unusual, and the guy had probably lost interest in us once we were in the house, he reasoned. He also asked if we were sure it wasn’t a kid we knew playing a joke.

A few hours passed and we sort of forgot about the whole thing, I mean, it had been pretty silly to get so scared, right? We laid in the floor watching a movie while Kaycee’s mom worked on the computer nearby.

Suddenly she began to scold us. “Stop it girls. That’s enough.” We looked at her, deeply confused. After all, we had just been laying in the floor watching a movie. My eyes saw what she was talking about before she could even say anything else. A laser light on the wall. I looked at Kaycee, who by this time had seen it too. “That isn’t us,” I confirmed what she had already realised as we followed the path the laser had to be taking.

Our gazes all came to a rest at their large picture window. The curtains were just far enough apart for light from the porch light to peek through. There he stood. The man from earlier, leering at us and pointing a laser flashlight in the window.

I remember screaming louder than I thought I even could as Kaycee’s mom yelled at us to get into the bathroom where there was no windows. She called the police and we sat there, panicking, waiting for something else to happen.

It felt like an eternity before the police finally arrived, to find only foot prints.

Kaycee’s parents still live in that house, although these days the security around their house is much tighter. The police never caught our night stalker but even all these years later I still wonder about that night. Who was he? Did he know Kaycee and I would happen upon him on that road? Did we suprise him as he was doing something he didn’t need witnesses for? I will probably never know. But what I do know is this, I will never be caught walking rarely traveled roads after dark ever again.


10 HORRIFYING Things Found in Basements 🎵 Water Sounds and Relaxing White Noise

10 HORRIFYING Things Found in Basements | Water Sounds and Relaxing White Noise

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Possible Ghost In The Basement

Now, this experience happened to me about 5 to 6 years ago, so some of the details might not be there, anyways, here it goes. I had just recently moved about 6 months ago. I now live in a development fairly close to my old home and it was on a corner of a fairly busy street.

I moved for reasons unrelated to this story. I’m a 15-yo male and this happened to me when I was about 9 or 10.

My brother 8, my cousin 12 and I were all in my small, musty cluttered basement just playing around with the toys because we were bored. And literally out of nowhere we heard a toy fall from the other end of the room.

Now, there was no gust, just the fan blowing on us from this side of the room because is was very musty and humid down there, and from what I can remember, both the windows were closed. Since we were all fairly young, we scare easily and I, personally was and still am a firm believer in the paranormal.

So, I suggested we just go outside and play basketball or something because I was not comfortable at that point. They agreed, and we walked to the up the stairs.

We then heard a box of toys fall off another closed box. Now, the fan was indeed facing the the box of toys, but the box fell towards the fan. My cousin said run and we sprinted up the stairs and made sure to lock the door behind us and that was it. This is the only significant happening I can recall. These kinds of experiences had not followed me to my new home.

And I believe that if there was a spirit, it had no intent of harming us. And one more thing, my old home was rented out to multiple people after a family had lived there for years before then. I really only have one explanation for this, paranormal activity.