Shrieking Creature in Knoydart

*The attached image is from google images and is of the west ridge of the mountain climbed in the story*

This story takes place back in 2014 in late March when I was 17 years. My Uncle had been planning to take one of my friends and I to an area in Scotland called Knoydart for a few days to climb some mountains and camp out . Knoydart is arguably the most remote place in the mainland United Kingdom and my Uncle was taking us there at my request as I am an avid hill walker and love the outdoors. My friend, whom i’ll call Fred instead of his actual name, had asked to come along with us when I told him about the remoteness of the area and how creepy it would likely be out there as there would be no lights of any kind. He liked the outdoors about as much as I did so he loved the sound of that. My Uncle has done about half of the Munros, which are the top 282 tallest mountains in Scotland, and is really proficient at mountaineering and hill walking.

The Thing in the Caves

I’m not really sure where to begin with this story, but here goes nothing. I’m a 21 year old girl living in a part of England known as ‘The Black Country’, it’s called this as it has a large history in mining, although all these mines have now been closed for a very long time. I often walk my dog, a chihuahua, through the fields and woods near my house. The event I’m writing about happened last month, but I can still remember it as clearly asif it just happened.

It was around midday, and it became time for me to take my dog lady for a walk. As we’re walking through a small woods behind my house, scattered with rubbish and unwanted belongings, my dog often ventures through the bushes and trees, as she’s so small this is no problem for her, but I usually have to find another way around.

Skinwalker in Vietnam

This story took place during the Vietnam War. This story is my uncle’s, who was posted in Southern Vietnam during the war.

My uncle was a sergeant in the army, and he was assigned to Vietnam as a Green Barret. He led a squad whose main objective was to discover and map new locations. There were 6 people in his squad excluding him, and they had a large jeep to travel in. Their usually consisted of going to strange and obscure parts of the country, and assessing the potential of threat each location posed. So as you could imagine, my uncle was almost always on the road .

6 TRUE Taco Bell Horror Stories

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Taco Bell Ghost Story

This is a true story from the famous, Taco Hell. This story takes place in the South while I was 12, I’m 18 now and still stay clear of Taco Bell. Let’s start off with some background about myself while I was 12, I was never a “girly girl” and had no friends because I’m home schooled. My mother and her mother always had a strong sense for Ghost and frequently saw them.

This affected me beacuse I too can see the dead, unlike my older sister. This is very important for my experience. Now, on with my story. I was 12 and with my step father while coming back from visiting family. We decided to stop at a Taco Bell for food.

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