What was that?

By Darth Exodus

Recently, me and some coworkers from Burger King went on a bit of a campingtrip. This was in Kentucky, very close to the Tennessee border. Due to privacy concerns, I will not use our real names.

It was me, by best friend Kevin, his girlfriend Lexi, our coworkers Shawn, Tia, Maddy, Eric, Bob, Hailey, Breana, Dakota, and Kenzie. The place we camped was by a creek. On the other side of the creek was a nearly 90 degree cliff, on that was a pay lake.

We used our cars as tents. We were all joking around and smoking pot until we got tired and went to sleep. I woke up because I had to take a piss at about 3:00 AM. I walked across the bridge that leads to the pay lake and pissed in it.

I liked the sight, so I opted to stand around and enjoy it. As I was looking around, I saw what I thought was a person walking at the edge of the woods, so I hid behind the building near the pay lake.

A couple a minutes later, I heard someone from my campsite screaming. I ran back as fast as I could, on the bridge, between me and the camp was the scariest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

It was a creature. It was shaped like a man, but it was inhuman. The thing was larger and taller than me standing up. I’m 6’3 and 240 pounds. The creature was 6’6, and looked almost 300 pounds of muscle.

It also had brown fur, claws, a snout like a German shepherd, ears like one too. Its eyes were black and beady. It stood there looking at me for what felt like hours. It grinned at me and got ready to lunge.

By some miracle, I was saved. It yelped and leapt off the bridge into the creek after taking a good sized rock to the side of the head. A rock thrown by Kevin.

Kevin escorted me back to camp. I got in my truck and locked my doors. I never slept that night. For the rest of the night, I would see the thing skulking around, away from the camp. I swear I even saw it looking at me from the top of the cliff on the other side of the creek, yellow, glowing eyes were all I saw however.

I saw no trace of it by sunlight. I gathered everyone around to ask them to tell me what happened. Shawn was the first to speak. He told me that him and Tia were waken up by the front of their car being pushed down, also telling me that thing was sitting on the hood in a Spider-Man pose looking in.

It eventually left Shawn’s car and seemingly walked off. Thats when they heard Maddy screaming. Maddy told me she was in Eric’s truck with him. Eric had the passanger window down slightly, just enough for someone to fit their hand through.

Maddy was on her phone and saw something out of the corner of her eye and shined her phone light on it, and screamed as soon as she realized there was a big, hairy, clawed hand reaching through her window.

She also said the hand went back out as soon as she screamed and heard heavy footsteps leaving the camp. Her screaming about scared the shit out of Eric and woke everyone up. Thats when I started running back and saw it.

Then Kevin spoke up and said he noticed I wasn’t in my truck and came looking for me. He didn’t take long as he approached the bridge and saw that thing preparing to attack me. Thats when he threw a rock at it, about the size of his fist.

We all went home after we got done discussing. I have nightmares of that thing being outside my window at night, especially because I don’t live too far from where it happened.

I also learned Shawn had trouble sleeping after seeing that thing and Maddy had a nervous breakdown after what happened that night. If you can somehow read this humanoid dog thing, lets never meet again.

Hidden in the Brush

By Tyler

So, around April or May of this year, (2016), my girlfriend and I went on a camping trip. Being from Michigan places to camp are extremely plentiful, but who really want to go to a camp site and deal with other people? We decided the place for us to go is in the Manistee National Forest. It’s a massive area of woodland hills, one of the prettiest places I have ever been.

Anyways, were driving around the forest, and I pull into a small clearing off a dirt road. We scout around and decide to keep looking for other areas we can camp out, keeping that area locked in our minds so we can stay there if we don’t find a better spot. We drive maybe a mile away and turn down an overgrown trail. My car was barely high to not scrape along the ground, mind you I drive an 01 ford taurus.

About 200 yards in we see a little clearing and decide that’s where we want to camp out. We set everything up, gather firewood and go for a stroll through the woods.

About 50 yards away from camp there’s a a nice sized hole dug into a little ledge off of a trail. I wasn’t sure what it was but it was deep maybe a fox den I thought. We continue walking around without straying too far from camp just taking in the beauty of nature. As the sun starts to set we head to camp and I get a fire pit dug out and start a fire.

As were sitting there talking and making some lunch we hear a very loud truck down the original trail we veered off of, but it stops and idles at what sounds like it’d be turnoff. We couldn’t see it with the curve of the road, but I think they’d be able to see my car from there since I just parked off the path across from our camp. The truck drives off quickly and we continue with our day without incident. But at night things got strange.

As we slept I woke up to the tent violently shaking, I thought nothing of it since we had just had a small storm. As I fell asleep I was awoken with the urge to pee, I wake up my girlfriend and let her know that I’m stepping outside. I grab my flashlight, more like spotlight and head out. The feeling of eyes on me was everywhere. I shone the light all around and didn’t see anything so I chalked it up to paranoia since all I do is listen to these narrations.

I do my business and head back in, and I hear it. It’s a very gutteral cooing. Almost like an owl mixed with a dog. It was drawn out and happened overtime few seconds, lasting for about 3 seconds each.

I listed there listening and it sounded as if it was right behind the tent. I grabbed my knife and woke up my girlfriend so she could hear it too. In her sleepy haze she chalked it up as an owl, but I’m from the backwoods and I know just about every animal sound that would be in Michigan.

It was nothing I’ve ever heard. After a couple of minutes it started to fade away, I could hear no steps but it just faded farther and farther away. No footsteps, nothing. Just that sounds getting quieter.

Might I add that behind the tent was just tall grass just under knee high. So there wasn’t anything sitting in a tree, and when I looked around with the flashlight there wasn’t even any Eyeshine. But it sounded way too big to be smaller than the grass, which almost makes me think it was crouched behind the tent.

The next day I talked to her about it but she didn’t really remember so I let it go. We decided in one more walk before we leave. We were walking through the woods down this old trail, it’s deathly quiet. Thinking back the whole time we were out there was very quiet. Walking deeper and deeper the beautiful forest started to die. I don’t mean the trees started to fade, but there were looking dead. Some where ripped in half it seemed. We turned back shortly after walking through that and headed out.

I’m sorry it’s not much but it’s something that sits in my head. If anyone has any suggestions as to what that could have been I’d love to hear it. Thanks for reading.

Why are They Following Me?

By carflo

I’m just gonna go out and start .Ever sense i was little I’ve been followed by tall beings with black eyes and big heads.The first encounter i can remember was when i was camping in mexico with my family to our usual camping spot ,nothing to special .Late that night me and my cousin had to use the bathroom which was pretty far from where we set up so it was a long walk .

As we were walking I noticed that their were two tall ,skinny figures looking around .They seemed like that they were searching for something I don’t really wanna know what they were doing exactly .I pointed it out to my cousin and he looked .We were both confused and stopped waking .then both looked at us for a few seconds and walked off .

The rest of the trip we never saw anything unusual and had a good time so we just blew it off .I was only 8 at the time so i didn’t think back on it till i my next encounter .

The next event happened to me and my sister when i was 12 and is by far the worst for me .i was playing with my sister i don’t remember what but we were having a good time.We were on the second floor of the house and the room we were in had a large window which my sister was facing while i faced away .As my sister was laughing all of a sudden her face went still, staring behind me .

This made me curious so i turned around .I regret that choice till this day,i saw this pale creature crouching down staring into the window .It had completely black eyes and a head that seemed to big for its body. It seemed like it didn’t have a mouth and no visible nose and its skin was grey but almost seemed white.It was only there for 5 seconds at most and it moved out of view .

Me and my sister were to petrified to move and could only sit in silence .when we could finally move we went to tell our mom ,like any parent she blew it off as a child’s imagination .

I really wish that were true but after that event i began having nightmares of being taken from home and being on a metal cold icy table, i would wake up with cuts on my body that i couldn’t explain and i even woke up with a slash on my back. Around the age of 14 this stopped and i thought it was over , I was wrong .

The final encounter didn’t happen to me but my aunt.I was 15 when this happened . I had spent the night at my cousins house and we went to bed late sense we were playing video games .that night his dogs were barking violently but it wasn’t uncommon ,they were fairly aggressive for being small dogs so we went to bed .

I went home the morning after but that night the dogs began barking and snarling so my aunt went out to check on them .she saw the same damn thing that i saw years ago but crawling over her fence into her backyard .

It kept walking in the backyard until it saw her and stood still.she told me it made a strange hissing noise at her and ran back to the fence and climbed it in seconds .My aunt did not sleep that night .I am turning 18 soon and i sometimes feel like i am being watched or hear something run away from my window at night .I do not know what they want with me or why they follow me around but i want it to stop luckily after i got my cat it seemed to slow down and now i cant sleep unless he is in my room .whatever those things are i hope they will leave me alone.