Encounter with a Skinwalker

This all happened one day when i went to spend the day with one of my friends. We’ll call him David. David is one of my closest friends and has been for the past 7 or 8 years. We grew up in church together and would always beg our parents to let us go to each others house after our Sunday services. That all changed about a couple of years ago. It was July 1st 2010, David was having a sleepover for his 9th birthday and i was invited. Now, before I start to get into the story, I would like to explain the layout of the property, which will be important further into the story. His house is set on a flat level field and is about a quarter a mile from the nearest house. The backyard is very wide and stretches all the way to a tree line behind the house. They had a swing set for his younger brother set just a few meters away from the tree line.

I arrived at his house about 4 O’clock. The party didn’t start until about 4,30, so i was a bit early. Me and him went outside for a while to shoot is BB Gun until the others arrived. He set up 4 cans on a barrel he got from his fathers tool shed and we just had at it. We were outside about 25 minutes and we saw that the others started arriving, so we thought we would head inside. That night, I woke up about 12:00 and didn’t know what woke me up. I just assumed it was my instinct to get up and use the bathroom, but i didn’t really have to go. I decided to go down stairs and get a drink of water since I was extremely thirsty. I got a glass of water and started to head back upstairs when i noticed the slightest movement outside of the kitchen window. I brushed it off, thinking it was a cat or something and continued to head back up stairs.

When i got back up stairs, I opened the bedroom door and noticed David standing right in front of the bedroom window. I asked him “Is everything alright?”. No response. A bit wierded out, I slowly walked backwards and shut the door. I turned my head to the right down the hallway and I noticed the bathroom light was on. I walked down the hallway and knocked on the door. From the other side, I heard “Yeah?”, it was David!.. I was completely freaked out cause there was no way he could have got from the bedroom to the bathroom in that amount of time i was in the hallway. I asked him, “I thought you were in the bedroom?” he replied “No, I’ve been in here the whole time you were downstairs.”. I explained everything to him once he got out and honestly, I think he was freaked out as much as I was.

Me and him both decided to go downstairs and watch TV, since his other friends were asleep and we didn’t want to wake them. We watched the midnight episodes of Fresh Prince and just chilled downstairs for the time being. I was just about to fall asleep, when I heard a thud coming from the window directly behind me facing the backyard. At this point, i was hesitant to turn around and see what was there. I did, but i saw nothing. Just the dark tree line and the moon shining on the tall pines and bright green grass. Honestly, i just knew something was off.

I woke up David and asked if he would go outside to investigate the noise i heard. He agreed and we both walked quietly to the patio in the back where the noise was coming from. We didn’t go all the way out, due to the fact that it was dark and we had no flash lights. We didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, but i did notice a shadow figure just standing at the edge of the tree line, staring at us. I could see the silhouette due to the moon shining behind it. I was a little freaked out by this and pushed David to go back inside. We both stood at the glass door just watching this thing standing there. Me and him both could feel the air become very dreadful and smelled the worst smell you could possible imagine. It almost smelt like rotten eggs and burnt flesh, but much stronger. I could see this figure start moving towards us, but in the most bizarre way ever. It almost looked like a drunk person walking, but at a more steady past, almost in rhythmic form. (Right, Right, Left, Left).

As it got closer, we could slowly start making out facial features. Honestly, I wish we had not seen it because it was the most horrific and disgusting beast i have ever seen. It looked exactly like a goat, but with a sheep’s face; it had hooves, and antlers like you would see on a buck and it gave off such an evil vibe that you could not even look upon it. Me and him both booked it back upstairs, screaming like little girls and woke everyone up. We explained what happened but the parents were not as impressed. Everyone else tho, believed us.

To this day, I still believe it was a Skinwalker, but every time I tell the story to someone, they convince me it was just my imagination. I know for a fact that it wasn’t and know what me and David saw that night.

My Experience with Skinwalkers

My experience with a skinwalker might not be a terrifying as most of the stories you receive.

This happened around two years ago, during the summer. I had stayed with my uncle due to family reasons. He was very into our heritage, being native American and all. We had stayed near a reservation, I think it was about three miles away from his house. He lived in North Carolina so it was plain and there was a lot of land.

The natives had been hosting  to a sort of festival, it was to spread their beliefs and the conservation of the forest used as farmlands.

I asked him about it thinking it would be a fun way to bond with each other. And we went. I can say that I felt like I was being watched. I forgot the type of car he owned but I remember it was a an old Ford truck.

It had been a week since the festival, and I still couldn’t get the feeling off. Late one night we were driving on a road next to the reservation, and of course there were no street lights. And we were on the edge of the forest.

We saw what looked like a deer in the road, it jumped out of the way to fast to see what it was. After about a minute something heavy landed in the bed of the truck, it weighed the car down and shook it.

My first reaction was to turn around and see what it was, but my uncle wouldn’t let me. He pushed my head down so I wouldn’t be able to look up. And my uncle sped up, it now started to put pressure on the roof of the car because of the screeching noises.

Eventually after about ten minutes, what ever it was jumped out of the bed. I knew this because the car had bounced and the car’s tires raised the truck.

After words my uncle had explained that it was indeed a Skin Walker and looking into its eyes ment death. Let’s just say it was a secret we would never tell anyone.


My story is alot like many, but different in my eyes. My first sighting as a child was when I was about 5 years old. My mother who had talked about her ancestor who were of souix blood, she used to tell me stories. I was a kid they were stories I didn’t know they were real. My mom and dad took me and my half brother out to a graveyard, this graveyard was different in the center was a statue of a Indian chief, it was very large and old. My mom sat and took pictures while me and my brother climbed on it, till my father turned pale white and grabbed my mother’s arm and pointed to the woods.

My brother and I followed the directions he pointed, now it’s not common to see wolf’s where I grew up especially a pack of them so close to human contact, I remember counting 9 wolves. Each one gave me a sense of what I was doing offended them, I remember my father picking me and my brother up and carrying us to the car and as we drove away I started at the wolves who starred back until we were out of sight. I was about 12 and I had always had a draw to the woods bout a half a mile from our house I grew up in a small town I used to read stories of old myths and legends of demons, shapeshifters and skinwalkers. I went on a hike threw the woods just doing what kids do and enjoy themselves I didn’t think nothing of it till I found a small clearing, in the swamp part there was a lot of rumors a hermit lived in the woods.

People seen him here and there but I was told no one ever got close, well I walked this marshy area till I got a weird feeling I was being watched. Paranormal activity wasn’t knew to me and I had experienced a lot of it growing up. I stopped looked to the sun it was maybe noon clouds were light and it was hot out so the cold chill I got alarmed me, I turned to see a figure looming in a dark portion of the woods my body felt like stone, I remember sheer panic rising up but my body refused to comply with the natural instinct to run for dear life. His eyes were the creepiest part they reminded me of topaz they were very demonic, then sense of feeling came back to me I turned and ran and could hear something behind me stalking me.

He wasn’t hunting me as far as I felt but watching me run in horrified terror I never returned to that woods ever again I was so scared I slept with the lights on for days. My dad and I used to cruise around and talk away from my mother’s ears because she didn’t condone dark paranormal talk. He told me he was about 17 him and his friends went out to the nature park in there home town and decided to drink beer and have fun my dad told them he couldnt drink to much cause, he had to drive home that night he told me the moon was high and so bright it light the woods up and the gravel road he was on. He told me I was just cruising like we are now I didn’t wanna be home right away, I looked to this animal he said it was large hunched over eating a road kill animal he said when he stop the car the creatures head snapped to meet his eyes . He said the beast stood up to maybe 7 feet tall.

He said it looked identical to a werewolf he told me, I remember being so scared I ripped into reverse trying my best not to panic I floored it the creature then proceed to run after me keeping a good pace. He passed  road and threw it into gear and began to try his best to get away he told me I must have been doing 60 mph when I looked out my passenger window to see the beast running on all 4’s next to my car. I thought to myself I’m going to die, by that time I made it to the road he told me like that it was gone but I knew it wasn’t but following me home in the dark because I saw it and I knew what it was.

I was about 18 when I came in contact with something from what he told me about as  kid I was walking with friend threw the woods hunting squirrel at  place where many said there was  werewolf beast who had claimed that land we thought oh just more myths and legends we had bout 5 squirrels and we were still going we seen this blood trail. It was really gruesome so we decided to follow it as we came up to the end of the trail horror struck my face as I looked up to this large oak tree with the torso of  large deer hanging in it.

There wasn’t any animals around that could do that I remember looking to my friend who at that point was panicking loading his .22 stuttering he was pale white. I began to load mine as well, the only other weapon we had was a sog hatchet and our skinning and survival knifes. We were miles from any town and hadn’t seen anyone in the large wooded area all day. We decided to run the opposite way of the bloody trail when we heard sticks snapping behind us we came to small cave around only to find what we did not want but the other half of the dear, which was  large buck terror struck as the sounds stopped my heart was the only thing I could hear I told my friend not to panic, we pointed out guns at the direction we heard the sound aware something was watching us we began firing not because we were trying  kill what ever was but because we were scared for our life.

When I heard clicking I turned and ran he did the same thing we ran for so long we will vowed never to tell anyone about it I’ve never told a soul till today

Real Skinwalker Sighting

Ok so first off I live in Utah one of the most overlooked states. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t had its fair share of monster sightings and paranormal experiences and my writings crap so sorry if its bad.

Ok so my family goes camping every summer for 5 days in Ashley national forest up in the high Uintah’s. So my family arrived at the camp site at around 10:30 p.m. so it was dark if it not for the huge bonfire my family made. Ok so as I was setting up my tent I saw 2 red eyes in the trees so I didn’t really think about it too much because it was late and I was tired but in the morning I went to the spot the eyes were at and I saw deep hoofprints of a deer in the ground but there are deer up here so I ignored it and went to breakfast.

The next 2 night nothing happened but the last night I asked my cousin if she would go to the bathroom with me and she said yes so as she and I were walking to the outhouse we saw a goat on the side of the mountain so we were confused because there’s usually not goats up this high but we just ignored it and went to the bathroom but when we came back from the bathroom there it was again but this time it was facing us with big red eyes just like the ones on the first night but we still ignored it and went to bed.

In the morning we decided to go fishing before we headed out so we packed up everything and picked a spot to fish on the river while in Indian territory which was already a dumb idea because we could’ve gotten fined but we did and we caught a lot of fish. So after we were done fishing my cousin and I spotted something in the brush along the edge of the forest with those same red eyes but this time it wasn’t a goat nor deer but a pale skinny figure that was human but not human at the same time.

My cousin and me just stared at that thing when it finally broke the silence with an earpiercing scream and we started booking it back to the camp ground but the thing was chasing us and was gaining on us but we could see the camp ground so we booked it even harder and as soon as we got to camp it was gone. But only after giving one final earpiercing screech and darting away into the forest me and her don’t talk about it but we saw it and it was real and we both believe it was the Skinwalker. That’s my story sorry if it was crap.