Is That.. A Tongue?

By Jamar Lorenzo

I remember it all like it happened yesterday, or either hours ago.

It all started on a weekend at a school dance. So I went to the dance alone since i wasn’t asked by anyone. I don’t know, something in me tells me I should still go to the dance to watch others have fun and wish for myself to be in their shoes for some odd reason. I walked around, passing through crowds of people to find an open spot where i can get a view of everyone. I ended up finding a table, and sat there for about 10 minutes until I was tapped on my shoulder.

The Dark

By ShadoLady

It’s raining.

It’s raining and dark. So dark it has a presence. Strange, though, I can see the rain. There is such wetness and so much dark, seemingly borderless. Who knew it could weigh so much? Just standing there, in its midst, in its totality. Walking, I notice there is no sound of my boots sloshing through water, mud and leaves. Nor are my boots wet, just my environment.

Even my hair is dry. Rain sound is consistant, heavy, not blinding but hindering. Advancing; noticing the saturating smell of wet. Everything looks the same in every direction but up; which is filled with dark water drops, and down; which shows me only the result of the combined forces of earth and water slowly merged and twisted. No other sensation.

Ghost in the School

By Anonymous

I was about 12 years old, going to school in London. This happened about 3 years ago. Me and my friends were all into paranormal things and liked scaring each other a lot. Some of them would talk about any paranormal experiences they had, but I had not experienced anything paranormal at that time, so their stories really interested me.

The Coin

By John

During the time of this story we lived in a smaller city just south of Las Vegas called Henderson. We live tucked inside a very quiet and boring suburban neighborhood that never really had a lot of action, it was me, my mom, and dad living in the house, and up to 2011, my grandmother on my moms side also lived with us, as she needed to live with us because she had extreme emphysema and was on oxygen 24/7. Growing up I was always at odds with her, we didn’t really like each other, and she died in 2011. Fast forward maybe a year, I’m not entirely sure as this was at least several years ago from now while I’m typing this story.

When my grandma died, my mom had her cremated, and her ashes were kept at the crematorium I guess, because after cremation my mom didn’t come home with the ash urn until a few days after it happened, but that night she brought it home, and put the urn up on a cabinet in my grandma’s old room, which still had all her stuff in it by the way.

Demonic Life

By matt

Before I delve into telling you my tales, I must warn you that I don’t really care if you believe me or not, these experiences have happened; and these experiences have shaped the person I am today. With that let’s begin.

These experiences have taken place from when I was seven to most recently, November of 2015. We shall start at the beginning, the first apparition. As stated beofre, this happened when I was eight. I had just fallen asleep; one of those, close your eyes, open them and it’s suddenly 7 AM kind of night. However, I awakened around fourish. The right side of my bed was pushed against the wall, so I turned my head and saw nothing but wall. I turned the other way and saw a figure that will haunt me until I am laid to rest. It’s eyes were black, a black hole for a mouth, eyes a charcoal color. It’s skin was a greenish grey. I remember pulling the covers over my head and trying not to scream. I peeked out from the covers and saw it was unfolding and folding its arms; as well as opening and closing its mouth. Almost like it was trying to say something, but no sound came out. I then remember blacking out,opening my eyes to find that I had lost four hours, making it eight in the morning. This was what sparked my experiences.

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