A Hyena’s True Catfish Story

By JenniYena

So, I’ve been slowly trying to ween my way back in to the online dating thing slowly, but this one incident I had about two or three years ago when I was eighteen, really makes me have more than a few second thoughts about whether or not I do want to continue to dip my toes in. It all started on a small sight called “My Teen Network”. I was a bi; now asexual hyenidae at the time and had spent quite a good while searching for other females in my immediate area or at least within a few miles or so to maybe hook up after a few words here and there via the usual mouse and keyboard. I was always the shy and more distant type so, normally I never message anyone until they just so happen to decide to do so first and all themselves.

After about a solid week or so of being on the sight; with little to no luck, I got a message from this one girl (whose exact username escapes me at the moment), but at least had something to do with one of top favorite fellow animal species in the world and my main reincarnation choice of, the gray wolf. She started off with the usual “Hello” and introductory greeting in the little chat box window, and from then on; all through that night, I truly thought the cliche seeds of love did indeed begin to blossom beautifully in that breezy summer sun. About a few weeks, and then months into our relationship, she would at often times act rather strangely within a few private chats or so off the site on Google.

School Power Outage

By Kenzi

This is a short story, but it was scary enough to keep me out of the bathrooms, or to avoid empty rooms in my school alone. It happened about 2 years ago that the power in our school cut out for about an hour or so.

Me, and my friends were at lunch eating, when my friend, Hailey got up to use the bathroom after a couple of minutes she came back to our table silent, she ate her lunch and tried to stay silent, I asked her what was wrong, she said when she went to the bathroom she heard a stall door shut, but there was no other noises, or the sound of the huge door shut when you enter the bathroom.

After School Scare on All Hallow’s Eve

By Dampyre

Two boys walk home one late day. They were afterschool kids, and their parents could not pick them up. They were getting older now and ready to go home on their own as opposed to their parents picking them up, they are coming into their own, ready to venture out into the wild, ready for an adventure as it would seem. Mike and Steven barely knew each other until now.

Mike always thought there was something strange about Steven. Steven used to wear a lot of black and had scary eyes. Sometimes Steve used to wear contact lenses which made them look even more scary and fierce. Mike was a bit more of a jock and was on the track team. They were both starting to walk home and Mike was looking at what he considered to be the freak and asked him why he just does not try to act more normal? Steven turned and looked at Mike like he was the devil and Mike got ready for fight or flight. Steven just gazed at him and said your people don’t understand people like me. They saw the last rays of the sunlight hugging the horizon as they seemingly walked towards the sun as if their destiny lied beyond the horizon.

It Started on the Night Before Christmas


It started on the night before Christmas. My sister and I were putting up clothes while our clothes in her room because we share a closet. While I was putting some of the close up I heard the seat in the restroom slammed shut and ,of course it gave me a shock so when I finished with that pole of clothes I check and the seat was down. I have always believed in ghost and spirits so it kind of freaked me out. I asked my sister from the hallway if she had left it up and, she said no. I dismissed this as just her forgetting.

Then I asked her if she could come to my room so she did. My light flicked off once and, then we heard a crash come from the kitchen. We went to check nothing had seemed to happen so I made a joke about it just being the ghost of Christmas Bi**h.

Condo Ghost

By Isabella K.

It was June 4 when this all started, my mom, my dad, one of my moms friends, and I had just moved into a new house. This house was a condo.

The way this condo was set up was our rooms were on the bottom floor and there were rooms above us. The first night there we heard loud sounds, it sounded like chairs being drug across the floor. At first we didn’t think much of it because my parents are really big skeptics and so am I.

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