The Doll

By Helios

When my sister was 9 and I was 8 she had this doll that would walk while you held its hand. It stood almost 3 feet high just a little shorter than a child the age that would play with the doll.

Well a few months passed and all was fine after she was gifted it. Then our family went to the beach like we did most summer weekends, when we returned home we washed the sand off of our bodies fully in the front yard with the hose.

Elf on the Shelf – DISTURBING Creepypasta

This Scary Creepypasta Story is a real NIGHTMARE before Christmas.

Haunted or Hunted

By Camo-flage

I was born on October 20th 2000, but to tell my story, I will need to start from the year 2014.

It was in fact July of 2014 we ended up moving again, to the final place where weird things have happened. The first night, we put my sisters to bed, and my mum came in to discuss living rules, and then ‘pitter patter’ we hear human feet running around the house going into the toilet, laundry area which is right across from my room, butby then hours had passed since the were put to sleep, we even checked and they were fast asleep.

The Unwanted House Guest

By IAmAHollow

I’ve always had an interest with paranormal things, and coming from a super religious family, it set me apart from the rest of my siblings. However, there’s too many things that have happened to me that were paranormal.

We have been living in this house for a little over 7 years. I always hated this stupid house. The first paranormal experience I’ve had was after a year or two of living here. I was home alone for a few hours. Another Sunday. My bedroom was on the main floor, across the hall from my parents’ room and one of my siblings’ rooms. I was showering, and my dog, Shadow, was sitting on the back of the couch waiting for my mom to return home. Shadow has terrible separation anxiety when it comes to my mom. Anyway, the bathroom door was shut, and I heard a soft knock on the bathroom door. For a second, I forgot I was home alone. I called out.

Ghost in the Locker Room

By Purple Chan

This happened quite awhile ago when I was in grade school. There were always stories and rumors going around the school about ghost and paranormal things teachers would experience after staying late to finish up things.

I thought it was all a hoax, until I was alone in the locker room.

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