4 TRUE Facebook Horror Stories

Facebook might be full of crazy stalkers, serial killers and Catfish!
Be wary when you use your facebook login – You might meet a facebook pervert!
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A Creepy Facebook Acquaintance

  Before I start I want to mention that I’m female and English isn’t my native language so I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes I might make.

Also it’s important to mention few things about my hometown. The town’s population is about 1 3oo and mostly fits in both sides of one road. There are mostly agribusiness, just one small grocery store, restaurant, bank and one small store which sells little bit everything. Because the size we also go nearby towns.

Facebook Pervert

So we are driving home right now and Im bored so I thought i’d write this story to entertain some people,I sent some of my family’s paranormal stories to another YouTuber and I asked him to do a collaboration with darkness prevails because him and this other YouTuber are my favorite to listen to but he either didn’t read it or hasn’t had time but those aren’t important right now so ill get into the story.

Just some background to the story first , Im 17 years old and I met a girl on the other side of the world and we basicly started talking and hit it off very well. she was nice so after about a whole yr we hooked up and we have been together for almost 2 yrs now and in a yr or so ill go to see her and we’ll get married if all goes according to plan.

Dating His Stalker

By Chrissy

This didn’t happen to me but to my coworker, it’s still developing but a lot has happened and it’s enough to creep me out so I figured I’d share it. About a year ago is, I believe, when it started. I work at a grocery store, in the drugstore department with my friend B. He’s a nice guy, very mild tempered and kind, maybe a tiny bit…well, desperate is the mean way to put it. He just hasn’t found the right girl.

So, he met M while working, shortly after I started working there. From what I heard from B, she came up to him one day and passed him a piece of paper with her name and number saying she wanted to get to know him. B thought she was pretty cute and the way she approached him was nice so they started texting. This is were things got a bit strange. It started with the same ‘ol, don’t text her back for an hour, why aren’t you answering me, stuff and eventually turned into her coming to the store to watch him work and she even started leaving Bible verses around the store. Not just any Bible versus but all Bible verses about lust and baring children and just sexual stuff pretty much. B would usually tell me about her, about how weird she acted leaving these pieces of paper with scriptures to look up and telling them how they belong together, mind you this was only about 2 months after they met.

5 TRUE Spring Break Horror Stories

Spring Break 2017 is almost here, and the strangers and psychos are coming!
Stalkers, Psychos, and real ghosts can be spring breakers, too!
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