Crazy Man in the Woods

By Christian H.

For a little backstory… I am a 15 year old boy, I have short black hair and brown eyes. I was born and raised in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I was also raised around firearms but I never thought i’d need to use one for self defense.

This story takes place at a small community park near my house. My girlfriend and I we’re having a picnic with our families. Her name is Caroline, she’s a year or two older than I, and has long blonde hair that sits just above her shoulders and beautiful blue eyes. She’s very petite and almost always has a smile on her face.

5 TRUE Hunting Horror Stories of Monsters and Killers

Hunting Season is coming, but real monsters will make you their prey in the forest.

Creature in the Bayou

By 2020grad

At the time I was about 8 or 9 years old, me and my mom took a trip to go see my family in Wynne, Arkansas. We stayed and chatted with family for a while ,but I started to get really bored and about 5 minutes later my uncle asked me if I wanted to go hunting with him and my cousin Cody. I said yes, so we packed the guns and headed out. But on the way there I got a bad feeling like something was going to happen but I ruled it out as just being paranoid or nervous.

We got there about 25 minutes later and started to set up. We went about 5 miles into thick wood of the mercer bayou setting up snares for deer or wild hogs. We went a couple miles further into the woods. Later on we set up a platform on a tree about 10 feet off the ground so we sat , ate lunch, and talked for a while ,but after 3 hours of nothing my uncle and cousin decided to go back and check the traps.

They are Haunting Me

By UserError404

The story I´m about to tell you is kind of weird, but first a bit about me.I found your channel about one month ago and since then I’ve been wanting to post this, I´m a person that like to look at the stars and question the cosmos, and I do believe that aliens exist because the universe is really big. Now my story is mostly about nightmares I am still in high school so when I have school the next day i normally go to sleep at about 11 pm because i have to wake up at 7.30.

I also live in a suburban area in Portugal which might come as a sort of explanation to story later. As for my story as i go to bed and at that time of the night it is kinda pitch black except from the alarm clock that emits a green light so in the dark i can pick out my desk and wardrobe, when its about 11.30 to 12 pm if I still could not catch some sleep i start to feel anxiety and a type of life being watch type feeling, like those you get when you go alone into a creepy forest.

Scariest Walk Home

By Riley C.

Back in 2000, I walked home from work b/c it was only a 15 minute walk home tops & my husband at the time was with our three daughters (one car, different work schedules. So whoever was watching the girls, kept the car in case they needed to go somewhere). There was a creepy path I normally walked to work & back on. It took me across a high grass field, then bent on to a path that only Tim Burton could have created but it was short, just keep your head down & walk fast.

It led you to the cemetery back fence, but the town gave access to a foot path to get to store where I worked. About 6 months into this job, there was a creepy drunk guy that would like to sit & watch people walk on the ‘Tim Burton’ path. It bothered me so much that I decided I did not want to be the victim of a possible attack so a co-worker told me to walk the main road, that led to a restaurant & Inn parking lot. In back of there was a very steep bank of 60 feet or so that you would have to maneuver down carefully, walk across another 50 feet of someone’s land, thru some trees & I’d be home. Those where my only two options, as I was the closer of my department & it was too late to wake the girls for my husband to get them in the car to come get me.

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