Bad Amiibo

By Jacob F.

I’ve always been a huge Nintendo fan. Whenever a new Nintendo game or a new console would come out, I would always try to be the first one to always buy it. A few years passed by and now I live on my own in Chico. They had just released these Nintendo action figures called, Amibo that you would play with their new console, the WiiU.

And of course, being the big Nintendo fan I still am, I bought one of the Amibo’s when they first hit the shelves. I lived up in the mountains, and surprisingly there was a GameStop not far where I lived. It looked kind of old and dusty. Like no one went there for months.

Wendigo in New Mexico

By Wafflez yup

I faintly remember this story from a very trusted family friend who swears to god it was true and he had multiple witnesses to back him up. Ok so here it goes, my friend ( let’s call him john) is currently 19 years old and was going deep into a barren field to shoot some guns. John is a firm believer in paranormal creatures such as wendigo, skinwalkers, and witches. So you can imagine that he was terrified to go to this field which has supposedly been a breeding ground for wiedigo sightings.

After they were done shooting they went to the car to head out but the car simply would not start. So they call up their mutual friends to see what was wrong. About 30 minutes later they arrive and quickly come to the realization that the car would need more than just a simple jump start to get the car in working order.

I Looked a Ghost in the Eye

By William R.

When I was about 7 years old, me, my mom, dad, older sister “Laura”, and older brother “Steven” moved into a 2 story suburban house we came from an apartment that was getting too small for all of us. Anyways, during the first 2 weeks of trying to sleep in my room in our new home, there were some nights when I would see the hallway light come on, because I could see the light shine through the cracks of my door creating a rectangular glow. I wouldn’t hear the click of the light switch come on or hear any doors open.

This would happen at late hours in the night almost every night between 12am and 4am and to make things worse, I would also hear footsteps in the hallway, but I didn’t think much of this, I thought maybe someone got up to use the restroom, or to get a glass of water, or something, and that was true sometimes, as I would hear someone in the bathroom or go down the stairs and open and close the fridge door.

Whiskey and Death

By EvantheNerd83

I will not give my name or where I live now.

Those aren’t important right now. All that matters is that I’ve finally decided to write down my secret, to put it down where I can leave it and for, maybe someday, someone to find.

My Impossible Nightmare

By Harris

Many people have fears of spiders, snakes, ghosts, the dark, and death. I share the fear of spiders; however, it does not compare to my monster. My monster haunted me throughout my dreams mainly from when I was the age of three to four. I had nightmarish dreams beyond anything I have ever experienced due to how real the dreams felt. They were the scariest dreams I have ever experienced.

It always began with me in what I can only describe as an apocalyptic environment with blood red skies, dust everywhere, skeletons all over the dust, one highway bridge, and blood in every source of water. Now even though I was very young I remember the dream clearly due to the fact that it reoccurred about 9 years later.

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