Dogman of Arkansas

I came across your youtube channel while looking around the internet on the Dogman topic and I just wanted to share my story with you.

Back in the summer of 1995 I was 15 years old and I spent a lot of my time out at my grandparents house in a very backwoods, rural area a little southeast of Little Rock. They lived down a series of networked dirt roads in the same house they had been in since my mom was a child. The closest town was roughly 10 miles as the crow flies and the nearest neighbor was around 2 miles up the road.

Now I grew up in the woods and my entire childhood was spent playing in them and hunting in them with my grandpa. By 15 I was pretty well versed in the native wildlife. But this one evening in the summer of 1995, I saw something that would make me question everything I ever knew, and make me never want to return to the woods again.

When I stayed with my grandparents, my grandfather had a very strict policy of being inside the house by nightfall. One evening, my cousin and I had strayed out a little too far and darkness began to set in on our way back. It was one of those evenings where the sky was red and orange, streaked with a few clouds as the sun set and night began to fall.

It wasn’t quite dark and wasn’t quite light. It was that kind of in between where the sun isn’t all the way down, and the sun was low on the horizon casting eerie shadows across the landscape and everything takes on a bit more of a sinister tone than it does in the full daylight.

My grandfather raised hunting dogs and the point we emerged from the woods was a point across the field behind my grandparents house and situated right here just into the treeline was the dog pin and across from it an old barn, from an era of days gone by that was no longer used and we were forbidden from entering because of its dilapidated state.  It was in that very spot that the way I looked at the world would be forever changed.

As we neared the dog pin we could hear all of my grandpa’s hunting dogs making quite the racket over something. As we approached we could see them all looking towards the barn, hackles raised and letting on that something was over in that direction. It was about this moment my nostrils were filled with the strong odor of wet dog, rotting animal and piss. It was so strong it made me and my cousin both start gagging. I looked towards the barn and what I saw is forever scarred into my memory.

A creature, resembling a canine, was peering at us from around the corner of the barn. It had one hand wrapped around the corner and and only the top half of itself exposed, it almost appeared to be grinning at us revealing huge sharp looking teeth. To me, this thing looked more like a massive hyena in the face. It had pointed ears that sat atop it’s head and matted fur that kinda covered it’s head and chest real thick, almost like a lions mane and that thinned out towards the chest area. It stepped out the rest of the way from around the corner and this thing was walking upright, like a human, it’s legs bent backwards like a dog, It’s hands resembled that of a humans but reminded me of a raccoons paws, it had claws and it’s palms had what looked like the padding a dog would have.  The arms stretched low and it had sort of a slumped over posture and kinda looked like it would be just as at home walking on all fours and it would bipedal, it was reddish brown in color and stood in the very least 7 1/2 feet tall and it was built like brick shit house. We stood there too afraid to move and in complete disbelief of what we were seeing. Then this thing let out a growl so loud and so deep I could feel it reverberate in my chest. I had a handgun with me but I didn’t feel like it would be anywhere near enough to stop this thing if it came at us.

I know you aren’t supposed to run from a predator, but in that moment it’s exactly what my cousin and I both did. Like the wind and blazing a trail of fire behind us we made for my grandparents house roughly 500 yards away. I heard this thing crashing through the field behind us but I did not dare turn to look. We burst through the door of my grandparents house and in a yammering of hyperactive gibberish both of us began to blurt out and try to explain to my grandpa what had just happened. It took a while to calm us down, and when we did my grandpa sat us down and told us the reason why he didn’t allow us out past dark. He said that a long time ago whatever that thing was had came up around the house looking in windows and was creeping around thier property at night. He said he had seen it on some other occasions since and that some years ago it had also killed several cattle that he used to own and chased him back to his truck one evening as well. He said it wasn’t friendly and that it damn sure isn’t afraid of humans.

I know what I saw. My cousin knows what he saw. It wasn’t a misidentified animal. It wasn’t anything I have ever seen in my life before or since.  This thing scared me so badly I have never been back to those woods since and I rarely venture into any woods at all these days some 22 years later. People need to know  that these things are real, they are out there and they aren’t friendly.


Werewolf Sighting

Okay, so here is my story. My parents said that I couldn’t say it to anyone, so I want to stay anonymous. I live in the Netherlands, in an outlying area. Only with big landscapes and farms. It was close to midnight and I had to drive home. I was under 18 so I still had my bike.

My parents couldn’t come to pick me up so I wanted to take a short cut through the forest. It was a really creepy path. My mom told me to never go there without my phone because many accidents happened there. So when I was going home I got a creepy vibe. Something wasn’t right and my body wanted to turn around and take the other way. It was a full moon and it was beautiful.

I never believed in werewolves, ghosts or anything like that. Halfway on the road, I saw something in the meadow. I knew and still know the farmer that lives there. I wanted to take a closer look and I did. It was a sheep but completely torn apart.

I thought it was a wild dog or a fox but it was really, really torn apart. I got scared and drove to my home. I told my mom and she said it was a dog, it happened a lot there. The next day I went to the farmer that lived there to tell him about the sheep.

He denied that there was a dead sheep. When we took a closer look, it was gone. He talked really weird about it. I told him about the accidents that happened before. I didn’t think much of it until I heard other strange things about the farmer.

A friend of mine found a leg of a sheep, ripped clean off. We have a lot of sightings here. We think it’s the farmer. When we went to his house for a dinner last time, he had a gun next to his door. He didn’t have any silver stuff in his house. He doesn’t have a dog but he has a cage outside.

We still don’t know what to think of it. This is my story

4 Terrifying TRUE War Stories

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These 4 scary stories from war are tales of the supernatural, paranormal activity, of haunted forests, civil war and other scary stories from subscribers.
– The Horrors of War – Traumatizing War Experiences and War PTSD by Frederick C.
– Haunted Forest of Okinawa – Scary Japanese Story and Japanese Urban Legend by Adrian
– Real Werewolf Sighting during World War 1 by Tony S.
– Iraq Demon Sighting and Djinn Encounter of an American Sniper by Enrico Suave

Stalked in Texas

First off I would like to give a shout out to Darkness Prevails, AWESOME channel. I subscribed because I like the way the stories are narrated. Now on to the story. This happened about 6 years ago. I was 19 and newly married to what I THOUGHT was a decent guy. He was an army soldier and had just finished his A.I.T. or Advancement In Training and had paid for me to fly from Colorado where he traveled to meet up with me. I had met him online. Stupid I know. But thankfully this story’s not about him. Some months after he had flown me to Texas and we had gotten an apartment in the middle of  NOWHERE Ft. Bliss. I swear our apartment complex was an oasis in a dry dusty area. On one side of the street was nothing but strip joints and such the other side, where our complex was, was spread thin with buildings few and far between. On one side was a What-A-Burger and a couple blocks further down pas that was Family Dollar. If you walked several blocks in the other direction you’d come to the corner of the street and would actually have to cross it to get to the convenience store on the other side. No, that’s not a chicken joke. So anyways. My now ex-husband had left for a thirty day training period doing god knows what. I had the place to myself and was getting restless. There was really no place to go. So I walked the several blocks to the corner and across the street to pick up some snacks and a few sodas. Everything was fine, until I noticed someone walking behind me. I looked back and noticed an elderly gentleman of African American descent, with a red plaid flannel shirt and black jeans on. He had a grayish black beard. He wore a green ball cap with a white logo that I no longer remember and white tennies. I stepped off to the side to let the man pass and continue walking. At the same time I put my free hand in the pocket of my pants to grasp the small pocket knife I kept there. The man passed then stopped. He stopped and started some meaningless chatter. I made polite conversation until he told me. “you know I love you.” with a pause between you know and i love you. I stopped and looked at the guy. “you don’t even know me so there’s no way you could love me” By this time we were getting close to the apartment complex. Just then the man said “well there’s love at first sight”  “that’s not true love and if you will excuse me I have to go good night” I rushed through the open gates of the complex and was heading down the side walk when I got the urge to turn around. Doing so I saw that the man was still there. I yelled at him good night and to go away. Turning I walked again. I heard foot steps behind me and without looking I ran the rest of the way to my apartment. This too was stupid I know but I really had no where else to go. I was halfway across the country from my family and no friends to speak of at the time. Now as I’ve heard this said so many times I will back this statement up, even though its an old cliche horror movie, when you’re under a stressful situation your hands do shake more than you’d like them too. So if you have keys in your hand inserting it into your apartment lock to get away from a stalker is really difficult. I managed to get in and slammed the door as the guy reached my door. I called my dad as for the next thirty minutes I heard frantic knocking on my door. My dad made me call the cops who didn’t arrive until the next day. Thanks for nothing Ft. Bliss. Dpt. For days afterward I didn’t leave the apartment. When my ex husband found out his only concern was his guns and M.R. meals and before you ask. No I didn’t know how to shoot the guns. I didn’t even have the hand strength to pull the trigger either.

So mister creepy late night stalker that harassed me on the way home that night. Let’s not meet.. EVER again.




The Soldier in my Attic

This story is about what happened to my brother in the attic of my old house.

When I was 8 years old I lived in a long row of red brick terraced houses in the city of Manchester, UK. These houses were built during World War 2 and were one army barracks and home to soldiers and their families.

If you’ve ever watched the TV soap ‘Coronation Street’ you’ll know what type of houses I mean. The whole street looked like an L.S. Lowry painting.

The house was set over three floors, the living room, kitchen and bathroom on the first floor, my bedroom and my parents bedroom on the second, and the attic had been separated into two bedrooms for my brothers.

On the night this happened my eldest brother, who was 19 at the time, was staying at a friends house, my parents were at my nana’s house who lived next door but one, so my brother who was 17 was left looking after me.

It was around 9pm that I was sent to bed as I had school the next morning. About twenty minutes later, I was already asleep by then, my brother told me he went to be after checking on me.

He sat in his room playing on his PlayStation 1 until he fell asleep around 11pm. By then my parents were already home.

Sometime in the early hours of the morning, something woke me up. Groggy and tired I sat up in my bed and looked towards my door.

I should mention that I used to dream vividly as a child and had gotten used to seeing things when I was in that world of between consciousness and dreamland. So much so that I used to have full blown conversations with someone in my dreams while I was half awake, and my parents would come in my room to find me muttering to myself.

So something woke me up, I peered around my room for a second which was lit up dimly by my night light, before I looked at my door which was half open.

I saw a man. A soldier. He was wearing a khaki uniform, I’m not sure whether it was one of the camouflage ones as he was covered in mud. It was all over his clothes drying and cracking, all over his hands, on his face and under his chin.

He looked at my and asked me a question.

“Do you know where my mam is?”

I replied saying that I was sorry but I hadn’t seen his mother. He just looked and me and nodded and then walked away, I heard our attic stairs squeaking as weight was put on them.

I lay back down, falling back to sleep when I heard a scream and then rapid footsteps down both sets of stairs. By the time I had gotten out of bed the front door slammed and my dad was halfway down the stairs shouting after my brother. My mum had ran up the stairs to the attic but found nothing, just my brother duvet balled up in the corner of the room.

That night my brother went to his girlfriends and begged his girlfriends parents to let him stay. He stayed on their sofa for 4 days before my parents convinced him to come home.

In those 4 days I had told my mother countless times that the soldier went up the stairs to the attic but she just shook it off as one of my dreams.

When my brother came home he finally told everyone what happened.

He said he had been asleep when he was awakened by his duvet falling off him. Without opening his eyes he grabbed his duvet and pulled it up to his chin. Seconds later the duvet was roughly dragged off him and my brother shot up only to come face to face with the soldier.

My brother immediately thought it was one of our older brothers friends just fucking with him, so he went through shove the soldier away while cursing out our older brother. Except when he pushed the soldier he said his hands went straight through his chest.

For a minute he was shocked and looked up at the soldier, he said the soldier was looking down at my brothers arms through his torso with a look of horror on his face. This in when my brother started screaming and ran down the stairs.

No one believed either me or my brother.

The weird thing is that wasn’t the only strange thing that happened in that house. I guess there was multiple ghosts or spirits in that house because although many things happened after that, I never saw the soldier again.