Military Mistakes

By Tanner S.

First I should start off with a little bit of backstory. I live right in the heart of Utah, where the military is famous for causing havoc. For example, a few years ago a nerve gas test went wrong and killed a flock of sheep grazing nearby my house. I live in the back of a fairly residential area, with my back door leading out into a small mountain range covered mostly in scrub oak. This land is owned by someone, but we don’t know who. For ages, whoever’s owned it has let people hike, bike, and do whatever they wanted on this land, but they shut that down when people began to dump trash and other unwanted things there.


By Hammslamm

You can choose to believe this or not, but I’m honestly tired of keeping quiet and having it wrack my brain trying to figure out what the fuck it is.

A bit of history though: I was always an odd child, even an odd baby, and I guess now you could say I’ve grown into an odd adult. I’ve countless experiences and stories that have just become my every day, but there is one thing that constantly sits in the back of my mind and I have exhausted every logical explanation I can think of or think of researching.

The Man in my Window

By Michael

Hi my name is Michael and I’m from Scotland. I am gonna tell you about my experience with something that doesn’t make sense.

I was in my old house, well is not that very old but something really creeped me out I was in my bed when it happened. My mum opened the curtains so That she can bring fresh air to my bedroom, when I was asleep I woke up suddenly then it was there the man in my window. Grinning at me, his face and body were covered in darkness.

Paranoid Hunt

By Ryan

It was a cold summer night around eleven thirty, the thunder was rattling outside and ft or some reason I couldn’t sleep, my little brother was sleeping in the bunk above me on our bunk bed, the cheapness of the bed meant I could reel him tossing and turning in his sleep, the creak of the bed wasn’t new to me, we had been sleeping in the same room for a few years now and I was used to the odd creak.

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