Grandma’s Haunted House

By Cskkot1304

One night I had to sleep at my grandmas. I didn’t like her house because it was, creepy in a way. When it was night I had to sleep alone.

I was 10 and always slept alone at home but I didn’t like sleeping alone at my grandmas. I woke up round about 2:30. I woke up needing to go to the toilet. It felt like someone was watching me. I heard doors closing and opening in the lounge.

Shadow Man

By Kellin

I was in 3rd or 4th grade at the time this happened. We had recently moved into a new duplex after my mother had gone though a breakup with a boyfriend. It was my mom, my older sister who is 2 years older than me and myself. My bed was against the wall in front of my door which lead to the hallway.

I always left my door open in fear something would be in my room so I could call to my mom or just run out if needed. I had always been sensitive to the unexplained and that made me really scared when I was younger. I was sleeping facing the wall on my side when I suddenly woke up at around 2 or 3 in the morning.

Encounter with a Skinwalker


It started off late during the night, about 4 years ago, in the middle of summer. My friends, let’s call them Daniel and Andrew, and I were playing a game of Nerf war out in my 5 and a half acres. I was hiding in the forest that my family owned, holding my Nerf swords in my hands, my one shot pistol in my back pocket. I heard Daniel start up his automatic Nerf gun nearby me. I crouched behind my tree, leaning to try and see him. I hear him move closer, yet the movement was from behind me, while the sound of the powered Nerf gun was in front of me.

Thinking that I was cornered, I spun around to find no one. I jumped out, signaling Daniel to go silent. He stopped his gun, and slipped up to me.

Samodiva of Bulgaria

By Alexander

Hello, my name is Alexander. I am from Bulgaria which is in the Balkans, Europe.
Bulgarians have a forest spirit we call a Samodiva. They are humanlike, usually wearing a white cloak or dress and armed with a bow and arrow used to catch their human prey. They appear in the mountains.

My story begins with a party in a small village in the mountains. We were pretty wasted and we were having a good time, it was about 11 o’clock at night. Then a old woman told us not to go out at night in here, apparently it wasn’t safe at night.

Indian Doll

By Dyfah A.

From ages 4 to 12 my mom had this habit of thinking I was interested in collecting cultural China dolls. I never complained about them so I guess it’s not her fault for continuously purchasing them.

For my 12th birthday she figured a Nativa American Doll would be another amazing part of my collection . (Her collection really) I unwrapped the Indian doll and the first thing I noticed was the weird writing on its foot. I couldn’t make out what it said because honestly, the writing looked made-up. I brushed it off and set the doll on the self with the rest of my minions. (China dolls of course).

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