5 REAL Imaginary Friend Ghost Stories

Tell me about your friends – Your imaginary friends. Here come the Real Ghost Stories and Scary Demon Encounters.

My Dark Imaginary Friends

By GreySkySmiles

As a bit of background, I am twenty now but this story took place from the time I moved into my great-grandparents house at the age of five to just a few years ago as I have since moved out.

My mother, my twin sister, and I lived together in a simple single-story house built in the late 1800’s and, boy, does it have a history. At least one hanging in the backyard, a shooting in the front, a suicide in the basement, and two infants that suffered SIDS (spontaneous infant death syndrome) or by other means. So, saying the place has a rather colorful background is putting it delicately.

Not All is as it Seems

By arabian92knight

To start off, let me tell you that I don’t take hallucinogen drugs, nor do I smoke anything or drink anything. I consider myself a Christian, which makes talking about these experiences with some friends and my family rather difficult. In fact this story is a bit difficult to explain, and a bit long, so sorry in advance.

As for my story, now that I’m in my early 20s, I know that what I experienced in the past wasn’t due to an over active imagination. When I was little, I would have imaginary friends. Nothing weird there, every kid has an imaginary friend. But mine were different. They tended to have more details when I would explain them to my family.

My Cousin Tommy

By nekrotic

So for many years now, I’ve always wondered about the truth. what is real, and what isn’t. this greatly stems from what I’m about to share with you. when i was a young lad, about 4 or 5, I have strong memories of a boy. His name was Tommy.

I remember him as my cousin. We would chill in bed together, watch cartoons. Tom and Jerry was our favourite. It took place in the room i’m typing to you from now. Let me preface this by saying, I do not know the truth of this, ghost, imagination, or something altogether more sinister.


By NauticalNightmareic gamers

This happened to my cousins 5 years ago. One of them had just made up an imaginary friend after his dog died. The friend was called Spike named after their dead dog. They thought nothing of it since he was only 6. I’ll call the one with the friend James and my 2 other cousins Stacey and Mike. The imaginaryfriend was a dog aswell.

After everyone discovered this strange things happened. One night Mike (who is 15) heard rustling from downstairs. He went down to see no one. But when he looked in the kitchen he saw cubberds open, chairs knocked over and worst of all his brother outside holding a dog lead.

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