Dogman is Stalking Me

This is a true story my brother wrote:

So to start off this story I’ll need to give you a back story on myself and the person/s involved. I live in a semi rural area in Far North Queensland just south of Cairns that is surrounded by dry bushland, rain forests and mountains. My mother and sister are both religious (more or less), and do believe in creatures and manifestations that exist beyond our knowledge. My father and I on the other hand, have always been the “I’ll have to see it to believe it.” type. This all started back when I was 17. It was a rainy night due to the torrential down pour of the wet season (it’s especially bad in the tropics).

Anyways, my friends and I were out long boarding around the block and we had just left my house and were approaching one of our favourite hills. Due to the weather, visibility was rather poor and we couldn’t see 5 ft in front of us. On the left hand side there was a 1/2 acre block of land that was covered with tall grass. My friends decided they’d go first while I was tying my laces, although I couldn’t see them, I could hear them going down as long boards aren’t exactly discrete. They reached the bottom and shouted the all clear for me (we had a system where the first ones down had to watch for cars). Before setting off I started to feel a little uneasy, like I was being watched, but thinking nothing of it I set off down the hill. About halfway down I began to hear what sounded like footsteps behind, or rather, “thuds”. Kind of like what you hear when a dog’s paws hit the pavement mid-run…

Only it sounded heavier. Bigger. It continued down the hill after me and at this point I was kinda freaking out and lost focus. I turned to see what was running after me, and to my horror I was petrified to find a 7-8 ft tall being with what looked to be yellow eyes, pointed ears and a greyish-black mane. I noticed that this thing had locked eyes with me the second I turned my head and the speed was unlike any animal I’ve seen run before.

While I was fixated on this creature, I paid little attention to what was happening in front of me and my board hit a rock- I wiped out in the middle of the road. I managed to control my fall and rolled, eventually stopping as I laid face down on the road. Fearing that whatever was chasing me might be standing over me, I mustered up the courage to look. I glanced over the corner of my arm and saw that whatever was chasing me down the hill had gone, but I was frozen, mostly due to shock and disbelief. After about 5 minutes laying there on the road, my friends came back to see if I was okay. I could hear them cracking jokes about me eating shit on the fall but I was in no mood for jokes. Still making fun of me, they helped me to my feet and we walked home… but I still felt like I was being watched.

Even in the presence of my friends, the feeling just wouldn’t subside. Upon arriving back at my house I told my mum and dad about the whole ordeal and as I expected, my father shrugged it off saying “your mind was just playing tricks on you”. On the other hand, mum seemed convinced but didn’t say much. The rest of the night was pretty chill after that, I had a shower, cleaned up the grazes and went to bed. That was the first encounter.

The second encounter took place roughly a few days after the first. This time it happened while I was inside, in the kitchen. It was around 9pm and I was starting to wind down for the night as I had school the following day. Whilst getting a drink from the fridge, I stared out the window… Why? I have no idea. Anyways, I daydreamed off towards the street light on the backroad behind my house. We have two driveways, one out the front and one out the back that connects to the main street behind my house. During the day it gets pretty busy as its the main road in our area. So, as I stared at the street light on the main road, my eye caught a glimpse of something standing directly under it. I focused on it for at least a minute or two and managed to mentally record the following features. Much like before, it had those same, distinctive large-pointed ears.

I noted the muscular build on the chest and arms on this thing this time, almost like one of those body builder types, and the legs kind of resembled that of a dog’s hind legs. It gets better, the fucked part for me was it’s hands. It had ordinary hands!? Like… opposable thumbs and all, at least from what I could tell given the distance! I would boil it down to a prankster fucking with me… If it wasn’t 7-8 ft tall. It had one hand on the lamp-post and the other was sort of knuckled down on the ground, to me it looked like it was having a rest or something. When the familiarisation with this thing set in… I began shitting myself, especially because of course when I decided to look over, it decided to turn its head to the house and look back. Fuck sakes. I noticed its ears had punched up and it seemed more alert now… which, correct me if I’m wrong, usually in dogs indicates full attention. I came to my senses and ran to lock the door.

In a panic, I called out for my sister and my mum to come (dad I’m pretty sure was at work still at the time). They came rushing in as I was fucking frantic about the whole thing, I told them exactly what I saw and as clearly as I could… but by the time we went out to the balcony to look the creature had vanished. At this point I was pretty sure I was going crazy and starting to see shit that wasn’t actually there… that was, until the next two encounters I had in the weeks to follow.

The third encounter was lot shorter than the others, but it was so fucking intense it had me on edge for ages. It was the weekend, and mum had decided to go into town with my sister. I decided to stay in for a night of gaming, I didn’t mind being home alone. It started off as a pretty good night, I was going positive on Battlefield 4, so my mood was at a high. After about an hour of gaming I started hearing a scratching noise outside my headset. I thought maybe my headset was playing up, so I took it off and the scratching became very apparent when I sourced it to the stairs right outside my window. Just FYI, my window is about 8-9 ft off the ground, the only way you can look through it is if you’re actually on the balcony. Our house is on a slope, so it has stilts which is basically where my room is. This is how I was able guesstimate the height of this thing. Nervously, I looked up at my window and there I saw them. Those same pointed ears just rising centimetres away from the window seal.

This scared the hell out of me and I was frozen again at the realisation that this thing was right outside my bedroom window, taunting me. It was probably drawn to the sound of me talking to my friends online…

All I know is this thing seemed to enjoy my torment. I buried my face into my pillow and sat on the floor… Listening. I could hear it panting, much like a dog with subtle growling under its breath and the stairs creaking under its weight. Fuck, I thought. I shut my eyes and after what seemed like a lifetime, the scratching finally stopped and I could hear thudding across the lawn as it seemingly made its departure. I was able to pull my face from my pillow.. But I stayed grounded on my bedroom floor. I didn’t leave my room the whole night until my mother and sister came back at 2-3am.

My final and most recent encounter took place when my sister and I were driving on a secluded road that leads to the national park roughly 10-15 minutes down from my house. It was a nice afternoon, my sister and I are into photography and thought we’d get some nice scenic shots out that way. However this encounter didn’t take place until we were on our way home. In fact, I’m not actually sure if this counts as an encounter considering the large possibility of misidentification. Anyways, we were heading back and just got onto a windy section of road that takes us through the more dense parts in the bush. It’s made up of tall trees, dense grassland and shrubs, not to mention its also farmers’ land so its pretty common to see a stray horse or cow cross the road.

As I was driving I caught something moving amongst the grass out of the corner of my eye. It was something rather big, so I stopped the car and looked at the area I thought I saw it move in. My sister funnily enough, also saw something move, but to this day she still tells me she isn’t entirely sure what she saw that day. Out of extreme anxiety and the fact that she kept telling me to drive, we took off home and didn’t return for a while. Its been about a year since I’ve had these encounters, things have gone quiet but it always sits in the back of my mind whether or not I will see the creature again.

Actually, come to think of it, just yesterday mum told me that she had a strange feeling of being watched when she was checking on our chickens in the back yard. Supposedly something was spooking them in the night, so she went down with a torch, which is something she does all the time but this time she found herself bolting back to the house due to eery feelings.

Honestly I still ponder on how the situations could have changed depending on where I could have been in each of them. What would have happened if I was outside when that thing approached my window? I hate to think that this creature would cause me extreme harm or possibly death but I do know that it was or is indeed a possibility. I still don’t know to this day if what I saw was authentic or not. We’ve nicknamed it “dogman”… but it’s only after these encounters that I have learned from the online community that dogman is apparently very much at large…

Cabin Fever

Me and my friend, who’ll I’ll call Hunter (not his real name for privacy reasons), have been close since we met in second grade. We both had similar interests and we agreed on basically everything, apart from ice cream. We were normal friends until about 6th grade. We both go to a private school, but only that my friend’s parents don’t pay, its the company. His mother basically in never at home, always on business trips at like, months at a time. His father, the piece of shit, is a drunkard. I don’t even know why his parents are still together. But anyways, around 6th grade, Hunter’s father’s drinking problem got worse. It got to the point where he had started to abuse Hunter, both verbally and physically. My parents found out about this, how I won’t say because privacy. From that point on, Hunter basically comes and stays at our house when things go south, even now, and were both 15. Things are so bad that sometimes he doesn’t even have time to pack his bag with clothes, and everything valuable he owns is at my place because he doesn’t trust his father to not break them. Luckily, we’re the same physique, so clothing isn’t an issue. Most of you probably find that disgusting, but he’s like a brother to me, even though I’m a single child and so is he. Sorry for the long introduction…

It was the first week of summer vacation and, for some reason, my parents decided that we would go to our chalet in the mountains. Now let me explain, since it will be important for the story, our chalet is similar in size to the one in the picture. I don’t really want to give pictures since I don’t want a similar thing to happen again. Basically, we have a chalet that can comfortably house 14 people, has an indoor pool, outdoor hot tub, home cinema, gaming room, etc… And don’t forget the ridiculous amount of closets, both walk in and normal closets. If someone were to break in, it would be a real pain in the ass to find them. Of course, that is what happened. Anyways, as I said, we were going to the chalet and Hunter was going to join us. We were both really happy, and we were even happier to learn that my parents were going to leave us alone for basically the first week since the had some business to take care of.

We arrive at the chalet, my parents drop off our stuff, and drove away. We were alone. For 6 whole days. In a chalet with a dedicated gaming room. Basically heaven for both me and Hunter. Little did we know that heaven was going to turn into hell. We go into the house and leave our stuff in our room, and prepare for a night of video games, films and general bull-shittery. My first mistake is when I open the window on the first floor, just a little since it has a safeguard that blocks it from opening any further without pressing some obscure button. We start to play at around 6 PM, and take a break at 8 PM… well, I take a break. I pass the window that I opened, and now its fully opened. Stupid immature 13 year old me thinks that I opened it completely, and that nobody could possibly climb on the giant balcony that was actually very low. This is where the fun begins, ladies and gentlemen. I close the window, go to the bathroom and take a water bottle from the kitchen back to us for future use. We continue to play after that, about 30 minutes without interruption. Then, we hear a scratching sound from somewhere in the house. We pass it off as some animal scratching outside really loudly. We continue to play, until Hunter says something which still gives me the chills. He asks me why I put my hand on his shoulder. We had the lights turned off, and he was concentrating very hard on the game. We were playing COD Zombie survival, I think and I had died already 3 times, so I was more relaxed then him. Hopefully, none of you will ever fell that feeling of dread in your stomach, that feeling that you are hunted in your house, a place where you are supposed to feel secure. I turn to look at him and, indeed, there is a hand on his shoulder.

I can’t talk. I am beyond scared, paralyzed. the man is wearing all black, and his face is hidden by the hood of his jacket. My friend’s scream when he notices that it isn’t my hand that is touching him galvanizes me into action. I jump up and pull Hunter by his hand. I hear his shirt rip as we both run out of the room by the second exit. We hear the man chase after us, but in the dark, I’m easily able to lose him in my house. It’s like a maze if it’s the first time that you’re here. I pull my friend up the stairs to the second floor to a sort of living room. We crouch down behind the couch, and I pick up the phone to see if I can call the police. I then notice that the cord connecting the mouth and ear piece to the actual machine is cut, and our mobiles are in our bags upstairs. We hear footsteps coming from the direction which we came. With a cold feeling, I realize that I don’t have the advantage of my enemy being unfamiliar with the layout of the house. He scouted it while we were playing video games.  He stops at the entrance to the living room and whispers loud enough for us to hear, “You boys have nice skin. I want to see more. Please?”. My friend is shaking, and I’m paralyzed. He starts to move closer, heading straight for the couch which we’re behind. He whispers again, “I know where you are, and I know the layout of the house. You can run, but I’ll eventually catch you!”. That’s too much. We both bolt, luckily in the same direction, towards the exit. He immediately starts to run after us, and now he is keeping up. We pass a large cabinet, which I push over to block the path. It slows the man down, but only for a little while. We turn the corner and run up to the third floor, the floor with bedrooms. Hunter runs to our room, but I stop him and we run to a guest room which has a really low bed with low covers. It has a type of storage box underneath it which you can open with a secret button located underneath the frame of the bed. I open it and we crawl inside. I close the door. Since the door folds down and there is a small space on top so I can still access the button. The covers cover the top of the door. We remain there for a small while, working on getting our breathing down.

We hear the man thunder up the stairs, panting. He shouts in the hallway, “I can smell your fear boys! It’s only a matter of time before I catch you and make you mine!”. Hunter whimpers and starts to hyper ventilate. We don’t have anything to stop it or to stifle the breathing. I try to use our shirts, but it doesn’t work. We can hear the man throw open the doors to the dormitories and with each one, my friend’s hyperventilation gets worse. I then try to do the last thing possible, I try to comfort him. I try to mimic my parents, patting his head and repeating that he will be alright. It actually works, and I wasn’t putting much faith into it. But i  continue to hold on to him, party because I’m scared that he’ll start to hyperventilate again and partly to calm myself. Then the door to the guest room where we are hiding bangs open. Hunter holds me even tighter, his face is pressed against my neck. He is trembling slightly, but he is completely quiet. The man ransacks the room, overturning furniture and generally destroying the place. He grunts in frustration the entire time, and emits a growl of frustration at the end that chills me to the bone. It sounds like something a young petulant child would do, only that coming from him… I’ts more than disturbing. He runs out of the room and starts to climb up to the fourth floor. I then remember that we have an alarm system, and that the control panel is next to the main entrance. I push the button to open the door.

We tiptoe towards the stairs, not making a sound since we don’t wear shoes in the house. We hear him ransacking the place upstairs. The fourth floor has a lot of stuff in it, and it would take him a while before he would finally move to the fifth floor and then finally to the basement. We tiptoe towards the main entrance. I open the protective cover with the house key and look at it. There is the magic button. The home invasion alarm button. It basically triggers the alarm without setting it on, if you have intruders in your house while you’re there. I press it. An earsplitting sound shrieks through the house. Great. We can no longer hear him now, so we don’t know where he is. I close the protective lid and lock it. We start to edge along the wall towards the main living area. We want to escape via the huge glass sliding door. The last thing I remember is being hit on the head with a rolling pin.

— The last part of this is told with information given to me by Hunter–

The man drops the rolling pin as I fall to the floor, completely unconscious. My friend is rooted to the spot. All chances of getting away unscathed vanish. The man grabs my friend and holds him, painfully against the wall. He licks his lips, as he looks at him. We both no longer have our T-shirts since I used them to try to stifle Hunter’s hyper ventilation. He presses himself onto Hunter, breathing heavily. The alarm is still blaring in the background. He licks Hunters face and then from his neck to the bottom of his belly (Yes, that happened, according to Hunter, and he’s not the type to lie, especially not to me.), and then stands up and says, “I’ll see you guys some other time.” With that, he leaves through the sliding glass door.

The police arrive less than 2 minutes later and takes us to the hospital. Apparently, if the man would have hit me any lower than he had hit me, (he hit me on the left side), my skull could have fractured. Luckily, there were no severe injuries. Only a little bit of bleeding. The police weren’t able to find the man who did this, even with our help which wasn’t much. It absolutely terrifies me that we might meet him again, but next time we’ll be ready. Since my father has a gun license, which isn’t that hard to acquire in Switzerland, we now have a pistol in our house. Just for safety measures. This night remains as the wort night in my life. Me and Hunter are now basically inseparable  and now he spends most nights at my house.

It took more than half a year for me to convince him to share this story, since he feels what happened that night was too private. I ask you to respect the fact that he decided to share this story, since it was a big step in helping him get over the past.

This is my first post (and hopefully the last! xD)… so tell me if there is anything that I could improve on. 🙂 I’m open to criticism and ideas, so bring it on!

Home Alone

My name is Alex and I live in England. When i was 14 my mum would not be home from work until 6 or maybe a little later, this was because she would have to stay later than the others to sort out the money and take it to the bank and tidy up the stock room then check the building. After she was done doing that she would lock up and come home. Anyway whilst she was at work, I would clean up the house and after completing the house work go upstairs to watch tv or play video games.

I remember the exact day this happened, it was the 7th of October and I was home alone, doing the cleaning and I heard a single heavy knock at the door.

Not the front door, the back. “I thought I locked that gate” I said to my self. as I walked to the door I  saw no one. my door has a big pane of glass in it, so I would have seen a figure outside. But I didn’t ! I convinced myself it was just something hitting the door as it was very windy outside.

I got back to cleaning the fire place when just minutes after the knock, my cat started hissing at the back door. my house was big so It took me quite a few seconds to reach the door. When I got there, he was going crazy at the door so I let him out. nothing eventful happened for the next few hours until the shit hit the fan. by this time I had let my cat back in. I went upstairs to play a game when something literally speed walked past my door and down the hall.seconds later my brothers bedroom door slammed shut and the cat was frantically meowing and clawing at the door. I rushed to the room and the door would not open. he had no locks on that door and it scared me so much that I sprinted to my grandma’s house. she only lives a street away.

I waited until my mum got home and shouted every detail of what happened at her. she came home and ran upstairs to my brothers room. the door was open and so was every door upstairs. all except the bathroom door were shut. my mum didn’t believe me and was very mad at me because she had thought I had made it up to scare my little brother. the next day my mum was working until 7 and I had completely forgotten what had happened the previous day. as I had finished the pots and put them away, I went upstairs and watched a movie. about half way into the movie I had fallen asleep. I was woken by the sound of glass smashing. as I reached the stairs I saw the exact figure go past the stairs not even acknowledging me.

I was curious. so I went down and I screamed as I saw every cupboard and draw were open and so was the door. I told my mum and this time she believed me. I’m not the type to make this up or even dare smash a glass. it had been 4 months and nothing had happened. yet. but later in the 4th month I came home from school to be completely shocked as I saw my mum’s face as she had the most scared expression on her face. she had seen the figure before work.

it is safe to say that we moved quickly after then. and nothing has happened

Home Alone? Not Really…

By Someone_226

Hi! Im a 14 years old girl, I live in Tallinn the capital city of Estonia. I live in a 4- roomed apartment with my parents, sister, brother and dog.

My mom and her parents moved in here when she was about 5 years old. Now, my mom told me that when she was about 8 years old she was eating breakfast in kitchen. She was home alone. You know it was that time when there were no TV’s, computers and not even phones. She was just listening the radio. At the moment she heard the door handle moving, she turned around and it was going down and up by itself. If there was someone she would’ve seen it because the door had a large window that you could see through. She didn’t see or hear anything since that, at least that’s what she said.

When I was old enough to stay home alone then I was so excited, you know you could do anything you want and eat as much candys as you like and so on. That all changed, I started hearing things fall or move, I always called my parents and when they came home nothing was moved from its place. My dad believed me, but my mom was a bit sceptical. I heard these things pretty often and that really scared me but I just brushed it off as I was just imagining it. I still wasn’t a fan staying home alone anymore, at the time I didn’t even have a dog yet. At summers I would usually sit on a bench outside, waiting my parents to come home, at autumn and winter I would just sit at the hall (it’s a small room that leads to apartment, fortunately it has also a door between so I didn’t see anything outside of that room). Why it was so safe to me because I could run out in a second if I wanted and I felt safe because the room is so small so it’s only me.

Now this happened when I was 12. It was an autumn evening, I was just arguing with my mom about something. I walked into my room, slammed the door colse, lyed on bed and cryied. I was crying so hard and I heard a whisper right next to me saying ”shhh…” like trying to calm me. That scared the life out of me. I ran out and told my mom what just happened but she said it certainly came from the neighbours. But I can swear on my life it was like a human, right next to me. I was not going to sleep in my room that night and I slept in my parents room.

Things started to get even worse, I heard things fall over and over again and that happened ONLY when I was home alone. Now, what made my mom belive that there was someone or something else besides our family in our apartment was when my little sister started seeing things. She was about 3 at the time when she woke up in the middle of the night crying, my mom went to check and my sister asked ”why is this man standing here?” She pointed on the wall. My mom checked and there was noone. That happened several times in the middle of the night when my sister saw shadows and ”moon women” as she liked to call them. When I asked about that moon woman she said ”don’t worry, she isn’t bad and she won’t harm you. She just comes to check on me sometimes.”. Well and a kid in her age, she just couldn’t be lieing or making it up, right?

My mom called some psychics to come over and see if they can see or sense anything in here.One psychic could, he said it was some thing that is like an open portal to all spirits. We searched for a good 30 minutes what could it be when I brought a small mirror that I found one day. And yes, that was that thing. We were told that we have to smash that mirror broken. Thats what my parents did.
I lately found faith in god and I have crosses in my room and bible next to my bed, just in case.

After that we haven’t heard or seen anything, but always when I listen to Darkness Prevails stories I have a feeling like I’m not alone, I’m not the only one, right?

The Creep at Home Depot

By Kayla

So i live in a big town in Michigan and my family was renovating a house that we had just bought, so we were at home depot to pick out paint colors and whatnot so we could renovate. It was about 9 o’clock at night and it was fall so it had been dark for a while at this point, i was on my own having left my parents to look at flooring. I had a project due on monday and i was going to do a really cool abstract design with the paint swatchs, so i was walking toward the paint section to look at the colors and i some how managed to get distracted by all the shiny fixtures that are normally in the kitchen section with all of the cabinets and stuff you would normally have.

This time was diffrent thought since my family normally came during the day there was normally a bunch of people just tripping over them selves to help you, but since it was night there was hardly anyone in the store and the section i was in was totally empty since the person a signed to that section of the store was busy helping a another customer in a diffrent part of the store.

I wasn’t that old at the time, still a teenager who had no qualms about being alone in a huge store by my self at night when all the creeps would be out to get me. I totally didn’t even really notice him the first time he passed by he was just there and i assumed that he too was there looking at the facets that were in that isle. He didn’t even seem that weird with the quick once over i had given him out of the corner of my eye as a habit when i was out in public, as he was dressed in a red plaid shirt a jeans. Normal attire when at a home improvement store.

After i left to go to look at the paint swatches grabing tons of them in diffrent colors, some for my project and some for my new room, i saw him again this time he was just passing by and i didn’t really think much of it as it was a store and he was clearly shopping for stuff even if he didn’t have a cart of anything with him. After i got the swatches that i needed i went back to my parents to drop them off, my parents were still preocupied with their quest for flooring so i decided to go back to the paint section to keep looking since i love designing rooms and stuff like that.

I was there for about 5 minutes before i saw the man again this time since he still didn’t have any stuuf with him i was a little creeped out that he had come back. I just ignored him for a few more minutes then i walked away to go look at other stuff when i saw him again this time i was really freaked out so just to check wheither he was really following me or not i went back to the paint section and stood there for 15 minutes looking around since i wanted to see if i was being stalked.

After a little while longer i left because i had figured that it had just been a total coincidence that the man was in the same place with me at the same time. But this thought failed me as i saw him again as i was leaving the paint section to go find my parents, he was so creepy with his smile and his wild look and his halo of hair. He was really creepy but as i walked past i smiled to be polite but i had, although the look on his face wouldn’t have showed it, the face that said i was super creeped out and a little terrified look on my face. I was just starting high school at the time and we had just the week before had a assembly for the freshman where all the other older kids shared some of there horrible life experiences, which was to show us that we were in a safe place.

The stories the other kids told were running throught my head at the time only making the situation worse. I told my parents about the man as we were leaving and i was very happy to never see the man again.