8 REAL Haunted Schools Scary Stories

These Haunted Schools are filled with demons and real ghosts!

Shadow Man of the Dawn

By Charcoal Darts

There have been times in the past where my family and/or I have had certain encounters or have witnessed particular things, like orbs, shadows, and even feeling someone (or something) touching us, when no one “living” is around.

Even though I’ve had my own apartment, 5 hours away from home, for at least 5 months now, it seems that some of the paranormal sensations and feelings still remain. It doesn’t feel like that all the time, but still…

The Thing from Last Night

By IamProvidence176

I have never been one to really believe in the paranormal or supernatural. Sure I believe there are certain things out there that have yet to be discovered or explained. To be honest I have never put too much stalk into the idea of ghosts, ghouls, or bizarre creatures of unknown origin or classification.

To me these have always been things that I thought were interesting to think about but were probably people misinterpreting something they saw, false memories, or hallucinations. That is until I had my own recent encounter with something I could not explain. Now I don’t know what to think.

The Sound in the Forest

By kaede

I was fifteen when this happened. I was out in the forest beside my house I wasn’t that worried. I usually follow the path leads right out of the forest. But I felt like something was telling me, telling me to go the other way to leave to get out as fast as I could it, it was like a whisper in my ear. It sent chills down my spine almost like I’ve heard the voice before. I thought it was the forest playing tricks on me so I continued on. After about thirty minutes of walking I realised I’m lost, did I actually stray off the path what am I going to do.

I looked at my phone no service; at this point I was freaking out but figured I’d get out eventually. After another thirty Minutes I saw a tree house. I decided to camp there but half way up the latter I heard something sounded like a deer maybe an elk so I just continued to climb and get in the tree house.

The Grey Demon Update

By Joey vs Horror

This is an update to the grey demon story found here.

The the thing in my home has been more active than ever, and I now know why. Months ago before my experiences happens my parents hosted a Halloween party at my house. My aunt decided to come and bring my cousins to that i haven’t seen in a while, before the party my mom told me that they were bringing something to the party… an ouija board.

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