The Man in Black

By Bryan O.

It was Halloween on 2015 when I was with my friend David trick-or-treating. I remember going through an alley to go to the next neighborhood and trick or treat more. When we were going through there we had the feeling of being watched. David and I started running to the other side of the alley where there were certainly more people as it was only 8:30 pm and we would feel more comfortable if it wasn’t just us. When we got to the other side we noticed there were no people there except for a man in all black with something covering his face. It was a place that was mostly just buildings and you couldn’t find any homes.

We got really creeped out and tried walking back to my house until we both realized we didn’t really know where we were. We turned around and saw the man behind us. We started running, and at the same time we kept turning around to see if the man kept following us but he just stood there and watched us. We must have ran like 3 blocks and then took a left turn where we rested and then kept walking. When we were at the end of that block we turned and the man was at halfway of the block.

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Hunted during Pokemon Go

By skriller

If pokemon go has done anything, it has made me much more active as a rather distracted member of my community and a hiker. More than I ever have, I found myself walking the nature trails and parks of my town (smack dab in the middle of Nebraska). Being a college student, I had a little bit too much time on my hands. I mean, I really didn’t – But I made the decision to put off a crap load of homework just so I could catch dozens of the billions of pidgeys programmed into the world.

And sadly enough, I really didn’t play with anyone else. I’m actually sort of nervous to play with anyone else. I’ve been like this since middle school. But now, after this encounter, I do regret that decision. I should’ve played with friends – we all should never play alone if anything for the sake of safety. In groups, we can stay alert, ward off dangers, and maybe scare of the people, and creatures, in the shadows that might have the worst in mind for us.

Phantom Pokestop

By schfifty5

This experience isn’t so much terrifying as it is just creepy. Then again, it may not be anything but a glitch! But still, I’d like to share it as it piqued my curiousity.

I am a Pokemon Go addict. I’m talking, all day every day. If the phone isn’t in front of my face, it’s in my pocket and I’m waiting for something. Now, I live out in the hills of Missouri. There’s no flat land as far as the eye can see. But somehow, thanks to Verizon I guess, I get reception everywhere. My Pokemon Go habit is easily enabled. Unfortunately, there aren’t many pokestops around. I mean, why would there be when there are trees around for miles? Whenever I went into town, I’d be sure to hit as many stops as possible before I had to get back home. I think it’s just crazy that they programmed any pokestops all the way out here. Just amazing.

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