The Demon in My Computer

It started off as a normal night nothing particularly off. At the time of these events I was a 12 year old female, living in a small town rather known for paranormal happenings but these stories of gore usually stuck to the ordinary abandoned shack. Not a small computer screen in a bubbly neighborhood.

Per usual I was passing time playing some online games, nothing weird was happening but as mentioned the night was young. As the sun grew dim outside my window i noticed an eerie feeling rise somewhere within me but passed it off as paranoia from listening to one too many scary stories. I continued to tap away at my computer eyes fixed on the monitor when I heard a light raking at my windows. I  peered around the corner towards the window but saw…nothing. Returning my attention to the games before me i soon heard the same sound but now it sounded like it was coming from the wall directly behind me. I didn’t dare turn around scared for what i might see but rather avoided taking my eyes away for even a brief moment in fear for the sight that stood too close behind me.


It was a warm summer evening in mid July. I had just turned sixteen and gotten my  drivers license. We lived in the country and I loved going for drives through the woods. I thought it was relaxing, the silence, the solitude and the country music playing on the radio was all just a perfect way to spend an evening, in my opinion.

It had been a long day and so I decided to go for one of my drives. As I drove down an almost deserted road I noticed a disgusting smell, like wet dog but ten times worse. I figured it was just a dead raccoon on the side of the road or something, so I kept on my way. I came to a point where I decided to turn around and head back home to get some dinner and a cold coke. As I stopped to make a U turn I realized that disgusting smell was much stronger now than it was before and getting even stronger. So I figured I’d just floor it home to get away from the smell. But as I finished my U turn and started back I saw something odd.

Arabian Werewolf

This story takes place in winter of 2015, outside of Riyadh, KSA.

A short backstory: I was prepping up for some offroad adventures with 4×4 to the wadis of Saudi Arabia, just outside of the capital of Riyadh, with three friends.

Now, many of you ‘New Worlders’ would immediately think: oil, hot sand, riches and Lambos, blazing sun, or even some other notoriety.

My Encounters with Werewolves

So, before I begin with my whole story about what I’ve seen I need to fill you in on a little bit. I’ve seen two werewolves in my life: one when I was around the age of fourteen, and the other just tonight (age of nineteen). I live in the southern part of Kansas, so there’s mostly countryside, where these sightings took place.

So, on with the first one. I lived out in the countryside of Kingman County, where my closest neighbor was around a mile away. My parents would let me take night-time walks during the summer; which was when this happened, the summer of 2012. I was on one of my routine walks, down to the paved road about a mile-and-a-half away, and back. On the way down south to the paved road there was a group of trees that always kinda scared the childish part of me: it was so dark and you could always hear animals in there. Well, I would always jog past that part at night, and go along my way to the end of the dirt road. I remember running past the patch of trees, almost freezing when I heard what sounded like coyotes; and, that’s when I saw what I honestly thought was one of the farmers doubled over in his field.

Werewolf at the Train Station

Before i’m telling you the story itself, i tell you none of what i’m going to tell you is made up or fake. These are nothing but real happenings. Now, i Will tell you Some background info about myself:
I’m not from the USA, as you might think, actually i am from Europe- from the Netherlands to be more precise. Normally i don’t believe in such things as werewolves, which is not idd for A Dutchman- the Dutch are hard co convince of supernatural or mythical stuff like This. I love nature, photographing, drawing and writing.

When the first snow was vallen here in the first week of january This year, i went to the Woods near my house to take photos of the beautiful white landscape. I rode to the forest on my mountainbike. The dun would set within half an your, so i had to take photos quite fast- here you’re not allowed to be in the Woods after sunset or before dawn, neither you’re allowed to go camping there. The forest here is simply for recreation, and last year it had it’s 500th anniversary.

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