It Had Red Eyes

By Kayla

I am a female and I was about 12 years old when this happened. I lived in a small city in Washington. It was during summer break, so I asked my grandma if I could go to one of my best friends house and have a sleepover. Her name will be Rose for safety purposes. Once we got together at her place, one of our school friends (Don’t remember his name) invited us to play a new game he got.

He lived 2 houses down from Roses house, so her parents said that it would be fine. We got to his house around 6:30-ish pm And I’ll tell you now, whatever game he bought really wasn’t interesting to play, so I was looking out his bedroom window. By that time it was pitch dark and at first I could only see the reflection of us 3 kids and the TVs light glinting off the window.

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Blood Sport

By LoneRanger

There was nothing; all was still, as if frozen in time, and even the silence was powerfully empty. The woods were under a spell, even the trees were in a trance as they loomed in around us, and I dared not break it’s hold…for at that moment, I was certain that it was that terrifying, fragile spell that was all keeping me alive.

Keeping us apart.

And yet it drew us even closer. He was out there, somewhere, as aware of my presence as I was of his. I could neither see nor hear him, nor anything, but through the damp foliage and I could feel his gaze burning into me, searing my flesh and driving into me like a cold knife. It was literally always in the back of my mind, and I was frantic to move and get away…yet terrified to as well.

A Friend in the Closet

By Wyatt H.

New York City, not a place for a six year old girl. So me and my beautiful daughter Alyse moved to Grover Beach in California. The house was small, old, and the yellow paint was chipping away. And it was very, very cheap. But I was soon to find out why. By 6 o’clock the house was set up and me and Alyse were tired. And by 8 Alyse was in her white night gown, her brown hair was resting on her shoulders, eyes closed. So with Alyse fast asleep I decided to watch some t.v.

Ghosts on my Street

By Wyatt H.

I’ve had many experiences with the paranormal. Especially in my own home. It all started when my dad was young. He lives in a very haunted house, that had demons. He says the whenever he was about 4 a demon tried to grab him through a vent and then when he had me my nursery was in what is now the backroom. And up until the age of 2 somewhat paranormal things had happened. At 3 every morning, the witching hour, the t.v. in that room, would go static. And on full blast. Every time it happened my dad went to go turn it off. But one time it turned off itself. I would always cry that a monster was eating my bed or trying to eat me.

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