Creepy Panty Girl

So let me start with some background information. I am 18 and I live in Japan i use to go to a small high school where we were high school uniforms With short skirt. (It will be relevant to the story later) I was very dumb and naive in high school that my friends use to say I was a dumb blonde . Anyway When I was their was this one girl, let’s call her Sarah.

She usally sat alone at lunch and I heard lots of rumors saying she took pictures of people “pantys” and other werid stuff. I didn’t really believe the rumor I thought it was just a bunch of people who made up rumours. well that was intill one day. I was talking to some friends at lunch and we were walking down a hall. It took me a while to realize but I felt like someone was watching me. So I turned around and I saw Sarah who was walking down the hallway as well. When I turn she blush and look down at the ground.

I felt bad for her. my friends are we’re in different classes from me so after lunch we said our goodbyes and I headed back to class. As I was walking I felt  a shoulder go on my hand. I turn around and it was Sarah.

She had a nervous smile on her. She just stare at me. It was getting awkward so I said hello.

Then she said follow me real quick I want to show you something. Since i had alittle more time before class started I said ok. She grabbed my hand and she led me in too the janitor closet . Like I said I was very dumb and navie back then. So instead of running out of there and telling someone I said what did you want a show me. All of sudden Sarah jump on me and started kissing me. I immediately pushed her back and try to get out of the closet of Sarah yanked me back.and locked the door with a key she some how got from our school facility and put it in her bra. I was scared shitlesss and didn’t know what to do.

Sarah told me to stand there she took out her phone and YESS took pictures of my pantys. I was screaming and kicking her while this was all happening and I guess one of the teachers heard me cause one minute later the door was open. Me and Sarah got sent to the prinspal office and I told her what happen Sarah try to dinie it. I also told her about the panty part and she took a look at Sarah phone. Neeedless to say I never saw Sarah again.

I never told anyone this story or what happen not even my friends back then. so Sarah if your reading this hope you get what you deserve

The Rooting Man

My name is Sakura. I’m a 29 year old women. Before I tell you this story, some background information. I’ll try to keep it short. When I was twelve years old, my mother had been talking to a man through mail. He was a american named, will call him David. He started to come to Japan to see me and my mom. He would come for the a a mouth or two. This happened for a year and a half. Then we moved to america. I was almost fourteen and my English was hardly passable. I had a very thick accent at the time. We moved into a nice house deep in the woods.

For where we lived this was the fact for most people.

It was so different than the streets of Osaka I was use to. Before I could get signed into my new school, I tore my acl. Playing in the woods. After surgery and physical therapy, I enrolled into my new school. It did not go well. My first day it was in December and I wore my usual clothes I was use to. I Showed up in my dark blue winter Fuku. (sailor schoolgirl uniform). That combined with my accent, I was picked on a lot. I spent a lot of time alone. I found a card game I never heard of, magic the gathering. I would take two decks to school with me and play myself. I when I turned fifteen I got into highschool.

One day during lunch hour, i was playing my me vs me magic game. A short boy a year ahead of me and his brother. We will call them the one a year above me James and his brother Luke. They started talking to me. For a couple of mouths the three of us would play magic at lunch everyday. Me and James started dating. After some convincing I talked my mom and stepdad into letting James and Luke to come over. That weekend they came over and Luke brought his girl fiend. We will call her Nikki.

The meeting went very well. We were allowed to explore the woods or what ever we wanted. It’s important to note at this time I was smoked weed. The four of us traveled up a old overgrown dirt road that started about about twenty meters away for my house. I had only been about .40 km up the road. There was a lovely creek that ran under the overgrown road. I spent a lot of time there. We get to the location and hang out a bit. When Luke eyes start fallowing the rest of the road up a steep hill. I had never gone that far. I had tried but it her my knee to much going up a hill that steep. He ask about it and I tell him I’ve never been up there. James ask if we could go up. I tell him my knee wont allow it. James smiles at me and kneels down to give me a piggy back ride up. I get on and start up the hill. It takes us about half an hour to get to the top.

We found a old 60s or 70 mini trailer hitch camper, over grown with plants. The boy tear away the vines. It’s in good shape to my shock. We all enter the old camper. It smells musty but there are places to set and no wind. Luke starts rolling a joint. I sit on the small bed but there is something under it. I move the thin mattress. A old rusted shovel. Nikki says that’s strange. James throws it out the open door. We stay up there smoking out and talking.

When we got done and left. It was dark at this time. I had come down from the high. I started smelling something rotten. Like something dead. I asked if anyone had smelled it to. Then we heard some of the old gravel roll down the hill behind us. James, Luke, and Nikki turned around, I had no choice. I was on James’s back. About ten meters away, stood a man in a old gray tarted almost rotten rain coat. He took a step forward. Then we saw it, his face looked like it was rotting and he had the evilest smile I had ever seen. James dropped me off his back. I hit the ground and flat on my back. Now we are half way down the hill. I started to roll down this rocky hill. I heard the other take off down the hill. When I got to the bottom. I saw the three of them cutting around a curve in the road heading to my house.

They left me. I pulled my self up and looking up the hill. No more then 300 cm away was that thing. I screamed as loud of I could. When I noticed it was getting closer. I pulled my self up and ran as fast as I could, witch was not very fast. It was more fast limping.

I finally saw my pouch light. I climbed up onto the deck and looked behind me. I saw it standing at the edge of the light. I grabbed the door nod and flung the door open. No one was home. I locked the door. and wrapped a blanked around my self and cried. I was scared and felt betrayed. My only friends left me to die. I noticed shadows moving outside my windows. I tried to get up but my leg gave out to weakness and pain. I looked out the window closest to me and saw it looking in. We made eye contact.

My heart was beating fast up until then but now it felt like to stop. I couldn’t fell the pain of my knee cuts or bruises. I couldn’t hear my stepdads grandfather clock ticking (and that think was loud). After what seemed like hours the only thing I could feel was something wet and warm forming around me.

I’m not afraid to admit I pissed my self. I heard the familiar sound of my step dads Jeep. The as I stared at the thing, it just vanished. I heard the door unlock and my stepdad step in. When he saw me he ran over to me. Before he could ask anything. I lunged up and wrapped my arms around his neck crying, for the first time I called him daddy. All I could say is daddy i’m sorry i wet my new skirt. To round out the story he called my mom and took me to the emergency room. He assumed the worst and demand a rape kit test.

I told them I was not raped.

They had to do it anyway. Mom got their and question me. I told her I would tell them when we get home. Hours latter I was released with a wheelchair and new I would need another surgery on my knee. I had a messed up some of my acl reconstruction and they would have to fix it. When we got home I had to tell them what happened. Mom had never believed in the supernatural. I was not sure about my stepdad. My stepdad went pale. When I asked why he looked scared. He told us that his dad about a year before he passed away had said he saw something with that same description as the one I gave. My stepdad said he’s dad talked about it until he passed away. I keep seeing the shadows out side the window and smelling that dead rotting thing for about two weeks.

I had nightmare every night, that were so bad I always had sheets and blankets to watch. After two weeks of this. My stepdad bought a new home and we moved. I’m married now and have a daughter of my own. My husband is the only other person I have ever told this story to. To this day, if i smell something rotting, I have to choke down my tears, and call my stepdad how I still call daddy to this day.

ps. sorry for any grammer errors or spelling errors. English is not my first language. I also have dyslexia. This make reading and writing hard in my first language let alone a second

Truckers Hell

I have another story for you guys again this is a story. this from a camper from a summer camp I went to a kid with and this his dad’s story.  our story begins with my friends dad leaving from a small town in Colorado with his long haul to Idaho.

My friends dad goes to his first stop like always a gets is McDonald’s meal like he does always and fills is truck up. As he leaves Colorado he prays he’ll have a good trip. He enters Wyoming at about 12:00 am winds are tense and is frightened by something he hears some screaming looks around see nothing gets in his truck continuse driving.

He drives for author half an hour or so. he hears that same voice and he see a woman covered in blood screaming you killed me and points right at him and sees blood dripping from her eyes. He looks at the clock it says 12:45 he is in his truck saying to himself you over tired. Decieds to gets out of his trick as he open to the it slams shut because of the wind he thinks at first but look down the woman is right there! He try to start his truck it stalling he’s convinced he’s a dead man but then clock hits 1:00 am! The truck roars back to life sees the woman’s gone and he races out there with his truck.

The rest of trip goes fine and back alright. When he gets back to Colorado he says he quits his job to his boss and wants to get married and have kids to his girlfriend a year later he gets a call from his old boss saying they lost one of their men the same road he drove that night. Say someone had ripped his chest open with a hunting knife and wrote you killed me on the wind shield of the truck.

My friends dad was 24 when this happened he told his son never stay out past midnight because that’s the devils out.

How Did She Survive?

This story is from my Uncle. His name is Stacy. I love listing to stories about each state and seeing pictures from places I’ve always wanted to go. He always has a story of creepy people or drunks he has encounterd. But this one chills me to this day.

We live in Tennessee he had to take a load of produce to . Illinois. He left around 2:00am because where he needed to pick up his trailer was rather far away so he wanted to get a head start. Around 6:00 am he picked up his load and headed off. Fast Forawrd about 3hours he’s in The middle of Kentucky. He pulled off in a truck stop to get some dinner because he had to take a break later so he could go to sleep and rest up a bit. He get a Hamburger and sits down.

Then a girl walks up to him dressed In a ragged dress. My uncle politely asks if he can help her and she just said” I put his body in the river.” Its in trash bags”. My uncle got freaked out so he just ignored her and finished his food. She sat next to him and just stared. When he finished he asked the server for detections to the nearest gas station .

She gave him detections and when he went to head out that same girl was by his truck. He asked her to please move so he could get in his truck. She replied with “No. Don’t you want to see the bodies. There just across the hill in the river.

They have been there for about a week. Why doesn’t anyone want to she them. They have the same horror on their faces as when I slit there throats.”. My uncle just pushed her out of the way and got in his truck and locked the door. He decided it was probably a prank and decide to go to the gas station for a bottle of water. He stoped off at a 7 eleven and got a 6pack of water. But the same girl was outside his truck. He was just ready to finish up and go home. So he told the girl  to get the hell away from his truck and just leave him alone. Then her eyes turned red and she vanished. My uncle just drove to the shoulder of the road and parked his truck.

He had probably been asleep for 2 hours when he heard his truck door  violently try to been opened. He opened the curtains to find the same ghost women holding a knife and the head of a man. She said” I told you the bodies were real. And your about to be one of them”. My uncle locked the door and left right then and there when he crossed into Illinois nothing happened to him. On the way home He had to go back through Kentucky And he saw here on the side of the road. But as soon as he got back to Tennessee, well it stopped. He has told Me and the rest of my family,”NEVER GO TO KENTUCKY. EVERYTIME I GO I SER HER. ITS LIKE A CURSE THAT LIVES AND BREATHS IN THAT HELL HOLE OF A STATE.”. None of us dare cross the Kentucky line, and we never will.

Please be carful in Kentucky

This Demon picks its victims, and they almost always always are truckers.

Poilet Encounter

This incident happened not but a few months ago, the date slips my mind, vaugely since we had been on a trip to my old home town. Some backstory hear..We still have my childhood home up for rent and were going to evict the current renters for for ignorance, sadly we live about 46 hours away, clear across the state. Thankfully me and my mother had actually been around the state many times..From delivering animals for money to just trying to find a new state to live in from cali, to Oklahoma.

The exact place this happened had to be somewhere in Nebraska, it was late at dusk, after driving for days and being so close to our destination it seemed like a breathe of fresh air to see a Piolet. Bright yellow lights made the gas-station seem like a little inn, especially with the mass of Big rigs that seemed to make their home for the night there.

Now, I probobly seemed very particular..Bi-colored hair and tottaly greasy looking- the emmense heat was a horrible drag, but the dimming night cooled it to a comfortable temprature.

Going Into the rather big establishment I b-lined for the restrooms so I could fix myself up..i ran into a big hunk of a driver exiting the open shower rooms, paying no mind to it..At the time if I wasn’t so concerned with myself I might have noticed that he took a second look at me, to which I found out after the incident.

After caring for myself and getting a drink, I went to cool out, outside.

we had parked off to the very edge of the big rigs, but I wanted to streach my legs out, so I decided to walk around the fully shut down and supposedly sleeping big rigs. The majority of the running ones were parked in the back, which I made sure to stay away from, as to not interrup or be in the way. My mother was content doing her scratch offs in the truck, so I decided to just take my time knowing it would be awhile before he absolutely needed to go.

The night air had finally cooled off and I was particularly lounging with my Gatorade bottle when that same big rig driver walked by, to which I gave a casual wave-somthing us southerners do to everyone, even strangers. I didn’t feel creeped out then, just a tad bit of anxiety, since I had run into this guy..but again I ignored him. It wasn’t long before I decided to head back. Moving to pass through the big rigs to reach the truck quicker.

As I passed through the first of two rows of trucks I heard a gruff cough just to see the same guy somewhat block my path, I slowed down, feeling a tad errie as how much of a coincidence it would have to be to see this same guy three times in a row, but right as I was about to pass him, he grabbed my arm. I stiffened and turned to him, obviously nervous and a bit ticked, I remember saying
“Um..Pardon SIR but why did you GRAB me? I need to get to my mother” I personally have read enough trucker-murderer stories to know to be freaked out. So, assuming I was in danger I made sure to tell him of my Waiting mother and such. But this pot bellied man seemed to not be phased whatsoever, he smelled of oil and sweat..I jerked my arm away and moved back, hearing him speak “ come on- dont’cha wanna see the inside of my Rig?” I obviously nodded a ‘no’ and went to turn around, only to be grabbed again, at this point I was getting pissed. Now that I look back on it..Screaming would have been a great option but I was so angry and nervous It slipped my mind entirely.

I turned to him and said in my most sarcastically nice voice “I’m sure you Rig is beautiful, but I need to get back..” and before I could finish he interrupted me “Now Missy, please come take a ride with me, I can show you such great things” and he began to tug me, moving to the rig next to us..if I had watched him earlier I would have tottaly bypassed this isle but I didnt, again, dumb decision.

i struggled from his grasp finally, him going to grab me again with an agitated face, thankfully I slipped far enough away in a jog, taking a breathe when I knew he wasn’t fallowing.

I ended up back in the truck, pondering the incident as a flood of rigs went by- I assumed he was with them,considering what he had just done. I ended up not telling my mother untill after we had made it home, and I suppose I wasn’t too phased by the fact, knowing that creeps were far and wide and I had seen and been in worse situations.

so, moral of the story, pay attention to those who surround you. And don’t walk around alone with no protection in the middle of nowhere at a gastation.