4 Absolutely CHILLING Murder Stories

No one ever really knows when or how they will go, but you must always be careful, as some people, might be prepared to make that time come a lot sooner….

The Deep

By Jack B.

The story you are about to hear is one of the scariest experiences of my life time and kept me from the water even though I know I will always be drawn back in.

I come from a town built on the beaches of lovely Lake Michigan and I have always had a passion for sailing so as you could expect I spent a lot of time on the water gliding up and down the coastline. On the Fourth of July it was a rather packed day at the beach with all the tourists In town for the holiday. Many parents and children lined the beach enjoying it happily but for me well that just sucked having to drag my boat the on little cart through the countless people trying to get a good seat for the fireworks later that night.

Alligator in the Swamp

By Rygami375

This happened a few months ago while I was in Florida with a friend for his 19th birthday. Let’s get the people out of the way first. Let’s call the birthday boy Jerry. I was there with two other of my friends. We’ll call them Geoffand Q, That’s his nickname after all.

Any who. Jerry lived in a neighborhood close to a swamp, like the thing was almost right in his backyard. It’s just a very short walk and you’re there. Now that that’s out of the way. Now on to the scariest night of our lives.

The Howl

By JustinG

Let me start by saying I never saw anything, no glowing eyes, no suspicious silhouette. . . .just a Howling.

I live in Iowa, and while I was not born here I have now lived the majority of my life here. I live in a small but active town of around 10,000 or so people. We have shopping centers, tons of fast food chains and many other conveniences within walking distance.

5 TRUE Hiking Horror Stories

Let’s go into the woods for a little hike where the real monsters, real ghosts and skinwalkers live. Are you ready to trek into the forest?

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