The Vanishing Hitchhiker

We were at Hawaii and driving to head to a local spot that my dad and his family used to visit when they were young. We had found it and had our fun, then headed back to the car once the sun started to set.

Nothing unusual happened until we began heading back to house.

Along the side of the road was a women. She had long brown hair, blue eyes, white shirt with a brown pair of shorts and barefoot. When she noticed us, she did the signature ‘I need a ride’ sign and we decided to pull over. “Where you headed?” My Mom asked, the women said “To a local beach area. Wanna collect some seashells for a present I’m gonna make.” My Mom nodded and motioned for me to open the door, which I did and the lady climbed in.

She told us the directions to the Beach and it just so happened to be the one we just came from. We turned around and made our way back to the beach. Me being the shy person I am avoided looking at the lady and just stared out the car window.

Somewhere along the way we hit something on the ground and it gave the car a good shake, but nothing too bad. When I looked to the lady to ask if she was ok, she wasn’t there. I tell my mom and she pulls over, then she heads out of the car to look around, walking back to the car saying “There’s no way she just up and left we would’ve noticed.” We drove to the local police station to see if anyone has seen her.

They had nothing, so we just prayed she was alright and headed home. When we got to the door of our house, there were two seashell necklaces lying there. We picked them up and examined’m. The shells were still wet as if they were just taken out of the water.

My mom told that next time I go to my dad’s house, to take the necklaces to my grandparents since they know more about Hawaii than me. When I finally got to go visit them I explained the story to them and showed them the necklaces, they’re eyes widened and my grandpa told me of his own experience with the Vanishing Hitchhiker.

He explained that in Hawaii one of the gods named Pele travels the roads in disguise and rewards kind travelers for helping her. But he didn’t quite explain what happens if somebody refuses to help Pele, so I sometimes think of what might’ve happened if we didn’t help her and if I would still be here or not.

Dirt Road Hitcher

Submitted by: Cheyenne

I was in the 5th grade at the time when this happened, so I was around 10 years old. My brother is three years older than me, so he was in the 8th grade around 13 years old. I’m 24 now, and he’s 27. I live on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere being surrounded by trees upon trees with my grandmother’s house being the only neighbor 30 plus feet across the yard; but unlike Courage the Cowardly Dog’s luck, nothing creepy ever happened in the middle of my nowhere.

My dad’s job used to require him to work both 12 hour days and nights depending on the shift schedule for the week. This occurrence happened when he was working nights, so he was working 7 PM – 7 AM. It was only me, my brother, and my mother at home. Both of my grandparents were home as well. It was probably around 9 PM, and me, my brother, and my mother were sitting in the living room watching some tv before going to bed. From the living room window, you can see my grandparents’ house across the yard as well as the dirt road behind it, so you can see a car’s headlights before you can actually see the car.

For some reason, I was looking out of the living room window this night. I can’t remember why, though. Anyway, I noticed headlights coming down the road. As the car came into view, I noticed that it was…slowing down. Before I go on, I must say that I always had a fear of seeing something like this – not JUST a car slowing down in front of our houses in general, but at night when you can see only the glowing tail and headlights, and nothing more. So needless to say, I was getting more and more spooked as the car kept slowing down.

I expected my fear to be alleviated when I saw the car finally pass by the house…only, I never saw the car pass by my grandparents’ house. The headlights just barely managed to shine past the corner of the house, so I could tell that the car had come to a complete stop in front of the house. I told my brother and mother what I had seen, and they came to the window to witness it themselves. My mom told us not to panic, that it may just be somebody needing directions. Of course, I didn’t think of this at the time, but what person or people drive down a far less-traveled dirt road, needing directions at that time of night?

We all waited at the window for what seemed liked the longest hours in the history of time; my imagination was running rampant with the possible scenarios that my grandparents were facing. Finally, the headlights started to grow brighter, and the car came into view past my grandparents’ house. Within a few seconds, the car disappeared down the road.

Shortly after, our house phone rang (this is before landlines really started to die out). My mother picked up, and it was my grandmother on the other end. She said that some truck had stopped in front of their house, and a shirtless man had knocked on their front door. My grandmother, who had answered the door, called my grandfather over to her. They were nice, of course, and asked the man if they could do something for him. The man said that he needed my grandfather to give him a ride to somewhere up the road, which was never specified. This request was odd because there was someone visible enough to be seen sitting in the driver’s seat of the truck. My grandfather declined his request because of there already being somebody with the man, and he couldn’t imagine why the man would need a ride from him.

There was a spring-triggered screen door separating them from the man, and they were talking to him through the screen part. After my grandfather had declined his request, the man apparently became visibly angry and started yelling while beating on the steel part of the screen door. My grandparents closed the second, wooden door in the man’s face and watched him from a window until he got back in the truck and left.

After my mother had gotten off the phone with my grandmother, she called my dad and explained everything to him. Being that he works a good hour and 10 minutes away, and the fact that nobody was really threatened with a weapon, he just told my mom to call the cops and have them check out the woods around our houses to be sure the man and his crony weren’t trying to stake us out.

We knew a cop that went to the same Baptist church as us at the time, so my mother personally called him, and he brought another policeman with him. They drove both of their patrol cars up to the tree lines and shined their huge spotlights into the woods. My dad’s Pontoon boat was parked outside at the time because this was before he had a shed built to put the boat in, so the family-friend cop climbed up into it to be sure nobody was hiding in the decently-sized hidden compartment located in the boat’s couch.

After he and the other cop had done a thorough sweep of the property, they reported that they had found nothing or no one of suspicion, and told us to call them the moment we heard or saw anything. After the cops had left, my mom called my dad back and told him that everything seemed to be ok.

That’s where the meat and potatoes of the story ends. However, the next morning when my mom was taking me and my brother to school, we were driving the opposite way in which the truck had went last night. We hadn’t even traveled a mile down the road before we saw something rather disturbing lying on the side of the road for a then-10 and 13 year old to see; there was a black toboggan, or beanie, along with a shirt, a pair of pants, and shoes (or maybe socks, I can’t quite remember). These items looked as if they might had been taken off in a hurry. By the time we were coming home from school the same day, the clothing was gone.

The night before, and that morning, were the only times we heard or saw anything related to the shirtless man and his buddy. Nothing ever showed up on the news, and the family-friend cop said that he hadn’t seen or heard anything either. It’s been 14 to 15 years since that happened, and to this day, I’m left wondering what would have happened if my grandfather had agreed to give the shirtless man a lift to God-knows-where.

Pedophile Creep in a Plane Trip to Hawaii

Hello there, I’m going to start off with some background stories. So I live in Victoria. It was the long holidays, so my family were going to Hawaii with my friends family, we were only a small group of people because there were 4 people coming, mum, my friend, my friends mum and that stupid little me, I was only 11, and by the way I’m female. My mum and dad were divorced and so was my friend parents so that’s how they became friends with each other. I’m not going to say any names because of privacy reasons.

I woke up to my mum telling me to wake up. Thanks to my mum, my stuff were packed. We took a taxi to the airport and yeah yeah, you know what goes on through the airport, scan bags, scan people, etc. This was my second time taking a plane trip and I was so excited.

I was in the plane sleeping somewhere where my mum couldn’t see, with my friend and my friend was fast asleep.

I woke up to the sound of a loud tap, I thought of it as a normal thing but I felt my brain telling me to leave for some reason. I just tried to go back to sleep for a few minutes but I was half asleep. Then there was another tap but louder, this time my friend woke up seeing me awake. She told me to stop marking around but I said that it wasn’t me. We are best friends so she trusted me and I could see her getting goosebumps.

I looked around but there was no one there. So my friend and I went back to sleep. We woke up to a tap again and this time we were pissed off. I yelled shut up to whoever it was, though there is no one there. But it actually did stop after a thirty minute sleep. On the next day, it was normal, no taps, nothing, I was relieved. My friend and I watched movies, played games and had fun.

Until night, I found out that I was relieved too soon, there were taps in the same place again without or parents in supervision. I looked around again seeing my friend looking too but terrifyingly, I asked her what’s wrong, and she said that she saw someone duck down behind the seats, trying to hide. While she was saying that we heard a bang this time, I was terrified to seeing my friends jaw drop. She saw a tall ass man who was around 6 feet tall in all black.

I saw him too trying to tip toe slowly to us, still crouching. My heart sinked when I saw his hand go up trying to touch my friend. I grabbed my friend hand, then yelled stop and ran as fast as I could, and I could hear him running behind me. I hit my shoulder a lot, but still kept running through the narrow hallway and saw my mum on the left sitting and talking. I ran to her relieved because there was 5 minutes until it lands.

I did tell my mum and she reported it to an attendant and told the police when we got there, and they actually found him weeks later and it said that he has been sentenced for rape and murder. I hope I never see him again and I also hope for him to get some mental help.

5 TRUE at the Movies Scary Stories

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These 4 scary stories are tales of the strangers, stalkers, cabin fever, not the home alone movies, of haunted houses and supernatural ghost stories from subscribers.
– Creepy Customer at the Movies by Bree NicGarran
– The B Side Hallway – Haunted Theatre and a Real Haunting by Brook
– Scary Women at the Cinema – Creepy People and Stalkers by Riley G.
– Creepy Man at the Movies – Scary People and Reddit Lets Not Meet Story by Flo
– Crazy Person at the Theater by Sam D. – Reddit No Sleep or nosleep style story

Creepy Man at the Movies

Hello this is my first time submitting a story. This happened to us a 1 or 2 years ago. I have bad memory so I did my best at remembering and with the help of madz im going to tell this story. Madz and I were having a fun day at the mall. I being 15 and she being 14. There was a new horror movie coming out. Since horror movies are kind of our thing, we decided we would see it.

As we were headed inside the movie theater i saw a Hispanic man sitting on a black couch where you can pay and it would massage you. He was on the phone with someone.

He was intensely staring at my friend madz. For some reason everytime me and madz hanged out something strange would happen. Madz has very very I mean very blonde hair you can see from a mile away. People ask if she dyed it but its naturally that blonde so i assumed he was surprised by her hair.

As we were walking pass him I turned and saw him staring at her bottom. I quickly turned and started walking backwards telling him ‘stop looking’ my friend looked at me and said ‘ hurry lets go’. as we walked in we waited in the line and we were too busy talking about BTS, a kpop band if you dont know who they are, that we didn’t see him behind us. ( the only reason i remember we were talking about BTS was because it was near my birthday and i wanted to buy a shirt and an album)

I suddenly said “i’m scared to watch —-” loud enough for people around us to hear(i forgot the name of the movie) I didn’t mean to but I was excited and a bit scared. When we got our tickets we sat down on the table chewing popcorn while waiting to get in. While sitting down I noticed the guy in the corner eating popcorn which he didn’t have before.

When we get in we sit almost to the top. Guess who sits behind us? The creepy dude. My friend tells me to move down so we do and again he sits behind me. People were already sitting and we didn’t see a spot close enough to move to. When the movie began my friend leans  in and says ‘ he is staring at me’ I turned and he looked at me giving me a creepy smile.

I tried to focus on the movie but it was hard knowing a creepy dude was looking at us. “Lets go to the bathroom” my friend said to me. I nodded and took everything with us. We went into the bathroom and started talking about how we didn’t wanna go back. Until we heard someone walking pass the bathroom room. I knew it was him i heard him say” I don’t know where they went.” in spanish. i’m mexican and I speak Spanish. I told my friend and we freak out.

Now that I look back we should have told someone but I uguess we didn’t want to make a scene.

We decided to go watch a kids movie since we didn’t want to spend all our money for no reason. After the movie we decided to shop since my mom would pick us up and she wasn’t here yet. While shopping we spotted him.

He still had his phone looking around. My phone buzzed and saw that my mom was waiting at the other end of the mall. There are 2 exits to the store. He was infront of the one we needed to take if we took the other one we would still have to pass him since my mom was waiting at the end. Basicall a U shape. We passed him and hoped he didn’t notice us. When we were halfway I turned and saw him spead walking toward us. Me and my friend walked fast my legs started hurting.

We opened the door and spotted my moms car. we flew into the backseat and saw him out the door trying to look for us. So creepy dude at the movie theater lets not meet again