Future Dreams and Flashes of other times.

By Ben.

Notice before I actually start: This is more of a collection of stories that do tie up, and will probably be a bit longer than other stories. I will continue with the the story now.

I should start with some backstory on the whole “Future dreams” part. 4 years ago is the earliest memory I have of these. Basically what these dreams do is they show an event that will occur the next day, and never fail. I would call Deja Vu on myself if I hadn’t of done a dream diary proving that it wasn’t just me believing I had a dream of it just after it happened.

Also, other than these dreams there was hardly any other ones that I remembered. Only nightmares.

The Shadow Man in the Basement

By Cortni C.

It started out like a normal day with my cousin Karley. We had nothing better to do but watch Netflix. We werent scared of much. The only thing we were scared of was … the basement.

My cousin Karley and I were scared of the basement because one person died down there. My cousin asked me to go down there with her. Okay, I agreed non-hesitantly. Nothing was odd about the basement at first but, a few hours later we heard loud footsteps. It sounded like a mans footsteps.

Pedophile at the Beach

By Shelby

I was about 13 years old at the time. My family and a couple friends decided to go to the beach. Now this beach, wasn’t that great. The water was an unhealthy shade of green and the people there weren’t, normal.

I had passed upon going to the beach multiple times, but this time I went. Now the only thing on playgrounds that appealed to me were the swings. We were driving to the beach, and then I saw the swings. I was so happy to see that there was swings.

Seen Again

By Jaron H.

So, this is a story about the man. “Who is the man?” you might ask. Well, let me start from the beginning…

My brother, my mother and I were at my brothers therapist session, we were told the normal “Get along” bullcrap by the therapist. (Keep in mind three years to the day of the experience, she had passed away) We were leaving the office, it was cool, nice day, cloudy and no sun was to be seen anywhere. Then we see a man, he was holding something, it was a gun, a pistol to be exact.

Who Hides in the Dark?

By Sarah Wars

To start out I’m a adult now and I feel I should tell this story in the hopes it can help someone in the future. Now to start the actual story, I was a teenager about 17 at the time, I was hanging out with my two friends, let’s call them Emma and Amy. None of us where driving at the time so we had Emma’s mom drop us off at a local theater to see a new movie. We bought the tickets then walked about half a block or more to a local Wal-Mart to hang out.

We had your natural creeps that follow young girls around, maybe they thought we where going to steal something I can’t be sure but, seeing that Amy would get the cops called on her for this kinda stuff I didn’t pay any attention to it. We ended up getting food in the McDonald’s that was inside the store when we seen two boys sitting at a table. I felt uncomfortable when I seen them but felt some what better when I knew that they where Amy’s friends.

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