Ghosts in the Truck

I recently bought a 1980 black Chevy on Craigslist for $6,000. It was an awesome steal I thought because i love old vehicles and it was easily worth 17k.

It looked almost brand new and apparently it only had 25,000 miles on the odometer. This was a deal I simply couldn’t pass up.

4 REAL Werewolf Attacks

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The Girl In the Mirror

This was…fairly recent, and honestly I’m still shaken up. Let me give you some background.

I’m a 16 year old who never fits in and my parents think I’m insane. The house this encounter took place in is in Ohio, where I was born and raised. The people who live there are my relatives, and they aren’t exactly….normal people. We all have those oddballs in our families, right? Well, this goes way beyond ‘odd’. The man, whom we will henceforth call ‘Jack’, would flirt with my mother when she was young, and even does the same to me. So, fairly creepy. His wife, whom we will call ‘Jane’, is a former alcoholic. She herself is fairly normal, aside from the occasional tendency to act….extremely akward at almost every family outing. She respects privacy, unlike Jack. Jack is the kind of person to talk your ear off every chance he gets, and will even talk to complete strangers for as long as possible. Maybe he’s just lonely, but it can get pretty creepy. They’ve been married for many years, and have always had a strange connection to the house in which they live. The house itself is right on the edge of a forest, with Broken and rusty playground equipment out back. It’s on the top of s steep hill, and is extremely old, though I don’t know the exact age of the home.

What I’m about to tell you will seem fake. It will seem made up, and it will seem outlandish. But it happened. I had a witness to it happening and I’m sure he may still have the recordings. I never want to go back to that house, becuase of what I saw, heard, and experienced. Whatever is in that house…. Whatever is out in those woods……it’s not human. Maybe it used to be, but it’s not now. Not anymore.

No Time

I don’t know what is happening to me and I’m posting here in hopes I will find some answers. First, I have to give some information that will be important later. My Mom works the night shift and usually comes home at around  6 or 7 in the morning. I always hear her when she comes home because my room is right next to the front door with only a wall separating us, and my headboard is up against that wall. There is even a big ass bell that hangs on the door knob. I also have a clock which sits on my nightstand right next to my bed and when laying on my left side I can see it clearly. That clock has been showing me the wrong time for a while, I know this because sometimes when my mom has come home, I look up at my clock it will say something other than 6 or 7 in the morning usually showing the times between 2 a.m.- 12 p.m. or those exact times. When I would go to reset it later in the day though it would be showing the correct time.


It Wasn’t Human

My name is not really Kevin, but for the sake of anonymity you can call me that. I didn’t want to believe what I saw so many years ago was real until I came across this channel, with people sharing stories similar to what I saw. It was singlehandedly the most frightening experience of my life, and even as I type this now the hairs stand up on the back of my neck just thinking about it.

Though today I live in Toronto, I grew up in Timmins, Northern Ontario, Canada. Timmins is a tiny place, isolated in thousands of acres of dense forest. It’s a remote, poor place but filled with wildlife, and if you’re an avid hunter like me it’s a great place to grow up in. I spent my younger years stalking the woods with my Cree grandfather’s antiquated .12-gage, hunting rabbits and grouse, and fishing for Walleye in the wild lakes of the region. Before I could even drive a car, I was an expert on my four-by-four off-road quad bike. Until this incident happened, I loved the nature and wilderness, respecting it for its beauty. Now, though, I just fear it.

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