Sad and True Sleep Paralysis

By Lilsporty

It was the summer of 2012, and I was lying in my bed trying to fall asleep. I experience sleep paralysis a lot so I was expecting one that night as I do every night.

Sure enough I wake up and I hear someone running up the stairs. My grandpa runs into my room and told me we have to leave because someone is chasing him and they’re going to kill him. I couldn’t move and it felt so real I felt him touch my foot and start shaking it back and forth.

A Possible Men In Black Encounter!

By anonymous user

Our neighborhood is really nice and usually pretty quiet and relaxing. One hot bright summer’s day I was home alone sitting in front of my computer with my music cranked. All the doors were locked and my family out out. So I was home alone, no problem tho I was a female in my 20’s, I was an adult. I heard a noise come from the mailbox and went to get the mail, as I was shutting the screen door I noticed two all black, sleek, flawless cars driving slowly down our street.

5 REAL Monster Attacks

They barely survived . . .

Five True Scary Poltergeist Encounters Collaboration With Shivers

Poltergeist: a ghost or spirit supposed to manifest its presence by noises or knocking

Shadow Woman

By digiswag1

One day, my aunt called a family meeting we all met at her house because she had something to tell us. At that time she was dating a man named Devon. He was from the country – Before dating my aunt he dated a woman who was not very religious, frankly saying she was the daughter of what we Jamaicans call, ‘obeah woman’. After he left her, she was furious.

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