Church Man

By MeFoxGaming

this story took place quite a few years ago when I was roughly 10. Just so you know, my Mother used to have a Christian friend who threw a party that my family was invited to.

Now, important information. My town is well known for being haunted and the church, the party was thrown on, use to a cemetery. My sister also has had experience with this, thing, before. It was in her room and said the one at the church was almost the same.

Christ Church Horror

This isn’t my story but my friend Chris’s. A few years ago on Halloween he and a few friends decided to go to Christ church since it’s haunted.

They got in the car and went to the island where the church was. Once they got there only Chris and one of his friends got out to look around. Well that turned out to be a mistake. They saw something wondering around the church and it was enough to scare them.

Empty Bus

So, for context: this happened to me when I was 10 (A fairly young age) I lived in canada at the time (so it was a VERY cold morning) So, The bus is supposed to get to the stop @ 7:12 (According to the schedule) but this particular day it was nearly a blizzard atleast -40 with wind chill and It was 7:30-ish at the time, and I called my mom the convo goes like this

Me: “Mom, The bus isnt here yet how much longer?” Mom: “I’ll call the bus company” Me: “Alright”

Blood on the Walls

So..Before I begin I’d like to catch you up on my story. I was around 5-6 when this started happening and well I’d like to say that as I grew up that this stopped and went away but sadly it never did. When I was young my Mom, Sister and I would always go to church. But when we sat down and listened I would always see blood drip down the walls.

Now of course no one else saw this but It scared the shit out of little me, So much that I would hold my eyes shut. During the service the Pastor would always ask the kids to come to the front for a mini lesson, At this time was the worst. I would squirm, keep myself away from the walls I would look over my shoulder hearing my name being called. Recently my family moved to Florida..and that’s where it started again. I thought it had left me alone because even before we moved my mom had gotten married and even though we didn’t go to church often I never saw the blood..not once. But no doubt it has come back..Because I keep seeing the blood on my chapels walls and this time it’s not just spells out in big bold letters “FUN”.

Strange Cult Encounter in an Abandoned Church

This story takes place 2 years ago when I moved with my parents in a new neighbourhood, surrounded by forest and mountains. It may sound like a secluded area but it wasn’t, because there were many houses, the distance between the houses was like 100 feet.

I was 16 at the time and I was very excited to explore the area and to see if there were some bike trails around for my new mountain bike.

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