Demonic Girlfriend

By Voldymort

To start with, i am not a Satanist nor a believer in any kind of Deity by normal standards but I am open to the idea, provided proof was offered. I believe that the universe was created by someone or some thing but I don’t think there’s anything particularly special about this rock from a corner of the Milky Way at a random point in the universe. I was never interested in the concept of worshipping either of the unproven entities and i’d like to keep it that way. In spite of the story below, I am agnostic and nothing more. That is because I still don’t know if what I whitnessed was Scizophrenia related or actual supernatural manifestation. You be the judge!

OkCupid seems to have a much higher probability of meeting someone than any other site I’ve tried in the past. Even tho, by no means is anyone I met through it NOT WEIRD. You can find pretty much anything, from Satanists, to bdsm addicts, to transsexuals, emos, etc. It’s like a huge congregation of WEIRD!

The Shadow Man

By sorceressofthenile8990

So, a little back ground information before I get into the meat of this story. I was in my second year of high school when this happened and I was under a lot of stress at the time. Maybe that had something to do with it, I can’t really be sure. Anyways, leading up to this strange occurrence, I remember feeling like I was being watched by someone wherever I was alone, regardless of where I was, I would feel this unsettling presence and as a result, I began to lose sleep and grow both paranoid and more isolated. That was when the dream happened.

I remember finding myself in a densely wooded area at night. I didn’t know why I was here or where I was going, but all I knew was I had to get out of there. I kept to the well beaten path, armed with my flashlight and only my footsteps to keep me company. That was when I saw it. Or rather, him.

I CANNOT Be Alone After Dark

By Mr. J. Rosewolf

As I write this at the beginning I have to make sure that my wife, dog, and one of my best friends are in the same room as me, and the lights on. Even so, I still look cautiously towards the mirrors and windows of our small home, in fear of what I am going to re-live as I write this.

Some background on myself, I am 23 year old transgender male and to keep everyone’s privacy I will be changing names. I go by Grim now, my old name will remain private so in the story i will refer to myself as Rose.
I have always been sensitive to the paranormal, even as a young child. An example of such, is when a year after my mother left my father, I was about a year and a half old and we were living in a place called farmersville CA. My mother would wake up every night to me screaming like someone was shaking me, only to later find out that right where my room was, they found the skeleton of a toddler crammed into an old orange crate while they were tearing out the old orange groves to make the apartments. I have many other stories but this one I will be going in depth, is the one which haunts my nightmares. Some more info: My mother has been married 3 times currently, my father (who ended up being an alcoholic) was her first marriage and my sister’s father was the second, and for future reference this takes place during my mother’s second marriage to a bastard that I am calling Nick. Now as seeing where he grew up I can understand slightly why he was such an abusive waste of human life along with his fucked up mother, but I digress.

The Little Ghost Girl

By maddy

It was an average summer night, I was spending the summer break at my cousins house. we just did the normal things like hide and seek , playing video games and all that stuff. It was around three am and I was still awake everyone, else in the house was dead asleep. I decided to get up and get a nice glass of cold water praying that would help me fall asleep after all it was a really hot and muggy night. I got up and walked out my cousins bedroom.

The way the layout of the house was if you walked out of my cousins bedroom there would be a small hallway, then the family room on the left and the dark kitchen on the right. I walked into the dark kitchen. The only light was from a small window. I walked straight to the cabinets and grabbed a glass cup and went to the sink.

Fake Mailman

By ChaseTheMace

So this happened about a month ago. I was living with my grandma because my mom’s basement was flooded. Anyway, before I start I wanna say I’m 12 year’s old and a pretty big guy.

So I was playing video game’s. When I heard a knock on on my screen door. “Who is it” I yelled.

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