The Green Demon

By Destiny R.

It was 1 in the morning, and I had just woke up with a massive headache that was making me feel dizzy I felt like throwing up.

I fell asleep on the sofa last night because I was playing games in the living room and I was too lazy to get up and sleep in my room. I removed my blanket off me to use the restroom since I hold my pee while I sleep and can’t go before I went to sleep last night well let’s just blame it on the laziness I suppose. When I had got up from the place I that slept on I started to walk to the restroom.

Certain Experiences

By Joany

As I looked into, well really just thought more about, of my house’s history with my family and I, I realized a lot has happened that can’t really be explained.

The only one that makes me think that it could be me was when I was still a little kid, and it was common for me to get sick and have nightmares. I’ve never enjoyed my old room, it was too quiet, too secluded, as its behind the attic door and small with only one window. I dealt with it, though.

My Guardian Ghost Angel

By JM567

I was on the floor during what seems to be at 10 or 11 pm. My little brother took my bed to be with my older brother. I thought to my self saying “This is just wonderful.” My mom told me to be responsible when my brother was whining, so I was forced to lay on the ground. I live in my newest house for what seems to be two years, but in all the houses I lived, there was always something supernatural living with me.

I would always here creaking noises at night or whenever I had the house to myself, it really scared the shit out of me. On that night when I was on the ground, I woke up to see what seems to be a very jet black shadow under the couch I was next to.

The Thing from the River Den

By Ben

Now, I don’t remember dreams often, but this one wasn’t just a dream and that is probably why I can recall it so well. So I live in a fairly nice house, it is old but sturdy. Its front door is wooden, and was in perfect condition until a few nights ago. I live near a river that has a sort of reserve beside it, and I walk my dog there most days.

A few days ago, while walking my dog, I noticed a sort of den a little off the path, and only saw it at all as my dog turned to it growling with his hackles raised. I didn’t see anything in it, but quickly started heading back home after getting the feeling that I was being watched. That night I was preparing to head to bed when my dog suddenly jumps on my bed and sits guard. (He is a small dog so he can do this without really bothering me) I see this as weird as he normally sleeps in my parents room where his bed is.

Creepy Adopted Son

By Damian M.

So this may not be scary but I thought it was just creepy. I don’t approve myself of telling this story I would just love to tell it to my favorite youtuber. So I was only 16 years old at the time and my parents were in their late 30s and 40s, so they loved children and so since I was becoming a adult they decided to adopt a kid, his name was bobby but bob for short. He was 14, why they wanted an older child is because they didn’t really want to parent for a long time.

So when we adopted him, we asked him “What kind of stuff do you like bob” and “Tell us about yourself” he was kinda bratty but you expect that from a 14 year old.

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