The Tall Figure

i was 15 at the time and lived in the rural suburbs of Pennsylvania. There is a large pine and oak forest near my house and i would regularly hunt and camp in there with my friends.

One night my friend nick and were camping on a winter hunting trip deep into the forest. I had left the tents to do my business in the woods. As i had walked in a good distance I heard a low toned humming sound. I ignored the sound and assumed my mind was playing tricks on me. As I finished my business and was making my way back, I heard the snow around me start to crunch as if something of substantial weight was moving on it. Living in this area my whole life, I knew that at this time of year nothing was big enough to crush snow like this. I slowly, and as silently as possible, got back to camp and picked up my rifle and waited. Two hours had passed and it was nearly pitch black outside. I heard that terrible crunching sound again. I quickly readied my rifle as a large, pale, lanky, and blood covered creature came into view just at the edge of the my gas lamp. Its eyes were a piercing orange. At least 5 minutes passed of me looking at this thing before it finally took notice of me. As if it knew I was nervous, it smiled at me. I know it sounds crazy but it smiled at me and began to slink back into the woods. To say the obvious I got no sleep that night. The next morning I told nick about what happened. He laughed at me like a good friend would and said we should pack up and go home. The worst part of it though, was that as we were pulling out of the clearing our car was parked in,  I looked back nearly asleep and i swear to god I saw those same eyes starring right at me.

Vampire in the Woods

Vampire in the Woods

A few years ago my friend, let’s call her Stacy, wanted to go to her dad’s vacation home. It was a nice place, there was a lot of wilderness and the house was one of those classic wood pillars holding the thing up and almost the entire front half was glass, which was great because it really gave you this nice look at the trees outside.

There were tons of neat things you could do out there. You could go rock climbing, have a nice evening stroll in the woods, her dad even had a kit for making smores. But that’s not what I’m here to tell you guys about.

Fanfiction Stalker

Well let me start by saying that Alexa Van Helsing is my Wattpad name and I no longer have the account after this. I am in my late teens and I am soon going to college. I want to be a journalist and an author once I get out of school. Writing fanfiction is a way to help me relieve stress since I have anxiety and it has only gotten worse after this. Now most people believe that fanfiction. net is a place where no one can really harm or stalk you and I am here to tell everyone that, that is a load of BS. This story happened about four months ago and I don’t think I will ever have another fanfiction account after this. Now I never thought I would be on this and telling one of my own stories unless it was creepypasta, so I hope this helps my anxiety though I really don’t know if it does.

So one day I was writing fanfiction on my account, I love writing about creatures and horror though by my screen name you can tell I love that kind of stuff. My favorite thing to write is vampire stories ones where there’s a girl vampire slayer. Where I got my name from was a book I love to read when I was younger it was called the Alex Van Helsing Series and it is by Jason Henderson. This might have been a bad idea since there are people that to bully you out there, but this story has nothing to do with bullying.

Craigslist Creepers

To start out, I’m a Craigslist junkie. I used to go on Craigslist everyday just to check the free section, or look at the cute pets. One day, I decided it would be a good idea to look for a babysitting job on there, I was pregnant and needed the money anyway. So, I posted an ad, saying I would offer my services and how much I wold be charging, etc. You aren’t required to put your phone number on the ad, but I did anyway to better my chances. A couple of days later I was laying in bed, and I got a call from a woman.

She sounded young and was very polite. She said, she and her husband were looking for a live in nanny. She told me how much the pay was, and all the perks that came with the job. She said all I would have to do is send a picture of myself, and have a text conversation for a while. I thought this was rather odd but I went along with it anyway. So I sent a picture and we got to talking, I told her a bit about myself and how much experience I had with childcare. After a while she started asking me personal questions like, am I a virgin, or would I ever consider being with a couple.

The Craigslist Creep

So,This was just s few months ago. I had just bought a brand new 2016 Kawasaki Ninja, I love this bike. I wanted a new set of grips for a good price, so  I went to Craigslist. It was absolutely the worst decision ever..

I saw something pop up for some green grips, same color as the bike. I texted the guy who posted the ad and we agreed that I would go to his place for the grips on an upcoming Thursday. When Thursday arrived , I went to his house, on my bike. The only thing I carried, close to a weapon, was my Swiss Army knife.

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