Three Subscriber Submitted & Nosleep Scary Stories

Who’s ready to get scared =)

I Make Ouija Boards

By An Artist

To tell my ouija board story, there needs to be some context. I make ouija boards, its one of my many hobbies. Not any flimsy, pizza box and sharpie ones, but sturdy wooden ones with calligraphy lettering, inlays and the whole nine yards.

I spend my time on them, making them unique and putting care into each, so I haven’t made many. I’m not sure, but these details may be significant because I have a connection with each board. I believe it’s effected the the way my experiences have gone; if not the connection, the quartz inlay on my first board defiantly did.

My First Time Using a Ouija Board

By HammSlamm

I had played around with different methods of contacting “the other side” since I was very little. My grandmother would encourage those sort of things, but my mother was always very adamant that anything paranormal or not approved by her church was nothing but crazy and required a one way ticket to an insane asylum.

My grandmother always warned me to never use ouija boards. It had something to do with how they are made; I guess because they are made in factories most of the time, or even homemade ones, because you as the user don’t know who made it or how, that can lead to a poltergeist or demonic possession much easier since most don’t know how to properly make and use one. So although I dabbled in other methods whenever I could, I never used a ouija board.

The Children and the Woman

By Lisi4521

I am a 15 year old female that has had many paranormal experiences ( call it luck, if you will) and even with all of this, this one still is the worst.

This took place when I was 9 years old and moved to a creepy ass house in New Jersey from Guatemala, my birth place. I had a horrible vibe when I was around the house and would always sleep with mama because I was too scared to sleep alone. I never actually knew why until this one night that I was alone with my mom because my sister and dad were in my aunt’s house.

The Dragon Man

By Royalpain1019

I was an animal freak. To put it bluntly. I loved animals. Frogs, turtles, dolphins, elephants, cats, pandas, dogs, and mice. From the smallest animal to the biggest, I loved them all. I even wanted to own my own zoo one day so I could have every kind of animal to play with and look after. They were all so different. The dogs have a strong sense of smell, and cats always land on their feet and could see in the dark, elephants could suck up water in the trunk and blow it out, tigers have sharp teeth that rip through flesh like it was sand, and mice were tiny and could fit into small spaces. Every animal had their own pros and cons, it was amazing. I really did love animals.

That was until I saw a new animal, I wasn’t even sure it was an animal, a creature, of course, that’s all I could list it under. It was tall, taller than my father, who was 6’3, the creature could have easily towered over him like it was nothing. Its skin was dark as the night sky, scales running up and down its wings like a dragon, wings so long it could have easily been mistaken for a dragon.

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