Don’t Accept Random Skype Requests

By Maximumni

Quick backstory on me: During this event, I was only eleven. I am not eleven anymore, so don’t immediately try to find me and molest me. I was a very care girl growing up and the closest thing to this that had happened to me was getting lost a few time – seriously, I’ve never had anything weird like this happen before. Now on with the story!

I don’t have many words for this.

You’ve Got to be Kitten Me

By Joany

I haven’t submitted anything for a while, since I’ve been busy, but lately some activity has started and I haven’t been able to sleep properly.

To start it off- as I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that my sister and I believe there’s a ghost cat living in our house- I’ll explain it. For the past few months, both my sister and I have experienced the feeling of a cat jumping onto our beds, which isn’t a problem as we have two of our own. The only problem is the fact that when we look there’s nothing there, we never feel the dip in the bed from our cats, nor feel them jump off again or walk around.

The White Lady

By Nightwatcher666

My gran used to tell me a story, a story of the White Lady. A ghostly apparition that appears in the dead of night around the country roads near my grans house. Some people have encountered it and say she truly terrifying. A huge white spirit that haunts the nearby roads, frightening anyone who happens to be driving in that location at night.

The most terrifying description of the White Lady is her face. She has no features at all, no nose, no mouth and no eyes just a pale blank face that digs into your sole. I once heard that my uncle was on his way to my grans one night after a few hours of drinking. Apparently he was walking down one of the roads in the dead of night when he encountered her.

The Girl of my Nightmares

By Dragondriver

Before you laugh, yes this did actually happen. I actually fell in love with a fictional character. Now this isn’t the Tmblr “fall in love” that you might of like a crush. I loved this fictional girl as much as my current girlfriend, and it was more painful, because that girl was never real to begin with. It was weird. For four years I’d lay awake at night and wish she could become real and end my longing for a significant other. But now that she has, I want her to stay the fuck away from me.

I am a Christian, so strange spiritual experiences are nothing new to me, but had not had anything specifically happen to me until l one night. One night I am laying face down in bed when I feel a presence over me. Not a comforting one, but something off. “Daaaaaaaviiiiiiidddddd.” A female voice clear as day whispers in my ear. I think “What the fuck is that?”



One day, I was home alone. My parents were out of town and my sister was at a friend’s house. I was laying on my bed reading my book when suddenly my dad came home. Well I was confused because he was supposed to be out of town with my stepmother. He said he forgot something and came back to get it.

So I shrugged it off as nothing and went back to my book. About four hours later, I finished my book and was about to get up and eat when suddenly, I noticed the front door was still open. I called out for my dad to see if he was still here. But there was no answer. So I texted him asking if he left the door open and if he was still there. He said he left an hour ago and that he did not leave the door open.

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