Search and Rescue Mystery

Hi my name is Aaron and I’m from Ireland . The event which I’m about to tell you is real and I trouble sleeping at night because of it .  As I said I live in Ireland which is not a very big country and I  Used to love it here . I am a search and rescue officer of 20 years and this event still makes me sick and I cry at night because of it

the place I’m from has 1 forest spilt into 2 by a road going through the middle of the forest. I got a call from a mother who said her son went walking on the road earlier and was meant to be long back . I thought nothing of it I have had plenty of these calls before . I said it was either he fell amd hurt himself or he just got stoned or simply took his time . I was never more wrong in my life

i set out with my dog and my heart stopped. I forgot to say 1 part of the woods is really notorious for gang activity and there are ways to tell if they are around . I had a bad gut feeling . The smell , the silence , the fear . I turned on my flashlight and headed into the left side of the forest . This is the side where his mam said if he was drinking or smoking he would be . I felt on edge but pushed through . It was not as deep as the other side and it was also less dense . I prayed he would be here .

Then it happened . I heard the scream from the other side of the forest . I dropped my flashlight and ran trying to follow the sound my dog barking behind me . I got to the road and it stoped . I heard laughing the most evil and inhuman laugh ever and then silence . I nearly got sick . What could I do . I rang the police. They told me not to search or move but I did not listen . I found his phone and his jacket Not far in but I knew he was gone.

The police checked everywhere but did not find him . I blame myself for what happened that night . But I also knew if I went in that forest i would not  be typing this . Worst part of all the gang trade mark is to burry people Alive . Thinking this makes my sick and I hope if he is dead he did not have to suffer .  the police are looking everywhere but underground. The screams I herd were muffled and I know what happened to him but I just hope I am wrong .

The Thing in the Treeline

This happened to me when i was about 13. I was on a camping trip with some family friends and my brother who was about 8 at the time. I’m not going to say their real names for privacy reasons lets just call them.. bob, john,my brother and mike.

Bob and john are  identical twins this will be important later. Anyways we were playing man hunt in the forest if you don’t know what that is then it is a game similar to hide and seek but a little different. i was hiding in a pile of leaves i made along with my closest friend there bob. John was hiding  out a little deeper in the forest and my brother was hiding out by the treeline (bad hiding place i know) the lights from the bathhouse shown onto the treeline so it could give away your hiding place very easily.

This is when things got weird.. mike was (it) and i could see the light of his flashlight through the treeline. I forgot to mention that there was some sort of construction going on near the bath house i heard someone running toward the tree line i heard mike ”say found you!” to my brother and i heard him whine and try to say it was unfair. i heard them go the other way toward the bathhouse all was silent for about 5 or 10 minutes until i heard mike and my brothers screams. They started rushing over toward the treeline and accidentally stepped on bob.

We both stood up and asked them what was wrong they said they saw a large shadow with blurry red eyes and tall and hunched over. We realized that john was still out there in the forest and mike volunteered to get him. We all agreed and the rest of us decided to head back to the camper and call it a night. But when we were approaching the bath house to go back to our camp. We saw a pair of piercing red eyes in the treeline. Suddenly my brother tripped and fell and landed on his leg at a weird angle i rushed over to his side to help him.

I mean who would not help their sibling? Bob ran off into the camp back to safety which i craved at the time

That thing came out of the tree line near the bath house and started coming toward us it towered above us and said in a weird voice i cannot explain. You are animals to us. That was it for me i picked up my brother and hightailed it out if there. We went back to the camp to safety and we found bob huddled in his camper with his dads hunting knife. Mike and john came hurtling into the camper and locked the door we told them what we encountered and they told us their story. Apparently while john was hiding he heard large crunching of leaves behind his hiding spot. He heard that same strange voice that the creature spoke except it was mimicking our voices he said it sounded like us but it was distorted somehow this was when he knew it wasn’t us the voice said come on out bob its john. He hightailed it out of there and found mike at the treeline looking for him.

We told our parents but they didn’t believe us of course. The dads went out into the woods the next morning and they found some pretty strange things. Near john was hiding they said they found a mutilated deer with some strange claw marks on it. They brushed it of as a bear or a wolf and left it be. The other people i witnessed it with don’t like to talk about it neither do i honestly but… i hope nothing ever like that happens to me again.

5 REAL Hitchhiker Horror Stories

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Hoof lady

So I live in Canada and this is a story about the hoof lady. So when I was little growing up I was told a truly horrifying story about their were these 3 guys that would kidnap hitchhikers and rape them then kill them.but there was this one lady that said “if you continue doing what you are  doing you will cross paths with something truly horrifying” they just shrugged it off and done what they had to do.about an hour later they found another lady walking alone.

the driver said “ready for round two boys”they all agreed this would be there last for the then they stopped the guy sitting in shotgun who we will call Clay asked the hitchhiker “need a ride”the lady looked at him and gave him a sinister look and said “why that sweet of you” the driver said to the guy sitting in the back “Jay let her in jay politely said” yes master”jay showing his sense of humour

“so as jay opened the door she said thank you and sat down right behind the passenger about five minutes later after them trying to strike a conversation .

The woman out of no where start giving a horrible laugh and then said “I know what you did earlier today. Jay took a drink from his beer and said “what do you mean” she looked at him and said “you know” so then jay took a good look at the driver and he looked at him right back and nodded his head.basicly that means it’s then jay was about to strike her and then he noticed her feet they weren’t normal they had… they had hoofs and he yelled stop the truck they stopped it and he asked her if she could get a beer in the back.

and so she did and right when she opened the door jay pushed her out and said go go go.the driver didn’t understand stand but listend any way so then that were going 100kms and that’s when clay noticed that the  same woman right beside was right beside the truck,running going e truck nocking  saying “could I come back in ” we were all trying to figure out how she was doing this.

But then before we could figure out the truck flipped and landed in the ditch and jay’s leg was pinned and the clay and the driver went flying out the windows.because they weren’t wearing there seat belts.within a minute she came walking to the crash and stomped on ben’s head (by the way that’s the driver)and then dragged clay into the woods.

jay could not do anything but hear his childhood friend scream.this story is about ten years old and the cops labeled jay as insane and sent him off to a mental hospital and then the cops said the death of Ben was an accident and clay was killed by a  bear.