The Landlady

The story I’m about to tell you might sound like a campfire tale…some twist on an urban legend or something…at least, that’s how it seems whenever I think about it, or tell the story to someone. I can assure you, however, that it is NOT. It happened to me around 16 or 17 years ago, when I was about 18 or 19 (I can’t remember exactly).

I was staying with a friend of mine at his apartment, which is in a small, old building in the downtown area of the small town where I grew up. Next door was a slightly larger, but even older apartment building, and both were owned and operated by the same people.

Thrift store Trickster

I’ve worked at this thrift store for 9 months now and there’s always little things happening here and there.

My supervisor, let’s call him Jim, ghost hunts on his free time. He has a whole paranormal crew and a bunch of equipment he sometimes brings to work. Jim tells me about a lot of little things that happen in the store but i’m not surprised since it is a thrift store and people donate a ton of shit to us. Who knows what could be attached to them. Last halloween he told me about this mannequin we used to show some costumes ideas. He was closing that night with a few others and decided to hang the mannequin on the wall so they would know where to get it for the next day.

McDonalds creep

So to begin I am a 15 year old boy and live in Oregon. My friend, who I’ll call Tyler, called me up and asked if I was free Saturday. I said yeah and asked what for. He said that his girlfriend, who I’ll call Jessie, had a friend, who I’ll call Emma, and that since they were going on a date they wondered if I would go with her friend since I didn’t have a girlfriend at the time. I said sure then asked what time. He said 12: 30 then we hung up. I go through the rest of the week and then Saturday comes. I walk to his house since it was only a couple of blocks away. I enter his house and see them in his living room. We leave his house and walk to the mall a few blocks away.  We mess around, go from store to store, and buy stuff. Now it was about 1:45 and we are all pretty hungry. We go to the nearest restaurant which was a McDonalds. We approach the parking lot and pass an old looking guy who smelled like old beer and marihuana. We ignore him and keep going but I can’t help but look back. I look back and find the creep staring at the two girls. We get inside and wait in line. I look around and find that same guy standing at the window. I tell Tyler about it but he said that the guy was probably just high. We order our food and go sit down. We talk about school and stuff when I look behind the girls and see the guy sitting a booth behind us. I quietly tell them about it and they turn around. They start freaking out and Emma asks if we should call the staff and have them kick him out. Tyler said no and that we should just be careful. We ignore him and get our food and start eating. Jessie said that she had to go to the bathroom and got up. We all sat there eating our food when Emma asked about the guy behind her. We had totally forgotten and as we turned around we saw that he was gone. Emma started panicking because he was gone and Jessie was taking to long. Emma got up and walked to the bathroom. As soon as she opened the door she let out a terrified scream. We rush over and find Jessie in the corner with the guy up against her. Tyler and I rush into the bathroom and pull him off of her. As we beat the crap out of him and Emma calmed down Jessie who was now balling her eyes out, a crowd of people had formed. Someone had called the cops and they came into the bathroom. They got me and Tyler off the guy and put him in hand-cuffs. After it was all over and done we threw away our trash and left. Now Emma and I are still together and so are Tyler and Jessie and we tell people about every chance we get. Now for the creeper who was at McDonalds you better not let me and Tyler find you cause this time there won’t be cops to save you.

The Pervert

Let’s start off with my background I’m 17 years old and I have anger issues I have beautiful golden brown hair and light brown eyes and this story has haunted me ever since it happened. I was 14 when it happened. I got expelled from school and my parents were mad they sent me to somebody that would help me (little did they know he made it worse) One of my grandmas younger friends said they would help me so I met up with him and went to his house (let’s just call him Mark for now) Mark asked me if I was hungry I said I was. We got in the car and started driving “Where are we going?” I asked him He told me we were going to McDonald’s. I wasn’t that hungry so I just told him I wasn’t that hungry. Everything got weird when he started tell me I keep good care of my body. I was very uncomfortable he kept telling me I was cute and asked me if I had a boyfriend this guy is in his thirties and is hitting on 14 year old. Then it got weirder. He started grabbing my arm and holding my hand like my dad always did. Then it got gross he told me he has never Felt someone so soft. I was wearing short shorts and I realized that was a horrible idea. He started rubbing my leg sexually and I was mad but I didn’t want him to hate me. His hand got higher and I stood up a little (I didn’t mention this but I look a lot older then I really am. The way I moved must have told him I was getting uncomfortable. Finally we got to McDonalds and we ordered are food at that point I wasn’t hungry at all. He sat by me in the booth he put his hand on my thigh and started moving his fingers awkwardly. “Uh I have to go to the bathroom I’ll be back!” I said quickly I stood up and went to the bathroom. We finished eating and got back to the car for more awkwardness but this time I sat in the back. He took me home and right before I left the backseat and into my house he made this gross comment “I wonder what younger girls feel like.” I was about to throw up. I ran out of the car and into my house as fast as I could and told my mom I never wanted to ever see that man ever again. Mark I never ever EVER want to see you ever again!

Old man at mcdonalds

One time me and my friend blake were at a local mcdonalds that we can reach within 5 minutes on bike. So anyways we get there and it was already kinda strange because it was 2 11 year old boys Me and my friend blake with at least 15 old people like the youngest person there other than us was probable 60 something. So we just blew it off and didn’t really think anything of it so we ordered our food and i was in line on my own while blake got his drink and i just got the feeling i was being watched and sure enough i turnt around and there was this old man at least  70 something staring right at me from the entrance but i didn’t think anything of it because its an old man i don’t know whats going on in his head. so i got the food and brought it to our table and within 5 minutes the man walks up to us but this time he talks to blake and he says whats ur friends name and blake said Pierson and the man asked me what blakes name was and i have to mention the town we live in is s small the weather channel doesn’t even talk about it so like we didn’t think this guy would harm us we just thought he was making conversation so anyways he asked for blakes name and i said blake then this gave us both chills he said where are your parents but we were there along and we said were along and this man says oh thats fun and gave us the creepiest smile I’ve ever seen. We both looked at each other and I’m pretty sure we got the same idea eat our food and get the hell out of there so we did just that and when we were on our way back from putting our trays back this man says he boys where do u guys live and we looked at each other and said not fare but i was still scetched the hell out so we got our bikes and when we were on our way bye on of the tables near a window we saw exactly what we didn’t want to see the man and he knocked on the window and motioned for us to come inside and gave us a weird smile and i motioned no so he looked really freaking pissed at this point but we just wanted to get out of there so thats what we did…but it doesn’t end hear so when we were biking we were so close to home and we both started feeling a little relieved but we hear exactly the thing u would hear in a horror movie a old racity pickup and these words hey boys i have candy want some and we said no were good but then this man says hear ill give u a ride home and we both denied but he just wouldn’t give up and at one point he just cut us off pulled up right infant of us and we had no where to go but being the dare devil kids we were we told him to get the hell out of the way or we will make sure his balls are purple for a month and he didn’t move so blake gets off his bike and he sniped that bitch right in the balls and blake said told u and then we got out of there and we got home safely. This is defiantly the scariest thing either of us have bin through.

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