Werewolf in the Woods

It was a sunny day.. Me and my friend were hanging in the park.. The park was nice and we would spend most of our time there.. We would love to play at that park.. We are a strange group.. We would like to roleplay.. Play action games outside ..

And alot of violence ..

The werewolf of Woodstone

It was an average night. Me and my best friends did what we all loved to do on full moons- werewolf searching. We all thought of it in good fun…

Until this happened. We walked down the darkened sidewalks, me with a silver plate in hand, my friend armed with a flashlight. The werewolf locator, downloaded on my iPod, was dinging ever few seconds. We had almost made it to the tree line. A low ditch awaited us. We stood in silence, panting heavily…

Possible Werewolf/Dog Person?

I only wanted to post this because I don’t exactly know what I had experienced. Although I didn’t see it, this was all based off of hearing things.

Okay, so I would always go to my grandpa’s house. He has pretty big woods in his backyard, so we would always hear coyotes. It was calming at first. Until my stupid self decided to go into the woods one evening.
I went to the pathway of the woods, I felt very unnerved for once while I was just standing there.

Werewolf Ghost

Hello my name is Jasmine, i am now sophomore in high school.  This story happened when I was about 7 to 9 years old when I had this encounter.  Now a little bit about my paranormal history, I see the dead and other paranormal sightings like dark shadows and moving things in the corner of my eye.  So to the story (sorry this may be short) When I was in bed, I had a wolf like creature in my room growl at me.  I was sleeping in the top bunk of my bed, but something woke me up.

I looked around my dark room when I saw glowing eyes in my doorway.  I panicked, I could not scream.

Satan’s Ridge

I have never been one to cower fearful odds, in the face of danger I often stood my ground. Unfortunately though that changed on one fall night in October. I will give you a little background information first, before starting.  I was raised in small town in Missouri. We had own farm until my parents got a divorce. My dad moved away, and my mother and I moved to an apartment in town. It sucked. I missed the woods, and better yet I missed our animals, so I would often go with my cousins out to their property. One of our most favorite pass times was “night hunting”, we would go out with our 22’s trying to kill some coyotes.

At the time I was 14 and carrying my Henry 22 lever action. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to kill coyotes. My cousins(who were both 3 years older than I) had their semiautomatic 22 rifles. Me being the cowboy that I am, I had the most skill in tracking( this will come in handy latter). So we set out from our camp in the field. All packing at least 15o rounds on our horses. The horses sensed things that we couldn’t, and before we set out they were already jumpy. It was roughly about 9:oo, when we left the sun had already set and it was pitch black.

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