Dorm Resident Ghost

I lived in a dormitory building for two years in college. Everyone in my building would joke that our old elevators were being haunted by Victoria, the resident ghost, mainly because the elevators would randomly go up and down the building, stopping and opening at random floors with nobody in them.

I laughed it off, not really believing it. I also heard stories from my floormates and others living there hearing a female voice. I brushed that off too, until one fateful day. I was in the basement laundry room taking care of my clothes when I heard a voice, clear as day, say “Hello?” as if answering a phone call nervously.

Treeline Horror Show

By Hroki

This story starts just after I got out of high school. I wanted to just get out in the world, start working and get my life moving. The best way I could find to make that happen was by attending Job Corps, aka a vocational college.

My Job Corps experiences was pretty standard, waking up and going to work. I ended up spending a little over a year there learning my trade and bettering myself. The first eight months were business as usual. Day in and day out of working eating and sleeping.

5 STRANGE Creature Sightings from Around the World

Around the World, in the forests and wilderness, wild animals lurk!
Strange Creatures and Mythical Creatures are sighted every day.

The Screaming Banshee

I am from Ireland.I am 20 years old and about 6ft 4 inch male and quite built . This story happened to me when I was first learning to drive about 17 . Now a few details before we begin . Ireland is a small country with a lot of open space and woods .  So I was completely alone in the middle of nowhere when this happened. Now let’s begin

I just got my driving license and I was so happy . I was on top of the world . So I did not yet have a car but my mam and dad both did. So one night at about 11 my parents went to bed . Before my dad went up stairs to join my mam I said I needed to to my friend Allen house . Note it is about a 5 minute drive.

Ocracoke Mystery

This happened a few years ago. I was with my family on a vacation to Ocracoke,North Carolina,This is an island. This island was more remote,compared to the other islands at least.We went there right after a small hurricane hit the outer banks which included the island.It was dark and gloomy looking,and partialy raining on and off here and there,but we took a ferry to the island.The trip on the ferry was extraordinary because I have never done any thing like it before.But eventually after we arrived and looked at the small town, Then went out for lunch we decided to go to Ocracoke National Campground. After this experience i never want to go to the ocean at night.

Later,when we got our camp setup,we went for a swim but we were not allowed to go far because the waves were heavily affected by the hurricane that occurred a few days ago,And were huge and rough.Later after we got bored of the ocean and searched for seashells. But,we saw a crab and my 6 year old brother and I,went after it, like normal wild boys. When we caught that sucker the crab was bright white with bright yellow on it’s legs. We wondered what species it was so we went ahead and asked the ranger at the front of the campground. He told us it was a ghost crab and he said they mainly come out at night.

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