Bizarre Animal

By Matthew S.

The only story I have about a strange creature that was so strange it would be comparable to a chimera or some kind of Creature with several different animal parts put together to form something new.

It was a few years ago in summer time when I was only 13 years old (now I’m 16) I was hiking out with my dad and sister out in an area of Land called River side because it was a forest that stretch along the banks of the Missouri river for about 5 miles long but only goes about 1 mile into land from the river, any way you put it, it’s a small forest with a man made lake inside besides the river. I was walking along in the back of the group of us looking around at the trees and shrubs and grass.

What’s in the Bushes

By Mary&Kai

Hey, if you live in some of those cabins in the middle of the woods, you’d better be careful of your surroundings because you don’t know what’s out there.

So let’s start with some backround, my name is, let’s just say Mary, I’m 15 and this happened about 2 and a half months ago.


By Jay

Okay, so, before I begin I’ll tell you: This doesn’t involve an attack, there is no Ouija board or any of that “spooky” crap, and I was 4 when it started and 7 when it stopped. I’m 13 now.

When I was a little kid, and up until a year back, we had a dog. Now, she was a medium-sized Lab-Beagle mix, and had a tendency to snort a bit. Hailey was her name.

The White Mountain Hound

By SovietDan

I’ve always considered myself a nature lover, I’ve been hunting since I was 9, with my farther, he’s taught me everything I know to hunting tricks and guns. Telling this story continues to give me chills up my spine and I try to keep it out of my head but I feel I need to share my experience and warn anyone in New Hampshire of what I saw.

I’m 19 now but when I was 16 my parents usually let me hunt alone since I could drive, I drive a 06 Chevy Silverado. I usually bring my Winchester rifle with enough ammo to bring down at least 1 deer. It had to be around 11-12 in the afternoon, I live near the New Hampshire White Mountains, I parked my truck and gathered my things together.

Creepy Creatures

By Jennifer W.

Okay I am a 32 year old female and all of this happened when I was a child and it was always in the middle of the night. In my parents house there was about a twenty feet long hallway and my room was at the very end of it. My bed was against the wall and I was facing the doorway. I had a night light in my room and I left my bedroom door open at night because I didn’t want these things to come into my room.

I have already told you about the demon I saw when I was five and the alien I saw when I was nine, but I think I should go into more detail of the other things I have seen. This story may be long. Also I want to emphasize that I have no disorder or mental illness that would cause me to hallucinate.

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